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  1. POLL: With the #22 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft...

    May be a bit of a reach at #22 but I would love for the Hornets to draft Malcolm Brogdon. His game is similar to Courtney Lee and he would come at a cheaper price.
  2. As a Tar Heel fan, I'm pretty sure this requires some kind of NCAA Investigation.
  3. Game 7

    Whiteside's max contract will only be $21.1 Million a year.
  4. Game 7

    That's what I'm worried about, since Charlotte is a small market team we will have to end up giving a max contract to a player that probably shouldn't get a max contract just to be able to keep them. On the other hand, if we go after Dwight Howard, his max contract will be $29.5 Million a year.
  5. Game 7

    So if it's gonna take a max contract to re-sign Batum, it will end up being $25.3 Million a year. Batum was great during the regular season and it sucks that he is injured now but is he worth $25.3 Million a year?
  6. Game 7

    Yeah, this is the performance of a team that is down 3-0 and the first 3 games haven't been close.
  7. Game 7

    And after this disappearing act, we can't possibly re-sign Marvin can we?
  8. Game 7

    The team looks like they all went out and partied it up on South Beach last night.
  9. Official Igo pie thread

    I'm just hoping that one day Igo will post the Powerball numbers for a future drawing because clearly he has some kind of "gift."
  10. Funko is releasing new NFL Figures in August and Cam is getting one of each. He's getting a Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure, a Funko Wobbler Bobblehead, a Funko Dorbz Mini Figure, and a Funko Keychain.
  11. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    I figure the Saints will have to cut a third of the team to afford Josh. Their D will be Josh and 10 undrafted free agents.
  12. No Thanks! " Advance stats continue to tell a story that ends with the Heat simply being a better basketball team when Whiteside isn't on the court. All season long, the numbers have shown the Heat has a drastically better defense withoutits shot-blocking seven-footer standing in the paint. It's no longer too small of a sample size — the Heat is a better defensive team without Whiteside on the court. As it stands, the Heat has a defensive rating of 102.0 with Whiteside on the court and a 96.5 rating with him off the court. The defensive numbers — no matter how hard your eye-test tries to make you disagree — continue to suggest the Heat is a better defensive team when Whiteside doesn't play."
  13. We traded for Courtney Lee and poo

    For what we gave up, it's not a bad trade. Roberts hasn't done much, 2nd rounders are basically worthless, and it seems like PJ was never gonna be anything for this more than he already is. Lee is pretty good on defense but offensively, he doesn't do a lot. He does shoot 38% from 3 for his career so there is that.
  14. We traded for Courtney Lee and poo

    Well he should give us a whole 3-10 points a game. lol
  15. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Big Cat is gonna owe me some money after I have to start going to therapy tomorrow.