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  1. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    There's always a chance for someone with his kind of work ethic. He seems like the kind of person who just gets it. Unbelievable that nobody was even willing to take a chance on him in the draft.
  2. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    Great article. I'm excited to see how this guy pans out in the next couple years.
  3. If Hunter Henry goes before us we trade down. Calling it now.
  4. Gettleman's impressive draft history

    Thats because we had 2 top 10 picks in that cherry picked window. You know how much research teams put into their top picks. Visiting family, prior coaches and team mates and having multiplevisits with the player. Top draft picks, especially that high, should be gimmes.
  5. Gettleman's impressive draft history

    Cam and Luke are grand slams but they were #1 and #8 overall. Honestly I give Rivera more credit than Hurney for those picks anyways.
  6. I'm actually impressed. It was a complete shot in the dark and a season earlier than you predicted but still impressive.
  7. I hope he continues to have success. I'm excited to see how his career progresses especially given the receivers in his division. I also hope he's able to keep his emotion in check without the veteran leadership he gets from guys like TD and Harper and Rivera's coaching staff. I personally can't wait to see him mind rape OBJ and Dez twice a year.
  8. I expect about 8 sacks and 2-3 strip-sacks assuming he stays healthy.
  9. Good luck to J-No with whatever team he plays for. He'll still be one of my favorite players. A lot of you are taking this very personally, its a business decision.
  10. Or he's holding out hope for a long term contract before training camp and doesn't want to risk getting injured before then since he hasn't signed his tender yet. Speaking of pouting like a little kid.
  11. I'll be at the Denver and L.A. games for sure.
  12. Sunday night vs Seahawks. Get ready for Collinsworth to slob Wilson's knob.
  13. The coach wasn't saying that Henry is not a first round talent. He said that the type of back he is usually doesn't go in the first. He also said "He's going to move chains and score touchdowns " Sounds like the kind of guy that will contribute year 1. I would not be at all surprised if he's the pick at 30.
  14. Roddy White Released

    fug Roddy White.
  15. update list of prospects we've visited

    Bene went to San Jose State.