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  1. I think this game is going to be closer than everyone expects. I expect a 30-27 kind of game that could go either way. The Falcons beat us because of bad no calls, Cams overthrows, and Matt Ryan extending plays while he was dead to rights. I don't see those things repeating 2 weeks in a row.
  2. I'm the reason we won the 1st Seattle game. I ran into a group of players ( Luke, DA, Gano, Nortman, GREG, etc..), and told them good luck. Then Greg catches the game winner.. coincidence? Lol
  3. I would love to see Wilson's passing numbers broken down into categories. Passes from inside the pocket vs. rollouts and scrambling. I would be willing to bet that the second category has a huge effect on that 8.33 YPA, and his completion percentage. Iv'e watched some of Wilson's downfield passes while standing in the pocket, most of which were off target. If you think about his big plays, most I have seen have come on broken plays or roll-outs. The botched snap play last week, the flea flicker against us, plenty of rollouts in both games accounting for 10+ yard completions.
  4. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Adam Jones Dabbin' on em!
  5. Cam said dorsey and I knew that was a delayed QB draw. Do some film study Atlanta lol.
  6. Exactly what I said when I saw it. I hope we're right.
  7. Panther - Jags Picks

    37-13 because the defense will give Cam great field position all day.
  8. I feel like the O-line won't be as solid this week. Kalil not out there is huge.
  9. I have never been so mad at football in my life, as that 49ers game.
  10. 2011 vs saints.

    I literally punched a tree when Rivera let them kick that field goal.