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  1. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    Anyone else notice the first 3 people to congratulate him? TD, Rivera, Luke. There's So much character on this team.
  2. She wants the D. It must suck being that sexually frustrated.
  3. What position did you play?

    I played running back and safety freshman year. I was 115 lbs. I didn't play much lol.  I bulked up to about 165 by Jr year and started at corner. Our schools football team has had records of like 0-10, 1-9, 2-8 for like the last 15 years lol. Our team hated each other. I quit Sr year and never looked back.
  4. Villains

    I watch gangster flix and root for the bad guy.
  5. The Top 10 Panther Players of all Time

    My personal top 10 is  1. Mills 2. TD 3. Smitty  4. Cam ( who will be 1 in a couple years) 5. Luke 6. Kalil  7. Gross 8. Jake 9. Olsen 10. Moose
  6. Cardinals Scouting Report

    You heard it here first boys.
  7. I am re-watching the Cardinals Seahawks week 10 game, because I believe it is similar match-up wise. Here are some things that stood out to my untrained eye.   - Luke was correct when he said Palmer has sneaky athleticism. Palmer was able to extend plays in this game, especially when he was able to step up in the pocket. He's not going to carry the ball himself, but he can step up to avoid the rush off the ends and find his open receiver. Having said that, I don't believe he is going to have the clean pocket against the Panthers that he had against the Hawks. Another note about Palmer extending plays is that his receivers play very heads up, they come back to the ball when they see Palmer in trouble. When Palmer steps up, he likes to throw over the middle and does this pretty well. However when he doesn't have a pocket to step up into, he forces the ball, Once in this game that resulted in an Earl Thomas interception in the end zone. - We will run well against the Cardinals. They struggled at times to bring down an ailing Lynch in week 10, Stew should be able to run through some defenders. Their linebackers and safeties (Jefferson) also tend to over-pursue at times. I also believe we can get Buchannon to bite on some read-option plays and miss in the backfield. Also the Cardinals at least threaten to blitz almost every single play, Cam is going to have to read the coverage right or it could turn into big mistakes. I think we will see a couple screens to Stew go for big gains. - Arizona was attacking Seattle between the linebackers and safeties. There were a lot of 10-15 yard completions, I expect them to do the same this game. I also expect our defense to handle this much better than Seattle did. If I had to guess I would say that we will see Luke running with Fitzgerald up the seam a few times, and I could see our linebackers and safeties having a couple picks this game due to Palmer being under pressure. - Patrick Peterson is a dangerous punt returner, however since he's such an athlete, he sometimes takes unnecessary risks such as fielding punts that he should not. He also sometimes carries the ball very loosely during his returns. Speaking of Cardinal DB's, the honey badger was playing great, they're going to miss him. I look for Olsen to have a big day. You can beat Jeraud(?) Powers deep and Peterson plays the left side so Ginn is going to have some opportunities against Powers. - It seems like Fitzgerald is used more as a decoy to draw coverage deep on 3rd and longs - I don't know how much we will see Freeney on Remmers, but that could get ugly. - After watching this game, I expect Cam, Stew, and Olsen to have big days, as well as luke and the entire D-line. I also expect a pick from Coleman. The Cardinals passing game depends on Palmer being able to step up into the pocket to avoid the edge rushers. Good Luck. I expect several A-gap blitzes from the Panthers as well. My takeaway from this game is the Cardinals have some very good players, but imo they're not in the same league as the panthers. If the Panthers are focused, the D-line executes and there are no freak accidents, the Panthers should win by a large margin. Prediction: 17-3 at half. 34-10 final.  
  8. 2016 fans are real panther fans as long as they don't jump ship when times are tough.
  9. Treat Old man Palmer like he's Russel Wilson...

    Bracket the pocket, keep Fitz in Palmer.      Wait, What?
  10. I'm the reason we won the 1st Seattle game. I ran into a group of players ( Luke, DA, Gano, Nortman, GREG, etc..), and told them good luck. Then Greg catches the game winner.. coincidence? Lol
  11. Lilsmitty09's Playoff Hype Video

    damn. All your hype vids are pretty good, but that was the best one to date.
  12.   I would love to see Wilson's passing numbers broken down into categories. Passes from inside the pocket vs.    rollouts and scrambling. I would be willing to bet that the second category has a huge effect on that 8.33 YPA, and    his completion percentage. Iv'e watched some of Wilson's downfield passes while standing in the pocket, most of which were off target. If you think about his big plays, most I have seen have come on broken plays or roll-outs. The botched snap play last week, the flea flicker against us, plenty of rollouts in both games accounting for 10+ yard completions.
  13. J-No for an hour tomorrow on the Huddle pod

    Ask him if there is bad blood between him and DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins went out of his way to support Beckham and bash Norman prior to the NYG game. Same question about Roddy White.
  14.   I hope so, just trying to give the Seahawks SOME credit. Honestly though my biggest worry about this game is his improv plays, especially those miracle balloons lol. Plus if our ends don't keep him in the pocket he's going to have some 1st down runs, that's why I want to see more Addison and Ealy.