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  1. Hate to say it but.......

      Aren't RW and Mackelmore going to be lonely without you there to complete their eiffel tower?   Who's gay lover is that? that Russel Wilsons gay lover.  GTFO and don't come back until the seachickens get a QB that hasn't starred as an oompa loompa.
  2. Cam backing away from the ball...

    It looked like he thought Kalil had it and didn't want to dive in and knock it away.
  3. I hope DG learned something tonight

      I agree with you on the future looking bright with the way the team's being built, but it's not a successful season unless you're team brings home the Lombardi.
  4. Those same thoughts crossed my mind for a second. Do what you got to do to improve your own quality of life. I'll definitely be cutting back on what I spend on the team. Of course that was well into the thousands this year so thats not saying much.
  5. NFL Rigged?

      So you're accusing the game of being rigged, and then calling out Cam for pouting? Cool got it.
  6. I'm Not Mad About this Game

      Maybe you're not mad because your used to losing. You don't have to let it ruin your life but you can still be mad about it... it's okay, some people get mad, some don't. Everybody doesn't have to react to things the same way as you. Or, you know, just continue judging people because they care about something enough to get upset when it goes poorly.
  7. Cam pouting at the podium

      Who gives a fug. He's a competitor, I would actually be pissed if he was up there congratulating the other team. I want someone who hates losing this much to lead my team. He actually composed himself through this game and up at the podium much better than I would, and I wouldn't take any heat, because I'm a white middle class male in the U.S. For real, if I didn't get the flag at the end of the game for roughing the passer and I was his size, I would probably have an upcoming hearing for what I would do to that ref.   If anything you sound like a whiny little girl for crying over how another man acts.
  8. Big congrats to the Broncos

      Damn how's the weather up there?
  9. Hate to say it but.......

      Yea I agree with you. Those were two separate statements. Fug the refs, as in fug em, they can eat poo. absolutely horrible officiating. The only game Iv'e seen with worse officiating that this one was the divisional round against the 49ers. and then Cotch fugged up and had 3 big drops as well.  Sorry, I can see why that was confusing
  10. Hate to say it but.......

    fug the refs. Catch had 3 big drops
  11. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    38-13 if we come out firing. With 7 of Denvers points coming in the 4th. If we don't start off fast, 30-24.
  12. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    Anyone else notice the first 3 people to congratulate him? TD, Rivera, Luke. There's So much character on this team.
  13. She wants the D. It must suck being that sexually frustrated.
  14. What position did you play?

    I played running back and safety freshman year. I was 115 lbs. I didn't play much lol.  I bulked up to about 165 by Jr year and started at corner. Our schools football team has had records of like 0-10, 1-9, 2-8 for like the last 15 years lol. Our team hated each other. I quit Sr year and never looked back.
  15. Villains

    I watch gangster flix and root for the bad guy.