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  1. Takk threw a punch. He missed but still should have been ejected.
  2. I'm the reason we won the 1st Seattle game. I ran into a group of players ( Luke, DA, Gano, Nortman, GREG, etc..), and told them good luck. Then Greg catches the game winner.. coincidence? Lol
  3. I would love to see Wilson's passing numbers broken down into categories. Passes from inside the pocket vs. rollouts and scrambling. I would be willing to bet that the second category has a huge effect on that 8.33 YPA, and his completion percentage. Iv'e watched some of Wilson's downfield passes while standing in the pocket, most of which were off target. If you think about his big plays, most I have seen have come on broken plays or roll-outs. The botched snap play last week, the flea flicker against us, plenty of rollouts in both games accounting for 10+ yard completions.
  4. jfo89

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Adam Jones Dabbin' on em!
  5. Cam said dorsey and I knew that was a delayed QB draw. Do some film study Atlanta lol.
  6. Exactly what I said when I saw it. I hope we're right.
  7. jfo89

    Panther - Jags Picks

    37-13 because the defense will give Cam great field position all day.
  8. I feel like the O-line won't be as solid this week. Kalil not out there is huge.
  9. I have never been so mad at football in my life, as that 49ers game.
  10. jfo89

    2011 vs saints.

    I literally punched a tree when Rivera let them kick that field goal.
  11. I'm not so sure we'll have a top offense in terms of YPG or even PPG. Having said that, I think we'll be the best offense at doing what we want to do, TOP. Methodically moving down the field and smashing it into the end zone.
  12. I think they go 2-4 in division plus lose to the Steelers and Cowboys and either the Broncos, Eagles or Texans; Maybe 2 of the 3.
  13. Lol. This is the year another team takes the top spot in the AFC East. The Jets, Bills and Dolphins all got better this year, although it may take the Jets and Bills a year or 2 to get acclimated to their new regimes. I'm calling it, the Dolphins win the AFCE this year.
  14. I have the same expectations for Funchess as I had for KB last year. I don't really care about the stats, I just want to see progression.
  15. Good pick for the Cardinals. I was hoping he would fall.
  16. That just means they have faith in Philly and Ginn to take the top off. Since Ginn got a 2 year deal we can wait a year or 2 to draft his successor, and if Philly turns into that guy, then we won't need to draft one at all.
  17. There you go you bunch of "Cam has no weapons" whiners. Enjoy.
  18. Also I'm one of the few who is okay with drafting another defensive player if they are BPA.