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  1. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    When you wanna be healthy - steak biscuit w/ side of sausage gravy For when you don't wanna be healthy - Steak, egg and cheese w/ side sausage gravy
  2. Olsen is a pro's pro. What else can you say?

    I really liked Shockey and wished he could have spent more than one season with us. I agree, I think he was a big factor in the development of Cam.
  3. Cam is rockin' a Panthers themed fox tail

    I've noticed Cam is no stranger to a sweatshirt/sweatpants and/or a beanie even in the middle of summer.
  4. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

  5. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    But, but... Ar's and pistols were only created to kill innocent people, and should be banned. They go boom, boom, boom real fast.
  6. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    I'm not trying to change anyone's mind; however, if I do - great. I am just trying to explain my stance and why I feel the way I feel on the topic. If people are going to call me mentally unstable, question my abilities as a parent, and call me things like troglodyte - which I googled, and it means: hermit or caveman, for the other 99.9% of you who had no idea what that was, then I should at least get the opportunity to explain my position.
  7. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    Imposing stricter gun laws is nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine setup to drive hype and votes from anti-gun activists for the Democratic Party. It is another lazy, feeble-minded, liberal movement that is just far fetched enough that people will believe in its credibility. Hell, even the liberal politicians who are promoting it don't even believe in it, which is evident in their utter lack of knowledge on what it is exactly they want to ban or not ban - don't believe me? Look it up. Let's be honest, if they thought it was going to be so successful they would be more educated on their stance. The easy 'solution' is just to say you're going to ban guns and pass a bunch of BS laws that - just like drugs with junkies - won't take weapons out of the hands of homocidal maniacs, which is the goal, right? We need to start pointing fingers at the lunatics commiting these crimes, not the means in which they choose to commit them. If someone wants to commit mass murders or singular murders, they are going to do it, whether it be with a legal gun, illegal gun, suicide bomb, or baseball bat. Their concern with legality went out the window a long time ago. Until we figure this out, I for one, will continue to exercise my right - responsibly mind you - to fight and protect my family with whatever means necessary. I'm not one who brings a knife to a gun fight. Meanwhile, others can just hope and pray if things go wrong, there is someone very nearby with a gun that will save their ass.
  8. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    I'm proud to note that I don't share the same political views and ideals as that drug addicted, pill-popping, bounty-gate-conspiring, head coach of the New Orleans saints. That must suck for some of you, knowing that you do.
  9. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    Does something need to be done about gun violence? Absolutely YES. Are stricter gun laws going to change anything? I don't know, and neither does anyone else. But I f you can honestly say that imposing stricter gun laws are going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, you are sadly mistaken. If you can give me one GOOD reason how these laws are going to keep criminals from obtaining guns, I will concede that I am wrong. Criminals will continue obtain and abuse guns just as they do drugs and other illegal items that have strict laws. It's the law abiding, responsible gun owners who will be affected by these laws not the criminals.
  10. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    You continue to be blinded by you're agenda driven statistics, and I will go find that library card so I can define define words like troglodyte.
  11. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    Statistics are nothing more than the mathematical theory of ignorance. In the case of a home invasion, I am more likely to be able to protect my family against someone with a gun than without. That is a fact. I also have guns because I enjoy hunting, and have for about 20 years, and have an extreme respect and knowledge for guns. If I am in a situation where my shotguns, rifles, and pistols will help me protect myself or my family, you better damn well believe I will use them. It is my right to own guns, just as it is your right not to. Some people feel safe without guns, I feel safe with them. That doesn't make you anymore right than me.
  12. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    Not a fallacy. If that is going to be an argument as to why guns should be banned, then it should be a consideration for all things perceived dangerous in the wrong hands, no? Why should guns be singled out?
  13. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    Replace "gun" with anything that could be perceived dangerous or inflict injury/death and you could make that statement about a lot of things - are we supposed to do away with those as well? Enjoy walking to the polls when you vote for Hilary because some politician said: "eeeeeverybody is the rare responsible car owner. Until they're not," and bans those death traps too.
  14. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    I suppose that would be true except for the fact that I keep my guns locked in a safe, and unless she becomes a master-safe-cracker, she would never be able to get to them...EVER. Meanwhile, when (not IF) your kids (god for bid that happens/has happened) are exposed to guns, let's hope their lack of understanding and respect doesn't get the better of them.