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  1. Also wise so your family thinks you're broke.
  2. Well sure it has. 2010: Every scout in the room: we have no grade on Armanti Edwards as a QB. 7th round grade as a developmental WR. Hurney: I'm moving up to get him in the 3rd. Checkmate suckers.
  3. "Minnesota will do 90 and 43." Fitterer: "No." Hurney in the same position: "uh, sure, I guess?"
  4. The NFL will be disappointed with the result.
  5. 3-1 at worst. Greatness begins...
  6. Drew Lock got us. Herbert and Haskins did not.
  7. I for one am excited. We all know it starts in the front office and while no one can be sure, the indications are that Fitterer is competent at worst. If you have a GM that is a known weakness and a QB that was an evident weakness quickly, there is no hope. I'm in the camp that Darnold can play with coaching. we'll see on that one. Personally, I think 10 or 11 wins is on the table.
  8. How is the offensive line being discussed without @Mr. Scot?
  9. Caught that. Cheers sir.
  10. I love hockey and the Hurricanes. I can't comfortably encourage my son to watch games while assholes like this are allowed to injure other players without repercussion.
  11. I told you bastards this season was going to be special. @SCPreturning to town on a golden chariot makes this unimpeachable fact.
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