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  1. I can see the value. "Scott what do you think?" "I really like Johnson" GM: "Someone take Johnson off the board"
  2. Poor fella. Barely rich enough to not pay taxes and be above the law.
  3. I'm not a fan so far but Bryce proved himself as a reasonably tough runner last season
  4. Prefaced by a Halloween movie about playoff chances called "Dead by October"
  5. I expected to hate the coach and GM decisions. I don't. I think they're smart enough to move on from Bryce if he doesn't improve dramatically. So, hopeful for the next 2-3 years
  6. 2.7. Last year 3+ dudes were in the backfield by 1.5
  7. It's not ok to admit there were some NFL throws in that clip. More "Bryce sucks" threads would be advised to up your pie count Juan.
  8. We passed on Butker at our own peril. Maybe we shouldn't let another Harrison slip through our fingers
  9. No source but I still believe Morgan voted Stroud. Doesn't matter- if it looks like Bryce still can't play this season we're drafting top 3 at worst and moving on.
  10. Yeah his ego and attitude feel like shades of Ryan Leaf
  11. You're going to see Jelly Roll... on purpose?
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