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  1. Thielen is past his prime but at least looks like he belongs on an NFL 53. Our other WRs wouldn't make a roster. Hurst belongs. Sanders is limited on a good day. I believe in Young but his situation couldn't be much worse.
  2. Eh the Saints fans will get over it. I wouldn't worry about them.
  3. Preach. Glass is permanently half empty here. My counter - Chark gets loose on at least one pass that goes for 40+
  4. That they would use on a QB to replace the guy that the Gastonia Gregs on this board bemoaned ad nauseam that we didn't draft.
  5. Genuinely curious - did you expect a 30 point thumping of Atlanta away week 1? Would that have assuaged all of your concerns?
  6. If there's a team we randomly beat the dog poo out of, it's the Saints. I'm with ya @NAS
  7. I think it's fine to accept that while he is a very high ceiling player, he's never going to be available enough to be part of future plans. I'm sure the front office has moved on. So should we.
  8. Are any of you dudes that beat the dead we should have drafted Justin Fields horse going to appear for their mea culpa?
  9. It would appear so. Allow me to step in... Panthers add 2024 All Pro RB. Details inside.
  10. At this point most of you are just insufferable
  11. Can you imagine if this were a Bills forum? "Josh Allen sucks... time to move on and rebuild.. how could he not see the safety TWICE?"
  12. Reich doesn't strike me as the kind of coach that cares about contracts. Hubbard will start Sunday.
  13. Great stuff @Saca312 On play calling, am I correct that Reich was calling the plays instead of Brown, and if so, why?
  14. Indeed. Or the perfect sideline throw that TMJ pulled up on.
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