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  1. I love hockey and the Hurricanes. I can't comfortably encourage my son to watch games while assholes like this are allowed to injure other players without repercussion.
  2. I told you bastards this season was going to be special. @SCPreturning to town on a golden chariot makes this unimpeachable fact.
  3. Whenever I watched a Seahawks game, sure looked to me like David Moore caught every target that was close
  4. True but 4 years without giving up a sack in the SEC? He has to have some athleticism.
  5. Someone admitted it. Well done sir
  6. ESPN guys saying we won the draft is certainly a first. I concur gentlemen
  7. I can't wait for the 5th round pick takes... never heard of him, dude must blow etc.
  8. Hundy we don't take a QB in the 1st
  9. A lot to give up but it makes sense for KC. Gives strong credence to taking a LT at 8.
  10. This is Scott Fitterer's 1st season as GM. Do you feel it is within the spectrum of possibilities that he knows more than you?
  11. Much more insightful and interesting than the typical "this guy sucks" or "Superb Owl." Seriously well done op.
  12. Hit or miss, but seems to be some smoke.
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