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  1. Do I have a prediction? Yes. Yes I do. Panthers beat the dog crap out of the Giants. Huddle: ackshually, it was just the Giants. We still suck. Time to start a new Deshaun Watson thread.
  2. Man I wish we'd won the very winnable Eagle and Viking games. The Watson nonsense is so tired.
  3. 1st ballot Hall of Fame for all active players, coaches and staff?
  4. We need CMC to win. The Bucs need Tom Brady to win. The Chiefs need Patrick Mahomes to win... What's your point?
  5. When I was 16 and an idiot I might have fought over football. I never cease to be amazed how people like this live long enough to become adults.
  6. Yes this is true. It was a gamble. We would likely be 5-1 with CMC. Other than being elite, he masks the O line weaknesses, forces defenses to limit blitzes. He got hurt. Maybe he'll never play a full season again. Lost the bet. New plan next season.
  7. Worst Zod clickbait thread ever. Sam wasn't perfect, but he also made throws we haven't seen in a long time. Hubbard is bad. Robby must drink before games now.
  8. Y'all whine like my neighbor's kids. New Orleans like beatdown incoming, punctuated by 2 deep TDs to Robby (Bashaud Breeland = bad at football). Pick 6 late. Panthers 31 Vikings 13
  9. Kind of pointless to continually rehash his contract being a bad idea. We know. Fitterer knows. He didn't make the deal. When he plays, we have a better chance of winning. I'm looking forward to that.
  10. Well hell, I'm ready.
  11. The point was to respond to the endless... Can _______ play left tackle comments? The answer is and always was no. And no one who can (better then Erving) was available for anything remotely reasonable.
  12. If Deonte Brown stands still after the snap, his mere size will be a more effective blocking technique than John Miller's.
  13. The interior is all bad, but the grades bear out what you can easily see watching the game: Miller at times isn't even slowing down rushers. Forget blocking them. Not slowing them down. At all. He really can't play another snap for us.
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