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  1. That was a good ball. Ready to see it when the lights are on
  2. Stop posting until week 1. If Sam starts I'll send $100 to a charity of your choice and you can come back.
  3. I guess I miss calling him Fasucki with my buddies and having a few laughs. So there's that
  4. Yeah don't think that would be a shrewd investment quite yet
  5. You're my guy but on this one, I think you have to give it a chance
  6. Speculation but doesn't the Mayfield deal kind of indicate they've seen enough out of Corral to believe his ceiling is higher than Darnold's? Of course they don't want to play him this year however.
  7. Most of yall need to have more fun. 8 to a 10. Tear it up Baker.
  8. Well, he's on the team. I, for one, will root for him.
  9. Scott Fitterer, adult in the room, with two 13 year old girls dying to tell him how cute he is.
  10. Nowhere I'd rather be. Don't be too surprised when this roster starts winning games...
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