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  1. I would be happy with Fisher or Ogbuehi
  2. Medellin's Final Mock

    He is 5-10 190 and runs a 4.5, that is about the same as Correy Brown...who went undrafted.
  3. Medellin's Final Mock

    I like Hardy, but we could get him in the 5th. And he does not really fit our offense tbh.
  4. A 32 year old linebacker with injury history is a better investment than a 28 year old pass rusher? TD is great, but I would just let him play it out. Nobody plays forever.
  5. Trent Richardson cut

    Why not? If its a deal with no guarantee money and he sucks in camp, we can cut him no foul. He did have 10 touchdowns his rookie year. Seems fine to me.
  6. FA player release recap (2-27-15)

    Fasano is a great blocker, would be a good 2nd TE.
  7. Brian Hartline and Chris Canty to be released

    I have watched a lot of Miami games over the last couple years, Hartline is good at comeback routes mostly and is horrible in the red zone. Not a real deep threat either, which is what we really need. Still would be a solid pickup if the price is right.
  8. I think he is going to draft in the first round a turkey sandwich with extra mayo. I have it on good authority that its at the top of his board.
  9. Bargain Free Agent: WR Denarius Moore

    Ginn has already proven he can be a solid contributor in our system, Moore has not. Moore is a bit younger, but they seem to be pretty much equal otherwise. Either one would bring speed to our offense and a return guy, hopefully DG can bag one of these cats.
  10. Thats fine, he's in his prime and has the speed we really need. Reliable hands gets you Avant. Both speed and hands might be out of our price point.
  11. Best article i have seen from espn in a while. That said, they list both Fua (who is on the Browns now) and Holoti Ngata in the 'Average' slot. That seems a little off to me.