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  1. It's not about the validity of the info, it's about the manner in which that info is relayed...and I trust it's all relayed in good faith. Like I said, they run a great ship and I love casually strolling here for info but the way in which intel is rolled out is frustrating. That's all.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what you've got going here, I just want to be able to sort out the drivel from the good. When you see stuff like: "we like him hehe" and then nothing, it is just weird. At least get out a little more to substantiate it to the non-Huddle regular. I like to go here for good info, that's all. I mean Kinnon Tatum was almost our second rounder in 97'.
  3. It was a tongue in cheek hard truth. I mean, if you have an in and are already leading on the posters here about said info, at least clarify/go a tad in detail rather than quick little responses that just reiterate your positioning without legitimate football discussion. It's like your acting all ansy to tell people you know things, tease it just a little out but then disappear from a thread. It's just not cool. *Insert one sentence response that will lead to more posts but me not having to respond* Clicks!!!
  4. This thread is almost as annoying as the "insider" mod info we've been given this offseason.
  5. But the photographer knows things and has said cryptic posts about said player....
  6. Bill Voth agrees, TE could be the pick at 30

    Hunter goes before 25 IMO. My wild guess: we land Laquon Treadwell who drops. Coleman, Doctson, and Shepard go before him!
  7. He ain't no strawberry shortcake but not quite a mamma jamma slamma.
  8. I see this as need based and a lot of names to sort through. It seems you're jamming positions to rounds.
  9. I love wide ends and tight receivers. That may be backwards...
  10. "Strong interest" in LB Josh Forrest

    I looooove linebackers
  11. He reminds me of Joel Bitonio. A guy people view as a guard that can be a long term starter at tackle anyways. Kinda of similar in style as well and after last years draft that was a guy we learned the brass was very high on.
  12. NFL says Pats guilty, and Brady knew

    I wonder when the report was actually finished...just not yet released to the public. If it was before the draft, something seems fishy.
  13. NFL says Pats guilty, and Brady knew

    I would suspend Brady half the season and a $1 mil fine. Straight up giving himself an advantage through bribes to the ball handlers/locker room guys. Giving yourself an in-game advantage should get games taken away. I think hell will be raised if there isn't one.
  14. NFL says Pats guilty, and Brady knew

    I went and saw some funny stuff...what's even more interesting is the threads talking about Colt players not happy with Dorsett coming in. Dramaaaa
  15. NFL says Pats guilty, and Brady knew

    It's what is inferred from the tests in the report