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  1. Rank our remaining games from toughest to softest

    I'll let Cam and Rivera do that. Discussion amongst fans has no bearance on outcome.
  2. Just curious as to everyone's take. 1. Dallas They have their back to the wall and have nothing to lose. It's do or die for Romo who is usually pretty clutch for November/December. Dez is back and healthy as well. They still don't look elite by any means though, at least not on Sunday. 2. Saints Most will disagree with me here and I might be wrong, but Payton seemed to have the system in place to dink and dunk us last time with their BACKUP QB. Brees is obviously even better. The defense can't get any worse than it has been for the Saints the last few weeks (or can it?). Hopefully the coaches can look at game tape from last time and adjust. 3. Giants Not a rollover team, but not worldbeaters. JPP is back, but is he doing much? Eli is Eli. 4. TB Jamies is looking much improved, but they are coming to OUR house. The team has finally looked like they have developed some chemistry with one another, but it is still a brand new team as far as leadership. 5. ATL (their house) 6. ATL (our house) Again, some won't agree, but ATL should be our easiest matchup yet. They have Julio, which Norman will erase and that is about it. Matt can throw for 6 picks and they'll still have him in there slinging the ball around like a drunk Brett Favre.   What are your thoughts?
  3. Oh USAToday...

    We could finish 15-1 and they'll scream that they knew we were a paper team all along.
  4. If the Panthers beat the 'Skins...

    Also, if they win the next two games, it's officially over 365 days since they last lost a regular season game.
  5. Oh USAToday...

    I laughed out loud when I read that sentence as well and went to comment as you did and couldn't find out how.
  6. He restructured in 2013 and 2014. I'm sure he would have again but Gettlemen wants to put this big cap hit behind us.
  7. I believe the dead number is accurate. It's counting his bonuses in 2017.
  8. Almost verbatim what I was going to say. Stewart will be here next year.
  9. 31-20 panthers. Sure, we could lose any given week but this may be the easiest game left on our schedule.
  10. Amini......playing better

    He'll be quality depth if a guard ever goes down assuming we resign him. 
  11. Refs......again and again

    I haven't seen a bad call yet. Some that could have gone either way.
  12. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Did they ban us over at titans forum? I wasn't the least bit rude and my login no longer works...
  13. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Of course it's "Any given Sunday", but if the Titans are without their starting cornerbacks this could be ugly. 37-17 Panthers
  14. Paris..

    It doesn't stop the ideology.  The means to carry it out though? That's on the U.S for funding and training Al Qaeda. Some would argue the U.S is responsible for ISIS as well.
  15. Paris..

    I don't think that's entirely true. Al qaeda is a shell of its former self. We can crush ISIS, and cut off its funding and supply routes. We can never fully crush the ideology of this movement, but we can mostly disarm it. The problem lies with the ability to withdraw our troops when all is said and done.