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  1. Feel Like It Is Time To Get Out The Broom

  2. Skip (the master troll) Bayless is leaving ESPN in August

    Wow. He's a troll mother fuger...but I'm not gonna lie, once in a while catching what those two buffoons had to say after major sports happening (or anything Panther related) was a guilty pleasure of mine. Can honestly say I'll kinda miss the SOB. This is a pretty huge blow to ESPN too. First Take is one of their flagship programs.
  3. Outside of Cam our 2011 draft was horribly bad. But I guess healone kind of makes up for it. Getting a franchise QB is about the most important thing a team can do. Getting an MVP-level quarterback is obviously even better. Wasn'tthat entire draft alreadyoff the team the following season aside from Cam and Fua? And Fua was his own special kind of bad, yet he actually managed to stick around for a while... though he shouldn't have. It's just that we were paper thin at DT at the time. 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 are all looking like some pretty nice drafts though. If Big Frank can lay offthe grass I still think he can be a pretty decent DE. Including the UDFAs from 2014... that class was about as close as you can get to nailing the draft/UDFA signings. Kelvin Benjamin, Kony Ealy, Trai Turner, Bene Benwikere, Tre Boston, Andrew Norwell, Philly Brown, etc.
  4. DJax... yes please. Sign me the fug up.
  5. Deangelo Williams throwing shade at Gettleman...

    I stopped caring about DeAngelo once he became complacent and stopped caring about performing and winning... so basically, several yearsbefore he wascut.
  6. Eh, I love Cam... but LeBron. Seriously. LeBron is one of the biggest freak athletes we've ever seen... in any sport. You may not like the guy, but that's no reason to knock his absolute absurd athleticism he had in his prime. Lol and that 249 listed weight from LeBron is from back when he was a barely18 year old kid straight out of high school. He was very noticeably smaller back then compared to his later years. No one has known his actual playing weight for yeaaars. He's always dodged those questions. poo, he was probablypushing 280in his Miami years.
  7. Hornets/Heat Game 2

    Lol wow. What a bunch of pathetic choking mother fugers. I was still pretty optimistic after game 1, but this is ridiculous.
  8. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    The first? Lol okay
  9. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    Yeah but this poo happens in the playoffs all the time, even against teams who end up winning the series. LeBron era Miami used to regularly come out and lay eggs against the opposing home team then blow their ass out when they went to south beach. We just came out and didn't match their intensity and it snowballed from there. It's still a 7 game series.
  10. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    I ain't worried It's game 1 at their house, they were pumped and we had a bad day Move on to game 2
  11. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    I just hope Miami comes into next game thinking it's gonna be the same poo We didn't play our game AT ALL tonight... like I don't know what the fug happened, but we didn't play our brand of basketball a bit tonight
  12. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    Alright, let's be real. We just had a really bad fuging day. It happens. Quit dooming and glooming. If you've watched this team at all the past half season you know they're WAY better than whatever the fug that was they put out on the floor today.
  13. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    I don't remember anybody saying they wanted Al over Whiteside. This fanbase has been pretty much done with Al since last year and it's been mostly assumed he'd be gone after this year. Just because some people thought Whiteside has his own set of problems don't mean they prefer Al's ass over him. I wouldn't mind Whiteside but I damn sure ain't comfortable with paying him the max.
  14. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    welp, i didn't see this coming at all i thought at worst game 1 would at least be a good game. this has been absolutely pathetic... dudes look like they had already gave up before halftime
  15. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    this is fugin pathetic