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  1. PFF Top 101 Players for 2015

    11. Josh Norman, CB, Carolina Panthers (unranked) The raw statistics were there for Josh Norman in 2014, but his grade never quite matched the numbers. In 2015, the two met in spectacular fashion, as for most of the season, opposing quarterbacks were better off statistically just throwing the ball into the turf every play than challenging Norman and throwing it in his direction. He finished the season having allowed just 51 percent of passes thrown his way to be caught, for a passer rating of only 54.0, picking four passes off in the process and scoring twice himself on those returns. There were a couple of hiccups to his season, most notably against Odell Beckham Jr. and the Giants before that encounter descended into farce; but at his best, Norman was truly a shutdown corner in an era where that term has practically lost all relevance. Best performance: Week 4 at Tampa Bay: +4.4 Key stat: Norman allowed the fewest yards per coverage snap among corners, at 0.63. 8. Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers (unranked) Had this list been for the regular season only, we would have seen Cam Newton rank lower, and likely not as the first quarterback. His postseason performance, however, was excellent even if it will only be remembered for an ugly defeat, the failure to fall on a football, and a petulant press conference display. Newton became a true MVP over the final weeks of the season, leading the Panthers to the Super Bowl and actually playing reasonably well in that game in the face of overwhelming pressure and a questionable game plan. Newton threw some of the most impressive passes of the season, and unlike any other passer, is an integral part of the team’s rushing attack, not simply as a threat to keep the ball on the occasional option play, but as a viable threat to carry the ball at any time on genuine scripted running plays. Best performance: Week 13 at New Orleans: +6.7 Key stat: Rushing scores included, Newton posted 45 touchdowns over the regular season and added another five in the postseason. 3. Luke Kuechly, LB, Carolina Panthers (9) Luke Kuechly won PFF’s inaugural Dick “Night Train” Lane Award for the best coverage defender in football this past season. That’s not to say that you would choose him over any cornerback in the league to split out wide and cover Antonio Brown, but rather an indication of just how superior he was compared to the peers at his position group when it came to coverage. At middle linebacker for the Panthers, Kuechly makes plays no other LB in the NFL makes, including a pass breakup in the divisional round of the playoffs against Seattle—breaking towards the sideline and getting fingertips to a pass intended for Doug Baldwin to prevent a reception on a coverage bust he had no part in. In fact, Kuechly only enhanced his season in the playoffs, earning three straight positive grades. But for missing time early in the year with a concussion, he could very easily have found himself atop this list. Best performance: Week 8 versus Indianapolis: +5.0 Key stat: Kuechly allowed a passer rating of just 48.7 into his coverage (playoffs included), 50 points lower than the LB position average.
  2. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    This game legit looks like it's an entire fugin console generation behind other games when compared to current releases. If not for bundling in the COD4 remaster (and they're still re-using basically all the assets from the original COD4 in all the current CODs - a game from fugin 2007 lmao)... this very likely would've been the game that finally killed COD. In comparison with the new Battlefield trailer released just a couple days later it's blatantly apparent how lazy and huge of a cash grab that franchise has become. Seriously, they need to drive a dump truck full of cash to the front yard of whoever had enough foresight to include COD4 with that poo... because that may single-handedly save it. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Lol even the Battlefield 1 devs were clowning the COD trailer even before they launched their reveal trailer.
  3. Captain America: Civil War

    Batman v Superman and The Godfather have about as much in common as poo does to a chocolate truffle. Civil War >>>>> BvS Not even close. DC needs to figure their poo out quick because Marvel is making them look stupid as fug right now.
  4. Battlefield 1

  5. Battlefield 1

    The interwebs is straight taking it to COD right now Lol some of the comments on these videos are funny as poo "It's called Battlefield 1 because Call of Duty just lost"
  6. Leaked Batman v Superman Trailer

    Deadpool made nearly as much as BvS with like 1/5th the budget (actually made more in domestic totals) and Deadpool didn't even fuging get released in China, the 2nd largest box office market after the US. Also, likely more than half the general population probably didn't even know who the fug Deadpool was until his movie came out. Everyone and their grandma and their grandma's cat knows who Batman and Superman is. Granted Deadpool was a ridiculously huge success for what it was... but that also shows you how much a flop BvS was. Little ole tiny budget R-rated Deadpool basically took the two most iconic comic book characters of all time, in a team up movie no less, to the woodshed.
  7. Thanks for the kick in the nuts again Nintendo

    Yeah, I was thinking that here a while back. I grew up with Nintendo back in the day and it's sad just how out of touch they've become and how far they've lagged behind the past few console generations. I wouldn't mind playing some Mario or Zelda... but I'm not about to buy an entire damn console just for that alone. Outside of the games Nintendo actually makes themselves (and they take their sweet ass time to boot) there just isn't poo on their consoles anymore. They could make a killing going the publisher/developer route and keep doing what they're doing with the handhelds. They have several IPs that people are familiar with and trust and would buy instantly. Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, etc. on the PS4/Xbone? Sign me up.
  8. Gettleman: We drafted a pass rusher

    He's still a great player... but holy poo that is one little lucky son of a bitch. It's mind blowing.
  9. Still waiting on all the haters that dogged his 2014 draft to go back and re grade it. Including the UDFAs that had to be the best draft in the league that year and top to bottom and one of the best recently outside of the Seahawks a few years ago. poo, KB, Ealy, Trai, Norwell and Bene would all go in the 1st round in a redraft. Bene is a very good corner when playing on the outside instead of the slot (still decent in the slot). Ealy is the weakest of that bunch, but even he has shown tons of flashes and is probably the best DE from that class until Clowney shows something. I think he's gonna make the jump this year. Then you throw in UDFA Philly Brown who is a starting caliber WR and Tre Boston. 2014 was straight money.
  10. Was Paxton Lynch doing poo like this in college? Jesus Christ Cam used to make some absolutely disgusting cuts. He's obviously a better player now, but since the ankle surgery and wearing that ridiculously bulky body armor vest and whatever else he doesn't seem quite as agile/quick/fast as he did in his Auburn days and first couple years.
  11. Either Cam, JJ Watt, Von or Brady is going to be #1. Those 4 will very likely make up the top 4. Luke somewhere in the top 10. Gonna say TD surprises and goes in the top 25. He's got a lot of respect around the league, and now he's finally a well-known name. Norman in the top 25. Olsen between 20-30. Short somewhere between 30-40. Usually whoever is the top and popular team of the year (which was obviously us) gets quite a few peeps in the top 40. Check out the Seahawks and 49ers from 2011-2014. Stewart, Kalil and Turner round out the bottom of ours that make the list. Dark horse pick: Ted Ginn... just because he absolutely embarrassed some people with his speed last year and was talked about a good bit.
  12. REPORT: Panthers considering TE Jerrell Adams in 3rd
  13. Papa Johns Activates Panthers20

    So if the Panthers score more than 20 and the Hornets score more than 95... half off pizza the next day. Papa Johns is gonna be busy these upcoming seasons. I'm not one to pass on a good deal. Once we whip some ass on Sunday, get 50% off pizza the following day and kick back with some beer, cheap pizza and watch some Monday Night Football.
  14. Peanut wants to play one more year

    Would love to have him around another season. He might not be able to play all that well coming off a torn ACL at his age... but what he'd bring to the locker room is invaluable. He's just one of those dudes. Another year of learning from the Peanut Punch boot camp for everyone else on the team certainly couldn't hurt either. Having guys like TD, Peanut, etc. around for as long as possible to help cultivate the youngins on the roster is huge going forward.
  15. Feel Like It Is Time To Get Out The Broom