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  1. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Good job dumbass
  2. Sportsnation: Cam is MVP

    Smitty called it back in 2012 on the top 100 show.  "Ask me 3 years from now who's the best player in the league... Cam Newton."
  3. Eric Collins

    Wow... how do you even fug something up that bad?  Multiple people from those Jordan era 80's UNC teams alone won NBA championships fuging Barnes literally just won one, and he's one of the more high profile players to come out of UNC the past couple of years thats pretty damn unforgivable... I mean common damn sense would tell you more than 2 UNC players have won chips considering their history and the amount of players they've churned out over the decades poo, I'm surprised MJ didn't fire him for that fug up alone
  4. Hasn't Cam been doing this since at least the Houston game?  That article says his first time was against the Seahawks.  
  5. Holy crap! Panthers getting media exposure this week.

    So the Seattle, Philly, Indy, Green Bay, this game and the Thanksgiving Cowboys game were all nationally, or damn close to it, televised games can't really complain about exposure this year
  6. Confidence

  7. Bobby Wagner was their DROTY, they were pretty adamant about Luke being overrated even back then.  I remember, because they came off as strangely salty in their writings about him that he won DROTY over Wagner.
  8. They never said he wasn't good, but they were very loudly and obnoxiously beating that "he's supremely overrated" drum his first two seasons.  He's honestly the only player I can remember seeing them seemingly go after like that. Something changed going into his 3rd season though.  He's routinely their highest, or one of their highest graded LBers each week.
  9. That play had me pissed off for a while Complete waste of a down
  10. Eric Collins

    I've been wondering... wtf happened to Steve Martin?
  11. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    This team looks really damn good at times
  12. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    We've got to be the most inconsistent shooting team in the league year after year
  13. Skinny Al?

    SOB was out of shape the entire year last year.  Damn he would piss me off at times where he looked like he was half-assing everything, taking bad shots, and getting worn out just from jogging down the court... because that slow jog was about the most physically exerting thing he'd do the entire game.  He sure as hell didn't wear himself out on defense, scrapping for rebounds, trying to get a better position on offense, or helping get his teammates open. Then, of course, he would turn into a garbage time hero in games that were completely out of reach to pad his stats so they didn't look as bad as what they should have. It's extremely rare that I'm ever that harsh on athletes... but damn he frustrated the hell out of me a lot last season.