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    LeBron with 37-18-13 and 3 steals after starting off 0-10 and playing with a hurt back, knee, ankle, and wrist with no Kyrie or Love all series... yet still up 3-0 in the ECF.
    Dude is literally about to carry a team by himself full of role players and castoffs from around the league to the Finals without a second All-Star level player.  Mozgov, Shumpert, and JR are all from the Knicks and that team was fuging trash.  Really a legacy defining playoffs for him... just needs to go get that ring to top it off.
    LeBron, at the level he's been playing the past few years, surrounded by 4 other guys is pretty much an instant Finals contender.  MJ is still the GOAT and all, but I can't really think of another player like that in NBA history.
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