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  1. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I can barely read my own notes so don't feel bad. I still do because I don't have a choice but there's a few words in here i just can't make out.
  2. Comey interview Sunday on 20/20

    We're going to war.
  3. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Got to be honest here. I can't read any of that.
  4. Greatest Panthers Hat

    This is mine. The gray is less stripy though, if that makes sense. The bill is curved, however.
  5. I'd agree with @SZ James (banned) and @AggieLean. I can even point to some of my posts from long ago and say, "wtf was I thinking?" It's how we form opinions and absorb information. A lot of us form opinions based on our parents beliefs and go no further. Mine taught me to establish those morals and not let everything else be so concrete. I think just observing the tinderbox has aided in that practice.
  6. Apparently, there is also another Steele memo

    I tried to temper myself as I was reading it. Knowing authors can manipulate and tell the story as they like. She manages to temper herself in the story. Instead of being salacious, she lays out timelines and facts and as best as i can tell tries not to conform you to a belief but allow you to make your own conclusion. Truly eye-opening. If that dossier is what they say it is, if Mueller can connect the dots it will truly be one of the biggest news stories of our time. We should all be terrified. Whether you're with Trump or not. Russia is not the country it was 15 years ago. Clearly, we aren't either.
  7. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    I do agree with what Stirs said about being an all or nothing argument. It's a numbers game and if it'll save 10 of the 17 lives then it's worth it. Teachers don't need guns, my wife has it hard enough as it is. Mental health reform, law enforcement training, universal background checks, illegal transfer of firearms, licences, insurance, capacity/fire rate restrictions, 2004 weapons ban etc. Every one of the those has been purposed and should be implemented in some aspect. People will bitch and moan but at this point I don't care. I want my kids safe. No one needs a semi-auto anything. It's nice, trust me, I know, but you don't NEED one.
  8. Meet the new Gerber baby

    We should just build a wall to throw them over.
  9. Reparations

    Preaching to the choir. It's not me you have to convince.
  10. The economy

    There has got to be a difference between a livable wage and supporting a family of four, right?
  11. Reparations

    I was looking somewhere it talked about the total long term costs being between 5-10 Trillion longterm. Probably some bunk article I read. The point I was trying to make with apparently bad data was that if the tax cut is going to cost 5-10 trillion (?) and add 1 trillion to the debt, 15 to 20 trillion in reparations is gonna make racists poo all over themselves when those "conservatives" see what it'll do to the national debt.
  12. Reparations

    Totally understand, I'm pissed about it too. After all, I'm poor. Seriously though we're talking about a lot of money. 1 trillion for this tax cut is going to look like peanuts. I would say you're looking into the tens of trillions. Hyperbole aside, that's a fug poo ton of money.
  13. Reparations

    Would you consider a single payer healthcare system as part? Perhaps there's even more to piggy back on that such as tax credits. Reducing your taxed income to give you more than my proposed split interest? Maybe lower the social security age for AA's. Early retirement?
  14. Reparations

    Again, I am completely for this, i don't know if my wording is coming off as against or what? What you guys are saying is completely true. Is what i'm saying not satisfying? Yes the money will stay here but it won't be in the governments hands which would effect things like, you know, government services, infrastructure, etc. I was trying to present something that wouldn't cut so much funding to the Gov't as to cause a mass cut of services. Completely open to any ideas you guys have to get it done besides, 'just pay them money we don't have'. Otherwise, good luck selling it to anyone.