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  1. The_Light_Brigade

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    Frog in boiling water. Only we're smarter than the frog.
  2. I know you've made some weird threads in here touting your support for our President. That doesn't mean anyone here wishes bad on anyone. Hopefully, you understand that everyone here is passionate because they feel they are on the correct side. The truth is we're on the same side and we should all hold ourselves accountable for each other. We need to take care of each other. I hope you can use the compassion you have for your mother and spread it all around. Use your experience with the current healthcare system and your mom's diagnosis to try and write your congressperson to give some ideas on how we can fix the machine that is healthcare in this country. We are alumni, from different times, but our school represents the good in the world. Our motto, "Servire" is written on my wall. Reminds me everyday what i'm here to do. Serve.
  3. The_Light_Brigade

    Your Iran Deal was a Joke

    Wait, so this whole thread is based on the incorrect tense of a verb?
  4. The_Light_Brigade

    What color is this shoe?

    When I see it, its teal and gray but after I look at it for a few minutes, it's pink and white. Shitty light and camera.
  5. The_Light_Brigade

    If only we banned vans

    Regulations of motor vehicles were meant to minimize the inevitable as much as possible. People will break the law (speed, drink, moving violations) If you put restrictions on the vehicles (make them safer). When bad poo happens, less people will get hurt. Much in the same way, if you restrict types of weapons, you may not prevent someone from losing their poo and committing a horrible act but you may be able to minimize it. The argument of "people will always find a way" simply isn't correct. It's a numbers game. People will hurt people the key is to try to mitigate those situations from happening. Mental health, background checks, ammunition purchases, taxes, classes/training, are versions of mitigation that could work if they were to be required.
  6. The_Light_Brigade

    If only we banned vans

    Manufacturers were required to find ways to improve cars to prevent fatalities. You can't get people to drive better, so you make the cars better. Manufacturers didn't voluntarily submit to making safer cars. They were required to by government oversight.
  7. The_Light_Brigade

    Good news

    It's amazing how something can go from "best thing ever" to "over priced junk".
  8. The_Light_Brigade

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I can barely read my own notes so don't feel bad. I still do because I don't have a choice but there's a few words in here i just can't make out.
  9. The_Light_Brigade

    Comey interview Sunday on 20/20

    We're going to war.
  10. The_Light_Brigade

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Got to be honest here. I can't read any of that.
  11. The_Light_Brigade

    Greatest Panthers Hat

    This is mine. The gray is less stripy though, if that makes sense. The bill is curved, however.
  12. The_Light_Brigade

    Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    I do agree with what Stirs said about being an all or nothing argument. It's a numbers game and if it'll save 10 of the 17 lives then it's worth it. Teachers don't need guns, my wife has it hard enough as it is. Mental health reform, law enforcement training, universal background checks, illegal transfer of firearms, licences, insurance, capacity/fire rate restrictions, 2004 weapons ban etc. Every one of the those has been purposed and should be implemented in some aspect. People will bitch and moan but at this point I don't care. I want my kids safe. No one needs a semi-auto anything. It's nice, trust me, I know, but you don't NEED one.