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  1. SI.com article on Julius Peppers

    Well, now I feel like an asshole for talking so much poo about him when he left. Turns out, as I get older I dislike the organization more and more. I know the article is supposed to make you feel that way but still makes me feel blind.
  2. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    Gah damn it.
  3. Something ugly happened in Niger

  4. The Imbecile in Chief

    I think he was just referring to the inevitable, literal shitstorm he was about to unleash after he retreats to his bathroom. 'Bout to blow that gold toilet up, amirite? Putting ketchup on steak will do that to you bowels.
  5. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

  6. Lets get it on record: Guns or Human Lives?

    I admire your resilience but, come on man. We're looking at tangible data here and all you've presented is your opinion. This is the conversation we're talking about. You're not listening, you're just defending. It's not the same. We would love to hear arguments against it that are substantial. Not just "Nuh uh". There are studies out there that show gun violence is less about mass shootings and more about suicide and gang related violence. At least post that poo. That's something.
  7. So what gun reforms would you want?

    There wasn't a "?" just ellipsis.
  8. So what gun reforms would you want?

    I think our firearms need to be restricted to what existed at the time of the writing of the second amendment. Seriously though, I like guns. They're great. Also, no one needs an AR-15. I've got friends that have them, super fun. No reason to actually own it. I can defend my family with a pump action shotgun, I can hunt with my rifle, and if I so choose I can carry a small caliber pistol with a reasonable sized magazine to defend me elsewhere. (I never do). And if somebody is out to get me with something greater, oh well. There needs to be open dialogue on both sides. Not only that but open minds as well. I would give up every gun I own if I knew I could've saved one of those kids at Sandy Hook or one of those people at the concert. Maybe we could work on a program kind of like National Guard. Where States have Militias. Not necessarily armies for States but divisions of the armed forces responsible for the maintenance and well being of the State. Instead of sinking military budgets into foreign affairs we could use it like a work program. Work in conjunction with other State departments (DoT, Ag, 911) to build and maintain infrastructure, national/state forests, low income neighborhoods. Get people involved in their local community, with pay. Volunteerism works but what if we could do more with our money. These folks could be the back up the police needs. Instead of militarizing our PO. Creates jobs, improves communities. If you want your weapons join the Militia. I realize this is just an idea and is full of holes but it's just that.
  9. Literally spit out my coffee.
  10. NFL Ratings Already Down...

    gazpacho is from like Spain or something.
  11. Double Trouble l At the same damn time

    Chocolate Thunder and White Lightning. Thunder and Lightning for short.
  12. First Things First Cam Newton Discussion

    I've said it before. Not on the Huddle. The Panthers will do to Cam what Philly did to McNabb.
  13. Packers Tickets Available

    If either of them fall through. Let me know.