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  1. Titans 2nd rounder Kevin Dodd has foot surgery

    Well no, not really. As aomeone who played 3-4 and 4-4 OLB successfully and 4-3 DE miserably, not so natural. The key responsibility in both is to set the edge, rush the passer, and crash down to support in that order. It's so much different playing on the line vs. off. At OLB the game is about angles, period. If your outside shoulder turns inside out you are toast. Doesn't matter how strong or fast you are. If you keep the ball carrier inside your outside shoulder you win. Playing off the line you have the benefit of seeing depth to avoid or take on blockers. Whether stopping the run or rushing. DE requires so much more strength and explosion.You have offensive lineman 5 yards closer to you and less time to react because you have limited visibility. It's also so much easier to get caught upfield with A bad angle because your depth perception isn't as clear and you are fighting off a strong, athletic, OT who could weigh over 300 pounds without spacing. Totally different positions and not as interchangeable as media folks make it.
  2. Boston taking nothing for granted this year

    What I loved about Boston last year was how hype he got when Coleman made a big play. The guy that took his job. Boston went wild and celebrated with Coleman's bicep flex everytime. Team player all day.
  3. Comfortable with running backs?

    Rivera said a Cam fumble was his fault, during read option
  4. Comfortable with running backs?

    OP. Your evaluation is wrong, but your heart might be in the right place. Stewart is actually slower to hit the hole and slower in general than our other RB in this stage of his career. He probably runs like a 4.8. Now the problem with our other RB's is that CAP fumbled twice in very limited action, but has really good skills and Wegher is unproven in a real game, but showed a ton of skill and more importantly a ton of confidence in his preseason playtime. Fozzy is a journeyman, one who runs very hard but is limited....so he's basically nothing
  5. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Looking at this roster, Roman Harper or another vet S would make me comfortable. I like Marlowe, Boston, and obvs Coleman tho. WR- Garrett, Philly, Ginn, Funch, KB DE- we keep 5- CJ, Ealy, Addison, Delaire, Miley
  6. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Ginn, Brown, Garrett. Not a close competition.
  7. Tryout Invitations (OP updated May 5)

    Tevin Carter has all the skills to be in camp this year and maybe take a spot. Fast, big hitter, can intercept it. Out of position often and stiff tho. Edit: Skins cut him before their rookie camp. Has to be garbage or trouble
  8. Sanchez Signs Contract

    No way we cut him, educate yourself
  9. Well, this is the 3rd team that had cut the guy in a year
  10. SF 49'er safety Jaquiski Tartt

    Is there a link or story on this. Or just an observation? I've really been curious about how he faired and I can't find anything. Any info will be appreciated.
  11. SF 49'er safety Jaquiski Tartt

    Did Bradberry play well in the Senior Bowl?
  12. Let's play pick two running backs

    Foz and Weg. I don't think that CAP is a true Panther. He just got arrested, doesn't seem part of the RB room socially
  13. Scout Notes on Top Prospects in 2016 draft

    Ridiculous as to how his rankings lined up with the draft, outside of Lawson and a couple others.
  14. Carolina Panthers UDFA Roster Paths

    Philly makes some spectacular plays in between disappearing, but his shoulder is trash.
  15. Garrett > Rico Wallace?

    Newblyfe. A true huddler would've said Taye Biddle.