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  1. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    great game. So much fun. This series has been so up and down. I love it!! Go Hornets! We need to close them out at home!!
  2. Time To Let Rich Cho Go?

    Ok I actually wanted Barnes orDrummond in those drafts. Even with the injury issues I am holding out faith that MKG can come back. I also don't believe in Drummond. I know he is good, but I can't overlook the FT shooting. Guys like Drummond and Deandre Jordan can't be in at the end of a closegame. So I still think MKG can be the 2nd best player in the draft. Great Picks: Kemba Good Picks: Zeller & Vonleh (netted us Batum) Ok Picks: Biz,Jeff Taylor, PJ (netted us Lee): Both played ok for us over the years until Taylors injury and tbh a lot of us wanted to resign Biz. I know I did Bad Picks: Trading away Tobias Harris for Biz, Incomplete: Frank because he is a rookie. MKG because of injuries
  3. 1st playoff win as a new franchise PIE!

    We didn't lose our first 2 games because of offense/Alfense. We lost because of defense. I agree with you that I liked that Clifford switched things up and started posting Frank. One great thing that I saw Cliff do was take out Al in the 4th for Cody and played a more defensive lineup when we were up big.
  4. 1st playoff win as a new franchise PIE!

    Great team win. Everyone played aggressive and intense. Loved what Frank, Lin and Zeller brought to the table. We are going to need them to continue to be aggressive. Oh and Im going to the next game!!!!Go Hornets!
  5. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Honestly I think the Panthers did Josh a favor so he could get this deal. Josh is set with his one big cash in which he deserved. Wish him the best, but not never against us! Also I am hoping that he doesn't start coming out and trashing our FO like some bitter ex players. We did him a solid and honestly we are most likely going to get a 3rd out of it next year. Not ideal but avoids drama,hold out possibilities, gives the player what he wants and we get an extra pick hopefully.
  6. 10 years of 1st round trades

    Hindsight being 20/20 Hurney sure made some highly questionable trades but he sure did make the 1st/2nd rounds very interesting for us fans.
  7. Courtney Lee Appreciation Thread

    He has been an amazing pick up for the Hornets and we really didn't have to give up a lot. If we can somehow resign all of our players next year we will be in a really good place.
  8. I like all of those offensive players more than the defensive ones in the 2nd.
  9. I think for us to get value we will have to probably go dline in the 1st. I see a lot of players on offense dropping in the 2nd but not a lot of defensive players. We need to remember that Denver is fresh on everyones mind. Dline is going to be such a hot group this year.
  10. Kemba the Super-Star?

    Watch almost every Hornet game and he is playing extremely well this year. I am very confident when he shoots the 3 and actually want him to shoot it this year. Since the allstar break he has been on a tear. And no he isn't a ballhog. Batum is great Q1-Q3 except for his turnovers, but he isn't that great in Q4. We need him down the stretch and he is making very big shots.
  11. Cam Newton "Forever I love Atlanta

    I know it annoys me when ppl write a lot like alot
  12. Cotchery not in Panthers plans

    Thanks for the feedback. I swear you are the only poster that answers to anything I write. I feel like everybody else blocks me!
  13. Cotchery not in Panthers plans

    Good luck to him. He did his job and we got more from him than I had expected. He will be remembered for his drops in the SB but during the season he always made the big catches. I am not saying I am in favor of this BUT IF we were to go after a veteran FA WR who would you all want? Please don't respond with the stay with the guys on the roster. Let's just say IF we were going to pick up a FA veteran over 30 who would it be? My 1 yr pick would be Boldin. I feel like he could replace the Cotch role. And yes I'd prefer to stay with who we have a draft a speedy WR but that is not the question.
  14. Cam Newton "Forever I love Atlanta

    He's 26 and grown up in ATL. Also who cares about the 1. I hate lol but tons of people use it. Or emoticons. To each their own. While we are talking about things that annoy us: alot, they're their there, grammar police!!
  15. Our first round pick: this CB?

    It's hard to really gauge Gettleman in FAyet because this is the first year we actually have cap space. I am really interested to see the FA signings this year because it will really tell us a lot about how he will run this team. I also think he isn't afraid to trade draft picks for guys he likes but I don't see him as a guy to trade many high or mid round future picks