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  1. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    Damned if we do make a move and damned if we don't. The fact is people wouldn't be happy unless we got a big named WR and to be honest I think that the Panthers aren't looking for bandaids but players that can grow with Cam. Now it sounds like we were high on the guy in last years draft and considering him so what is the harm in a conditional pick when he wouldn't have lasted on the waiver wire until we are able to pick him up? 
    Now do I think he is the answer? Doubt it, but we won't know until he comes in here. I can already say that we need someone who is willing to FIGHT for the ball and not let the ball come to them. It seems like all of our receivers that are active right now won't win in a fight and hopefully this guy will. 
    I know I am a homer but lets keep it real, Gettleman has a good track record so far with draft picks and I am considering him a draft pick of ours since we wanted him. 
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  2. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    Hell I agree and thought we should keep him. Just playing some devils advocate here but in the regular season you know we are just going to run the Cam dive on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. 
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  3. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    Well with the philosophy of the current offense the Ward cut doesn't surprise me at all. How many times during a game do we run out of the I formation? I am not saying I agree with the cut, but I guess I understand it from a play calling reasoning. 
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  4. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Shaq-Tastic   

    I think it will come with more reps and getting more comfortable. I love the way he has been covering and the tackles after catches for next to nothing on returns. Shedding blocks and plugging holes will come with strength, experience and just getting more comfortable
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  5. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Shaq-Tastic   

    I thought he played great especially when he is attacking. I did notice on two runs, he seemed to be waiting for the RB and then whiffed on two tackles. I am not nitpicking just noticing where he can improve. I think he will be a great addition for us. 
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  6. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic We were 3rd best in rushing when Cam passed for 4K in 2011   

    I posted this in another thread and I think it works here: 
    2011, Cam Newton's Rookie year. He threw for 4,000 yards. Smitty = 79 receptions. Who had the next best receptions? His name is Jonathan Steward with 47 receptions. Then Greg Olsen with 45 and then Legedu Naanee with 44.
    Point being I believe we might be lacking that #1 right now but I like the sum of our parts better than 2011 when we threw for more yards. 
    Our offense won't be explosive but we now need lots of plays from our TEs and RBs
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  7. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    I will be honest. He doesn't remind me of Hardy at all and that is not a knock on Ealy. But remember Hardy was an athletic freak. He was a 6'4 280+ GUNNER on special teams!! That is crazy. 
    Now with that being said. I say the best comparison for him is on the side of the line with Charles Johnson. He did pretty good in spot duties his 2nd and 3rd year before blowing up with 11 sacks in his 4th year. The both seem to have the same body type and can do well on the run or in the pass. 
    Ealy won't blow you away with amazing athleticism but I don't see him being what Johnson is which is a hell of a DE. And if we get that I'd be ecstatic.  
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  8. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic How to reduce the number of ACL injuries, without changing the preseason   

    IMO injuries are an unfortunate part of sports in general, but especially in a physical contact sport. Do we hold out KB or any player from practice just because they may get hurt? People say that practice or preseason is a horrible way to get injured, but you know what it sucks at any time and these players still have to get ready for the regular season. 
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  9. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    This has nothing to do with Immigration and for people to use that as a justification for those comments, you might need to look inside of yourself at your own hate. 
    This is about our professional sports team who reaches out to another community in their language. What is the harm in garnering more interest and fans from people from different places? 
    Once again this is not an Immigration issue, these comments are out of place and to those who say things like this or justify it, you are all in the same category in my eyes and should be ashamed of yourself. The world needs more love not hate and bravo to the Panthers for reaching out to the Hispanic community. 
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  10. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Opinions: is Frank Alexander a possible cut?   

    Too quick to say after 1 game but in my opinion IF Cox continues to play like he did the person that might be on the outside looking in its Wes Horton. I don't see what he brings to the table and had less potential than Frank or Ealy 
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  11. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic How bout a little love for Oher   

    Will be honest, I think Oher and the entire oline looked really good. I think Cam was kind of shocked to have a pocket to throw in. 
    I can't wait for Miami scrimmages because they got a great dline too so it will be a great test for our team. 
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  12. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson Catching On   

    I didn't want to start a new thread so this one will do. Given his injuries during OTAs and Training Camp, does this change your expectations for him? What role do you all see for him THIS year? 
    Also to those who have attended Training Camp what have you all seen? This is the first year that I can remember that our 1st round pic has gotten next to no information about him. I know that he has been injured but everyone has been very hush hush on how we are going to use him. 
    So my question to you all is how do you think we are going to use him? 
    Does he play the Big Nickel but then does that mean Bene is off the field? 
    I just have no idea how we are going to use him and in what combinations if any this year. 
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  13. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Pick 1 of these 3 RBs.   

    1 preseason game makes it difficult to say especially because the starting oline didn't give much room for running. But after one game Wegher is in the lead based on explosiveness and the fact that he did also provide special teams help. Todman would be next in line because he is a true change in pace back. Unfortunately nowadays being a kick returner isn't that special because it seems like every other kick goes out the back of the end zone. Also we can't count out Fozzy just yet. It was 1 game. 
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  14. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic FAN FEST LIVE?   

    it was going to cut off at some point sooooo i guess thats all we get. 
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  15. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic FAN FEST LIVE?   

    stream stopped for me now
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