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  1. Jmac added a post in a topic No claims on cuts   

    I guess Boykin wasn't the player I thought he could be. Fiqured Green Bay would scoop him back up now that they have injury issues. They know him much better then we did. Obviously they passed on him. Coaches where correct on this call it seems.
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  2. Jmac added a post in a topic Gettleman: Norwell and Turner are man beasts of destruction and mayhem   

    Igo is correct. Old news and in the past. Just let it go.
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  3. Jmac added a post in a topic Gettleman: Norwell and Turner are man beasts of destruction and mayhem   

    money.....we couldn't pay what he wanted. Why does this not seem to sink in. He was a one year rental untill they could draft someone to groom in his place....Kony Ealy.
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  4. Jmac added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Opinions: trade with N.Y Giants for J.Jones
    Throwing this out for discussion. D.G still tight with Giants F.O. I would think. Beason has more knees problems last I heard. We have a couple of young LB'ers that may help them. What does the huddle think of James Jones in a trade for Klein or Mayo. I know James is 31, but still has tread left. May not be a number 1, but would definitly help. James on a one year deal with the Giants. Yes or no?
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  5. Jmac added a post in a topic Funchess back at practice, Norwood taking third team reps   

    He will fit right in then.
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  6. Jmac added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    News flash.....Panthers first NFL team to phase out WR position......will come up with astonishing new offense formations before opening day.
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  7. Jmac added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    Cut Boykin and then what.....maybe something cooking in the kitchen that we aren't hearing about etc. Or just that they all suck...just who sucks less. At least the dude caught the ball when thrown to him. Hope they have something up their sleeve.
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  8. Jmac added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Question: put together trade package for WR
    Huddle question: if you could conjure up a trade for a decent WR, what would it involve? Draft picks?  Draft picks and a player? Who would this player be and which draft picks? Who would you try to trade for?
    Funchess is a work in progress and the progress seems to be crawling along at this rate (no pun intended). I think D.G will wait till the final cuts but doubt anyone worth a damn will be there. So if he suprises us and pulls the trigger....who and how should it go down. What you got?
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  9. Jmac added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Don't forget the 2013 J.Boykin
    .When the Packers where desimated with injuries all season long with Cobb,Jones and Finely missing games, this guy came in and met the challenge. When Rodgers went down he still produced. 2014 he took a backseat to a WR corp that is one of the best in the league. He has shown that the pressure isn't to much for him when called upon. Playing well on a Superbowl caliber team is something to be considered. We are one more injury away from this WR  corps being total crap. This guy needs to get his chance and stick.
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  10. Jmac added a post in a topic Joe P thinks Boykin gets cut   

    Why would they cut him with the way the WR corps is looking. The guy has proven he can play in this league.  Need all the help they can get. Funchess has proved nothing yet.
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  11. Jmac added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    1 post and you should be outta here permantly.....stupid son of a bitch
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  12. Jmac added a post in a topic Cam, Stew, OL, and Olsen   

    Average team = an eight win season.  
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  13. Jmac added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin had many problems   

    Alot of sympathy for his situation now that the truth is known.  Hope he gets it all under control.
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  14. Jmac added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Jonathan Martin had many problems
    Per S.Reed. it appears he was suicidal on several occasions and also had substance abuse problems. Add this to the obvious personality/emotional problems he was dealing with.....just a ticking time bomb. Wonder how this slipped by the Panthers when evaluating  him. Unlike D.G to not do his homework on a player. The high stress environment of the NFL was definitly not for somebody with his issues. It was never meant to be.
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  15. Jmac added a post in a topic Mike Shula not worried about slow starts   

    If his name was Shulane  instead of Shula we wouldn't have had to worry about this in the first place. Helps to have the name behind you.
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