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  1. What about Charles?

    Some vets will be gone. Allen probably, Tillman should retire (get out while he can still walk),  and Harper is a FA. You saw what havoc two dominating fast lineman can cause. Charles is up against it, big contract with diminishing returns. Was this his last game in the black and blue? D.G doesn't play. That money saved can potentially buy some oline help or a DE......opinions?
  2. We where outplayed by a stellar defense and an offense that did just enough to win. Why some on here trash this team for one bad performance is sad.  Now they all suck, Rivera sucks, Cam is a POS and Gettleman is a moron. Some are acting just like the media dirt balls that crap on this team and will probably start doing so again starting today. Take off your goddamn Panther gear and toss it, you don't need to wear it anymore. Get off the bandwagon now and carry on. Anyone that can't handle a loss (Superbowl or not), isn't ready for real life. This is just a very minor loss compared to all the major losses we ALL will be facing in this lifetime. Just a damn game.     
  3. Probably last game for some of these guys in a Panthers uniform. no names mentioned....the ones who didn't show up again or are on the last leg.
  4. Good season guys.....looks like the forehead will go out with a bang.  
  5. Game sucks, commercials suck, halftime sucked....just all around suckage.
  6. Gonna take a nap....wake me when this halftime joke is over.
  7. Mods please get these sixteen year old punk trolls outta here. 
  8. Stewart hurt again.  Payne inactive. 
  9. Four minutes of football, ten minutes of other bullshat.....and these commercials suck so far.
  10. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    To be fair, he said the same about  Von Miller. These guys won't  worry about this today.  
  11. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Who the hell cares what he says about anything. Can't suckle at the Panthers teet no more for big bucks while giving a half hearted effort.