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  1. To the fans who are in a deep depression after this loss

    Cams pressed today was exactly how I hoped he would respond. As long as he continues to be himself I'm happy he's our qb. 
  2. Help with perception

    So we live in Houston. My wife has been tasked with quote of the week for her sales team. We love the panthers and she's infatuated with cam so obviously we're looking for a cam quote. My thought is find one so good and don't say who said, get her coworkers to ask who it was and then tell them. They're mostly cam haters so I'd love to see them appreciate a quote just to later find out its from someone so "childish and pouty". Please help with finding one, right now I'll I'm finding is terrible memes of the game. Go Panthers. 
  3. Final Score Super Bowl Prediction Thread

  4. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    I hope at some point we beat a team something like 65+ to 10-. All the while cam dances, laughs, takes selfies and all his lovable shenanigans. Cam is awesome, winning is awesome. But my family and I have more fun watching because of cam. His crap is infectious and I love it. If only I wasn't white do I could join him in his dancing. 
  5. TD's Visor

    I knew it, I'm a genius. Haha. It would be cool to see players personal take on visor ar though. Norman would have an awesome one I imagine.
  6. TD's Visor

    If a player goes down and unconscious, with a tinted visor is much harder to see their eyes which is a tell tale first response of an issue.
  7. black lives matter planning to disrupt super bowl!! #nojusticenosuperbowl

    And he still got poo on by shitty white people. Times haven't changed a whole lot. Just 2 weeks ago three black students from Alabama were assaulted on a school bus. While people filmed and laughed. 
  8. What did they do to my daughter.

    Haha I know. I'm well versed in boyfriend beat downs. 
  9. What did they do to my daughter.

    Good looking kids man. 
  10. What did they do to my daughter.

    Haha thanks. Ya the minute of screaming was well worth the "I love the panthers" at the end. 
  11. Sport science: LUKE

    Love sports science. They could do a 30 min show with 2-3 athletes each time and is watch every second. 
  12. So my daughter is 3 and my love for the Panthers has rubbed off....maybe too much. Today trying to go out for lunch this happened. She would not take off her panthers shirt she's had on for days. The second video is her response when we as the parents finally cave and allow her to keep it.    This is is the love they've instilled in my toddler. IMG_1738.MOV IMG_1739.MOV
  13. My buddy wrote a song...

    Pretty darn good. Enjoyed. Will watch again.   
  14. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    I live in Texas so this doesn't really apply to me. But if they're your team IMO you rep them through the shitty to have the right to rep them through the good. 
  15. Contest prize?

    As a cross country fan. The stuff from the stadium is by far the coolest. This would be awesome.