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  1. Well Voth can "man up" when we don't give him our clicks. 
  2. Your flaw is that I never downplayed racism towards black people, nor did I refer specifically to the word "cracker." Show me where I did? If you have hatred towards anyone because of their color, you are a damn racist. Doesn't matter what color they are. It's not "mild" or less racist if it's a white person at the end of it.
  3. "mildly racist white slur..." This is my issue. Anti-white racism is downplayed and minimized. Why?  Mildy racist? So it is mildly racist because the recipient is white? Is it because of the slaves that no living white person has owned?  I wish a Mod would lock this thread up. There should be no tolerance for racism... ...no matter how "mild" it is.  
  4. All the OP did was illustrate racial double standards. White people are fair game huh?
  5. Kony Ealy, Josh Norman, TD, Luke, and that Defense...

    Totally agree Pep, he balled out too.
  6. A person responding to the above tweet attributes the voice to Chris Harris, and posted the full quote.
  7. Are we certain it was Talib?
  8. Thank you guys for killing it last night.  That last TD was bullshit. You guys held them to less than 200 yards. Only gave up field goals. Ealy balled out and was nearly as effective as Von Miller. Josh shut down Thomas all game. TD is the toughest player in team history, and he a Kuechly came to play. Even McClain: I know he gave up some passes, but considering the situation he was in at the end of the season, I applaud his effort down the stretch. I'm proud of this team for their year, but I hope we all recognize how amazing this defense was last night. Their performance will be lost because of our loss, but I'll remember what they did. Keep Pounding baby.
  9. ON actually makes good points. I hate how much football impacts my life, my mood, etc.   It's like crack though.   We all would be a lot less stressed without it lol.
  10. Send chknwing to the Super Bowl!!!!

      You might be legally retarded.
  11. The 12s just won't let it go...

    Seriously. This poo pisses me off too. I think they say it to make themselves feel better.
  12. Look How Happy Russel Wilson Is Now!!!

    Yeah it was long...but there is so much wrong with Bridgewater and Winston being there that I got on a roll. Bridgewater was pathetic and at best a game manager. Giving a pass to Winstons interceptions because he was a rookie? We are talking about the pro bowl here...not a participation trophy. Although that kind of proves my point.  
  13. Look How Happy Russel Wilson Is Now!!!

    I disagree. Winston: 11th in passing Yards 16th in passing TD’s (He did have 6 rushing which is very good) 5th most interceptions 27th QB rating in QB’s with at least 2000 yards passing Rookie of the year or not, are those the numbers of a "pro bowl" QB?   I'm not even going to bother posting Teddy's stats. Pathetic. Playoffs or not, he is average to below average and doesn't deserve to go. Considering your playoffs argument, why would he go instead of Rodgers? Alex Smith? Cousins?   And the Thomas Davis insert is bogus. Apples and Oranges.  He was in the league when the pro-bowl was taken more seriously when guys would actually go. Stats aren't as clear cut for linebackers as they are for QB's, making it harder for voters to pick TD unless they watched his games. Pro-bowl voters cater to 3-4 OLB's that rack up stats. Of the 6 selected QB's, 5 elected not to go and were replaced, meaning nearly 1/3 of the leagues QB's are "pro-bowlers." It is sad. Even more sad is young guys with inferior performance were picked over guys who produced at a high level.   Guess all this just further incriminates me being "legally retarded."   Fugging joke.