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  1. Peanut talks Panthers...glowingly

    I agree. He would be a heck of a coach. ...except for teaching guys how to cover Steve Smith...
  2. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    The next black white Ray Lewis.
  3. I like Gruden. I wonder if you guys could sit in front of a camera for 4 straight hours and not say anything stupid. It happens.
  4. Game 7

    But of course...you had to make sure your Heat were in the clear first.
  5. Game 7

    Yeah I may have...MAY have broken my rule of avoiding reactionary posts right after I'm done watching the game lol. I watched it later on DVR. Not worth the hard drive space.
  6. Game 7

    Coming out of hiding now that it is safe. Didn't post much during our 3 game winning streak but blowing your horn now that the Heat have moved on. Easy to talk after a win.
  7. Game 7

    Going out the way we did in game 7 erases the positives this season. We looked soft. We are another one of those 3 point shooting teams that can't get it done when the defense picks up in the postseason. Maybe it wouldn't have helped, but to me the difference in this series goes back to not giving Biz the money we ended up giving Hansbrough. Not having a strong shot blocker inside forced us to collapse the D and made this Heat team look like God's from 3. #1 addition must be a long post defender or there really is no point. To think that we had what we needed but we declined to give him peanuts pisses me off.
  8. Don't Sleep on Dean Marlowe

    I like Marlowe as well. He and Boston I see both improving and making strides.

    Boehringer getting drafted to the Vikings is awesome. Seeing the whole sequence on NFL Network was cool. Mayock seems like a good dude too.
  10. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    Thanks for the video! Good to see Gamble. I still remember being so excited when we selected him.
  11. He didn't throw her on a pile of guns, and guns are inherently evil because Obama says so. Right?
  12. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    So you make an argument, then say it doesn't really matter? Well this is much ado about nothing.
  13. Game 6 vs. Heat

    Lin is just not right tonight.
  14. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    I see more of a repeat of last year. Trade a few later picks and our 2nd to move up. I don't see Dave trading away future high picks. Wouldn't make sense.