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  1. "Mucas" is back!

    I was surprised we cut Lucas last year too. I was even more surprised he was not added to the PS. Glad to have him back. If he has worked on his blocking technique, what's not to like?
  2. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    Letting Biz go for nothing was one of the worst decision's in franchise history for 3 main reasons. He had an elite skill: Shot-blocking He is very strong, has good hops, and has elite length (7'9" wingspan), making him our best post defender. We did not have a plan to replace him and what he brought the team defensively. To add to all of that...he is still young at 23 years of age. Ouch.
  3. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    This all day long...and forever. He is young, strong, and Whiteside wouldn't have been able to push him around. When people talk about his offense...I recall a stretch when he was starting (Al was injured) where we scored nearly 10 more points per game with Biz as the starting C. He is a solid dunk finisher at the rim (although that's about it), but it is his defensive presence that often led to more offensive chances for us. I never understood how people (including MJ and Cho, maybe Clifford) couldn't understand this.
  4. New Saints LB Nate Stupar Throws Shade At Falcons Fans

    I first learned about shade while watching "Highly Questionable." LeBatard was commenting on Aaron Rodgers and why he lost the previous night. I'm paraphrasing, but he said something like, "Rodgers completed less than 45% of his passes last night. In the NFL, it's going to be hard to win a game if you complete less than 45% of your passes...I mean...Cam's been doing it all season...but typically it is going to be hard to win..." Then Bomani said, in low volume, "That's some first class shade right there..." Although Cam was the target of the "shade," that poo was hilarious.
  5. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    Ginn isn't going anywhere. From the return game, to his vertical threat...he completely changes our team.
  6. Yeah, You better switch hands and step it up....

    Dan?....Dan Morgan?............ ...is that you?!
  7. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Good to see the Heat get blown out themselves in a game 7.
  8. NBA Playoffs Discussion

  9. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    ...but sure...let's give the money that we could have given Biz to...T Hansbrough.
  10. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Seriously. Watching Biz be exactly the player for Toronto that we needed pisses me off. Love Biz and I'm glad he found a place where he is appreciated. I mean is there anyone besides Cho/Jordan that thought it was a good idea letting him and his defensive ability leave?
  11. Dwight Howard

    Me too CB! Haha
  12. The "Golden Age" of Panthers Football

    Hey...you can enjoy the moment while acknowledging there is still work to be done.
  13. Dwight Howard

    If we can get Howard, we must pull the trigger. Go HAM or accept mediocrity. I know he is a risk, but sometimes a risk you must take.
  14. Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Maybe he was slouching. Maybe Jeremy walks very erect...