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  1. Fantastic Paul Soliai Quote...

    They won't start playing in that stadium until 2017. I saw today where Solial said he wasn't definitely committed to playing both years of his contract.
  2. One week left on the 2015 Panthers squad

    Now that I've finally gotten past our SB, I am starting to look forward to the new season and our potential. I see no reason why we can't be very good again, hopefully one game better.
  3. Haven't watched it. Trying to figure out if it is possible to put the game on a DVD disc from my satellite company's DVR. Also, can't decide if I should just delete it. Never watched SB 38 after the game. I have it on VHS tape.
  4. My 2015 season movie

  5. Prepare the feels

    Seattle went two years in a row --- why can't WE?
  6. SB Hangover gone for me...

    I am still in recovery. We were in Charlotte Tuesday thru Thursday, and I was at the stadium one of those days to shop at the store. I noticed the quietness around the building. It was a bit of a downer to think the stadium would be silent untll FanFest (for the general public). We also toured the Academy Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods in the area trying to find Panthers items. It just sucks to have to settle for things that say "NFC Champions" instead of "World Champions". I really thought we'd do it this time. I believe we will be back, though.
  7. Plan to drive up to Charlotte EARLY Tuesday morning. Gotta see this.
  8. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    Probably won't be as much stuff here in my area, but I am planning a trip to Charlotte. Hopefully, there will be some items still available. I expect merchandise will fly off the shelves and racks. Definitely getting T-shirts and a hat or two.
  9. Official Super Bowl Program

    I found this one: Seems to be the nicest one I've seen.
  10. I know some hope we just win, but I'd love to see us do to Denver what we did to the Cards.
  11. Official Super Bowl Program

    Just ordered. Wanted to get one. Thanks. Y'all don't possibly have or can get any of the SB50 patches like the uniforms have on them? The ones on EBay are not very good quality.
  12. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Very nice. I think our TopCats look just as good.
  13. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Titans

    Great pics, as always. Thanks.
  14. Along the Sidelines - Colts at Panthers

    Disagree. I shared it on my Facebook.
  15. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Bucs

    Once again, great pics.