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    Carolina Panthers Day 2 Draft Grade

    Here's what you don't understand. Everyone here is a draft expert. McShay and Kiper didn't have Jackson and Gaulden rated that high so Hurney is stupid. Everyone on this board have put in countless hours of scouting. Most of you are insufferable. You don't know poo. You've watched like 6 highlight tapes and you think you're an NFL scout. You're not. I'm not defending Marty. I paid close attention to Wr's this year bc that's the position I wanted the most. My guy was DJ and I'm happy we chose him. If we would've chosen Ridley, Sutton or Kirk I wouldn't have lost my mind bc we'll need to wait and see. Point is, none of us are professional scouts and even professional scouts don't get it right. If they did, more than 50% of their draft picks would hit. Nobody knows poo but everyone likes to act like they do. Let it play out. Football is the greatest game in the world. Most of you should try enjoying it for a change.
  2. 1. No 2. DJ Moore 3. The huddle has almost 20,000 members now. We'll get at least 100 complaints. It'll seem like a lot, bc everyone bitches about everything on here, but still less than half a percent
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    Draft day menu

    Who needs food