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  1. Luke is the man... Zod wears tube socks. @cbdellinger
  2. No because I Know some stuff bout DWill that is fairly scandalous... I only judge him for on the field stuff tho.
  3. What a terrible read that article is... Uggggh. Bert is not very good with words.
  4. Hardy Case Dismissed

    I hope everyone realizes the decision to sit Hardy was not made by the Panthers... it was 100% Goodell's call. I mean... that is obvious isnt it?! All a PR stunt... a weak PR stunt at that.
  5. The Colts Set Up The Patriots? Deflate Gate

    Boston, home of cheaters and more racists per capita than any city in the usa.
  6. You never heard of Archduke Fran Ferdinand Assasination-gate?! Come on!!
  7. for the second time no less...
  8. Hardy's Intent

    Sometimes I hate the internet
  9. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  10. Talk about someone who should post more. Damn! You're missed, dude.