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  1. What about Bene?

    He's terrible at nickle... no doubt about it.  But with the way Peanut forces fumbles and posses such a high football IQ, no way Bene moves back outside. 
  2. KK's stats from yesterday

    He's a beast.
  3. Guess whos back, back again....

    exactly... part of the reason the win %  of teams we played is low is because we beat them.
  4. Guess whos back, back again....

    Yeah, that's not what I said... if he didnt pick six those he's just anoher Melvin White or even worse, Antoine Cason. Pulllleaseeee.  
  5. Guess whos back, back again....

    I love Norman... I thnk he's great.  But both of his pick six's were balls that should have never left the QB's hands.  The New Orleans pick was simply and outstanding freakishly athletic play   . Flame away.
  6. Luke is the man...    Zod wears tube socks.    @cbdellinger
  7. Those Dallas Right Tackles

    2011 2012 2013 2014 Happened.
  8. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  9. Talk about someone who should post more. Damn! You're missed, dude.

  10. Happy Gameday! panthers_514x96.jpg

  11. I love lamp!

  12. merry christmas!