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  1. He looked good in that vid. Think he will be so dominating that Cam gives up his #1 in deference?
  2. Panthers working out QB Seth Lobato

    I cannot imagine how a player from a powerhouse like Northern Colorado could have been overlooked but am thrilled we snuck him onto the roster.
  3. He had 30 yards of penalties in less than five minutes (end of 3Q beginning of 4Q) That would have been the game's worst if Talib wasn't bailing him out by being a bigger psycho. looked to me like Rivera finally told him to go sit behind the bench. He tied Ted Ginn and Mike Tolbert for tackles in the game (1). I say we keep shopping - big stops mean little when you are giving the other team huge chunks of yards at critical times.
  4. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    Extra promos on streaming app makes some sense - at least as to why, but sounds like i'm not the only one they drive crazy.. I've been listening on streaming some / radio some -both have way too many promos - I think I'd take Flo any day (medieval inspector vs Frank's diaper story / Political ad vs. TD and the "old man" ad from some time in the 1970's).I honestly could take a PSA about STD before hearing more promos. When a caller mentions it, they get real touchy - tells me they'd rather tick off a caller than offer something different that would cause someone to work. Good tip on 730 - just looked it over and it looks interesting. Anything would beat the FNZ promo parade - IMO.
  5. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    I'm one of those that enjoys listening to WFNZ - although Marc James almost broke me. As I have been listening lately, it isnerve wracking to hear station promos (not ads, just clips of their shows) repeating themselves - over and over and over and over and over and over. Some track back to much earlier in the season. I get that promos can't be cut daily, but the staleness is getting ridiculous. I keep waiting to hear a clip of the Gettysburg address. i have also heard callers referring to it, the host at the time got ticked and cut them off. I don't know the radio business, but it seems like they would do anything to avoid replaying these clips if they had something else to run - like more ads. I would have assumed that advertisers would have been flocking to them during the championship run, but doesn't seem that way. This practice of repetition, coupled with them going off the air in my area (I listen via the app now) has me wondering if the are in trouble. I'm not sharing to get people to trash hosts or guests, just wanted to know if they are going to be with us in the future.
  6. Why the Cardinals Lost

    Sitting in time out an extra five minutes PLUS A terminal owie on Carson's finger EQUALS 36 Points Cards are the real champs, we should forfeit
  7. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Dear Cardinals NASCAR Museum is around the corner Wouldn't want you to have a wasted trip
  8. It has to be Matt Willig. If you don't believe me, check the link. Matt Willig Can't miss for the Hall Of Fame
  9. Nothing wrong with chewing Bubble Tape, but pretty sure that's a yo-yo to keep self entertained in between plays.
  10. Not sure I get the hate. Great LB name. Led TSU in tackles against teams no one has heard of. Runner up for prom queen. Toothpaste model. Championship!
  11. Greg Hardy making new friends

    That's right, not anywhere near the four tackles Hardy had for 2014. Especially when you count the half dozen or so tackles Hardy had on Holder in one outing. However, Coleman's salary was only $280,000 per tackle - Hardy clocks in at $3,275,000 per tackle - unless you count his take downs of Holder, which would cut the rate to $1,310,000 per tackle.
  12. Kurt Coleman Info

    Loved his work on "Diff'rent Strokes" but seems a little short to play safety.
  13. Star has broke foot, out for playoffs

    I see what you did there - trying to trick us into thinking we actually had beat writers.