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  1. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    Dear Tony, Game is past gone, fake the injury and get first shot at all the turkey and trimmings.  Well played.  PS - I am thankful that you hit our guys in stride so the could get the most YAC
  2. I liked our blue uniforms

    Put me down for a "nah"  
  3. If I was a casual viewer I would love the way the team played but not be impressed with the roller derby blue unis.
  4. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Has to be a witness protection name.  
  5. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Who/what is a Reese Dismukes?
  6. Predict Fussy Fan of the Week

    It;s not fair - they have real Cowboys on their team.
  7. You can't use "I'm a veteran and he tore up my overpriced banner" or "he has violated my 9 year old with dirty dancing" - those have already been taken.  What will we hear from fans like those pictured here?    
  8. Don't worry about Fluffy.   In the spirit of a hovering mother, we had her teeth filed down so she would not be a danger to herself . . .  
  9. Dear Mr. Scot,    I feel like I have to write and let you know what a terrible influence you have been on my 9 year old mixed breed dog.  The picture you posted was beyond the pale.  Immediately, I began to receive inquiring glances from my dog.  I could easily sense the debilitating effect the pictures you posted had on her.      Was it necessary to place a picture like that where so many had to see? It was my dog's first trip to the huddle message board and I feel that it may have ruined the internet experience for Fluffy forever.  The pose as if the player was addressing a fire hydrant.  The placement of his arms as if birds may actually try to use fire hydrants.  It upset other pets so much that I did the only thing I could do - I turned on Oprah at a high volume, desperately hoping that Fluffy would be distracted could forget the debauchery you had exposed her to. You should be a role model.  You are named after a country.  You call yourself a historian, but it's obvious that you have no regard for the sacred sport.  Thanks to your callousness, I may never be able to bring Fluffy to the world wide web again.  I hope that you are proud of yourself.  
  10. Pretty sure Sir Purr would have to cut weight to fight Woodyard.
  11. Love the Braveheart speech, trashing Nashville and even Miley.  . . . prob would have gone without throwing in the (sic) children's birth defect in the title but it's likely that others will like that part.  
  12. Ron a little surly in his press conference today

    All the old Pepper's jerseys should make him happy.   Then we'll only have to deal with his lawsuit about popcorn being stale, beer being flat, and parking spot too far away.  
  13. Notes and Memos - Packers

    Dear Pep; 1) Nice goal line stand - if it weren't for the cheating ball boy you would have kept the little girl from getting the ball. 2) I knew you had emotion - you glared Clinton-Dix into a 20 yard retreat (with the help of Raji)