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  1. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    And his wife? Apparently she was shot as well.
  2. Cpat or Cobb we need one of them

    I think we should just draft JStro or DGreeBe.
  3. Rookie Camp Notes

    Why are people concerned about Ealy not getting much push at DT? Guards are among the strongest players in the NFL, I wouldn't expect a 270 pound DE to be able to get push on a straight bull rush against a guard. Ealy's success at DT comes from his explosiveness and being able to get around the guard BEFORE they can put their hands on him...he's not going to be able to straight up overpower a guard who has the strength to hold off 300+ pound DTs. Unless I'm misinterpreting what you mean by Ealy not getting much "push"..."push" to me sounds like a straight 1 on 1 bullrush-type situation. Hardy can get push on guards cause he has almost 20 pounds on Ealy and is more of a power-rusher (compared to Ealy I mean...Hardy can really do it all). Ealy's strength is not his....well, strength; he's a finesse rusher.
  4. Greg Hardy Arrested

    At least he's established himself a pretty compelling insanity plea over the last couple years...
  5. Official Panthers - Cardinals Gameday Thread

    Well of course it's not a true must-win game since we could go 1-3 and win 12 straight and make the playoffs. It's not MY's a fact. I would say we definitely should win this game if we want a realistic chance at the playoffs...the Cardinals are one of the weaker teams we play on the schedule for the remainder of the season. All I'm saying is to think every single game of the season is a "must-win" is extremely naive. The fact that there have only been 3 or 4 undefeated teams in the regular season in NFL history proves that. Every team loses games, it's just about winning enough of them to make it into the playoffs. I think your statement must not have been intended literally, whereas I'm taking it as literal. Otherwise I'm not sure I follow your logic that every game is a must-win. There are only what...5 undefeated teams right now? So at least 7 teams who already have 1 or more losses will be making the playoffs. I feel stupid having to actually type this stuff out since it's common sense, but I'm trying to clear it up from my side.
  6. Official Panthers - Cardinals Gameday Thread

    If all games are must-win, then does that mean our season is over? Our team should be VIEWING every game as a must-win, but if every game really is a must-win then the Playoffs would be full of 16-0 teams . That's my Captain Obvious statement of the day...but I don't understand when people say every game is a "must-win". Our team sure as hell needs that mentality though...
  7. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

    Is Tori Mobley presumed to make it? Did he look decent in preseason? I thought he was basically just a camp body but we really have like ZERO depth at o-line if he gets cut too...I think one extra guard and one extra tackle.