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  1. MasterAwesome added a post in a topic What we are facing now is child's play compared to last season.   

    To be fair, you're comparing what has happened prior to this season even starting, with EVERYTHING that happened over the course of the entire previous season. Of course there's gonna be more hardships in comparison thus's very possible we'll see more obstacles over the course of this season than just the KB injury.
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  2. MasterAwesome added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    Is LG supposed to be their longest reception? Cause most of those are definitely wrong.
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  3. MasterAwesome added a post in a topic How To Dominate An Entire First Half, Time of Possession, Make Tom Brady Look Like poo, Get Two Takeaways, Awesome Avg Starting Field Possession, And Walk Away Losers...   

    You realize if we invested more in offensive weapons, our defense would not be nearly as dominant? We can't have both...unless you think we're spending all our draft picks on long snappers or something. So where is this 28-7 coming from, cause it would be more like 28-28.
    Also we haven't left that many points on the board unless you're counting Philly's 2 drops on the same drive as a potential 14 points.
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  4. MasterAwesome added a post in a topic Full Madden Team Grades   

    Kelvin Benjamin with a higher Catch rating than Greg Olsen...
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  5. MasterAwesome added a post in a topic Former Saints assistant coach may be in big trouble...   

    Yeah I don't understand referring to him as a former Saints assistant coach rather than the Bills' o-line coach.
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