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  1. Destiny 2

    I am light 283 Warlock, with a clan, on PS4. I wrecked in D1, and will look to do the same in D2. Add me, gamertag is same as my Huddle username.
  2. Hate Week. Again.

    I gave you a 28-3, because fug the Falcons.
  3. I was at the game yesterday. All of this panic over the offense is pretty much par-for-the-Huddle-course, and while it was an overall subpar outing, it's not the disaster many seem to think it is. 1.) Carolina dominated in time of possession and big plays, they just continually killed drives with mistakes at critical times. Mistakes can be corrected and Cam will play better. If we had spent this game struggling to move the ball or barely moving the sticks we'd have far more to be worried about, but against a good Buffalo defense that strongly gameplanned for our offense, we were often our own worst enemy. 2.) The loss of Ryan Kalil was a huge blow to our offensive line, as Larsen gave up pressure under center on a number of occasions. Adding in the sudden loss of Olsen early in the game and the offense was bound to struggle to adapt. 3.) The "evolved" offense will take time. Change is always difficult; go back and see the early Steelers games when Todd Haley became their offensive coordinator and the team tried to evolve Roethlisberger into more of a pocket quarterback to prevent him from constantly taking punishment. Sound familiar? Integrating McCaffrey and Samuel into the offense is causing plenty of growing pains and a lot of things that aren't working will have to be adjusted in realtime. But, as Cam continues to practice with the first team and game film is available to scout to understand what is working and what isn't, the offense will continue to evolve and ultimately can be better for it. Finally, I think much of the ire is directed more at the fact that this could have been a blowout win instead of a nailbiter if execution had simply been better, so that element of frustration is boiling over. Changing the outcome of only a few plays could be the difference between 9-3 and 30-3, while the same couldn't really be said for the Bills as up until the end of the game we absolutely throttled their offense. In every meaningful sense aside from the final score, this was a good win that was simply marred by a litany of mistakes.
  4. Damn Trai!

  5. RIP Huddle

    I've had a good experience with them too, even have a t-shirt of theirs. Small world, haha.
  6. RIP Huddle

    Out of general curiosity, since most of your readers are obviously from the Carolinas region, why Tampa? Which host? Hivelocity?
  7. Rocket League

    Friend request sent, my xbox username is corveda
  8. Rocket League

    Cool, I actually just got an XBS just to mess around with (and of course bought Rocket League) I'll try to add you up there. When do you usually play?
  9. Rocket League

  10. Rocket League

    Old thread is archived but figured I'd bring this one back up. Anyone here play? I'm on PS4/PC and adore this game, currently Gold 2 but I play with a lot of friends who are mediocre and I can only carry so much. Hit me up if any of you play, fieryprophet is my ID on PSN/Steam.
  11. On the screen passes note, our defense has always had great success against screens. Our linebackers are just too damn smart.
  12. My nerddom is showing, but that was Bilbo. Frodo was actually very reluctant to leave the Shire. EDIT: Ahh, I see my fellow nerds beat me to it. Damn, we're a enlightened lot, aren't we? ;)
  13. The Answer is on the Roster

    What's strange is that we never really were that strong of a running team this year. Take Cam away and the run game would have been middle of the pack. This year's offense was explosive and aggressive without having to hurl it 50 times a game. It really can't be stressed at how efficiently the offense scored while retaining that ball control flavor.
  14. I have always noticed that the people who complain the most about immaturity are usually absurdly immature themselves. They scream about Cam then try to tell me 9/11 was an inside job.
  15. cam vs jake

    Haha, long time. I haven't been video gaming anywhere near as much of late, got a lot more "real life" things to take care of these days :) And I will admit Destiny kinda burned me out when HoW dropped and I realized I would have to go through another leveling slog. . .