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  1. fieryprophet

    Why is Vermillion still employed?

    Football is violent, and every NFL team has multiple injuries to contend with each season. What can he do, send them out in bubble wrap?
  2. Hey now, they can't speak for my boner, gnomesaiyan
  3. fieryprophet

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Only in a broad sense, every coach has their own intentions how to play different situations and how different route combinations will attack different coverages, and that is the kind of minutia Bersin would have specialized in.
  4. fieryprophet

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

    I thought the backups played like backups. It's preseason. Gilbert had a great throw to Frazier for the TD, perfect placement, Heinicke was a mess overall but we're probably not carrying 3 QBs, and I don't even remember who the 4th guy was.
  5. fieryprophet

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Bersin lost a lot of value here once Shula was fired, as he knew his offense extremely well and was often brought in to help get the other receivers up to speed. With Turner running things he would now be in the same boat as everyone else in re-learning the offense.
  6. To/too isn't the worst thing wrong with his writing, let's be honest
  7. For someone who is constantly typecast as immature, Cam often has the most mature and levelheaded responses to criticism.
  8. fieryprophet

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    I was on my way to Fan Fest but got stuck in thunderstorms and traffic in Raleigh, decided just do some stuff here and go home instead, this weather is just too dangerous to drive 8 hours round trip in, I have already passed 3 wrecks.
  9. fieryprophet

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    I see this copypasta everywhere with so many different celebrities described haha
  10. fieryprophet

    Jordan Rodrigue

    I'd like to point out again that Jordan didn't eff up the GNR reference, OP did :P
  11. fieryprophet

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    The ball being underthrown is a minor detail, that's just practice reps and getting a feel for Moore's speed. That stutter-step though? A bunch of NFC South cornerbacks just felt their sphincters tighten.
  12. fieryprophet

    Rocket League

    Like OldNorthPowell said, just lots of practice. The neat thing about this game is you can work on a lot of mechanics at once while you play without worrying too much about what you miss because mistakes happen at every level, so feel free to experiment and push yourself.
  13. fieryprophet

    Rocket League

    I put together a montage
  14. fieryprophet

    Rocket League

    What's everyone's rank? I just hit champ, startes grinding from silver this time last year, haha.
  15. fieryprophet

    Destiny 2

    I will check it out but Rocket League is still my bae.