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    Is it bad I've become so used to Cam's style of writing that I didn't have any issue reading his post? It was great, by the way, he definitely has come a long way and shame on anyone who puts him down for trying to inspire others by sharing his own struggles.
  2. Kelvin hasn't been getting bracketed in ages. Look at last game, the Bucs stuck a midget on him all alone. And while Cam and Kelvin may have been buddies, Cam didn't seem to get through to Kelvin to take his craft seriously. How many times has he shown up overweight? If this move frees Samuel to see the field more and let Funchess get more consistent targets than it may be a blessing in disguise.
  3. Kelvin TD...

    What I take away from this photo is that the Bucs video screen has almost no input lag whatsoever. That's pretty damn impressive on a technical level.
  4. Organizationally I doubt there's anyone who isn't tired of Joe Person's schtick at this point. The Observer needs to flat out hire better people, end of story.
  5. Haha, I love that he just basically pimp-slapped Joe Person for that idiotic question. Embrace the hate, Cam. About time someone started treating the sports media like the trash they are.
  6. Go waste the short hours of your useless, miserable life somewhere else.
  7. 35 carries for 37 yards

    If you can't run the ball when the other team knows it's a run, you don't have anyone to blame but yourself. It's not like teams are rarely in that position, it's fundamental football.
  8. I doubt the coaches expected the inside of our offensive line to get manhandled like they did tonight. These are among our best players, but they had a very bad night. We have also played some good defensive fronts back-to-back.
  9. Getting Kalil back will help, although Larsen wasn't the weakest link tonight. At some point we need to get a fullback involved again, these H-back sets may be flexible but sometimes you need to have someone out for blood and that's it. We really need to get more counter plays involved as well, we run strongside way too predictably.
  10. Get back to basics, we tend to get cutesy with all the motions and pulls, sometimes you need to put a hat on a hat and run downhill. That's just Football 101, if you can't do that then you don't have the right players on the field. Sadly, our best linemen let us down a lot tonight, just have to suck it up and come back and play better.
  11. PFF has gone down the drain since Collinsworth bought them.
  12. This game had all the trappings of a blowout with the offensive line (stfu, PFF) failing to stop a gentle breeze, but we battled back and just came up short. Cam's arm was dead after the pylon dive (stfu, refs) and making him throw 50 times with his shoulder being a well-known issue four days after a road game is simply not a recipe for success. Ultimately, the Eagles have an elite defense, but our offensive line overwhelmingly disappointed (looking at you, Trai) and Stewart had a bone-headed gaffe that gave the Eagles points right after the offensive line did the same earlier. Luckily, we have plenty of time to regroup and for Cam and Luke to heal up. Just need to get back to blocking fundamentals and the rest will sort itself out. So stop your Huddling, it's embarrassing.
  13. It's funny seeing so many people yelling for Cam to tell the offense to stop watching replays, when he does it himself a lot. I can understand why, you want real-time insight into what went right or wrong on a play, but yeah, they all need to get more coordinated at getting back to the huddle on time.
  14. Yeah, it was a great call too, we caught them in exactly the look we wanted and Cam threw a dime.
  15. Offensive line play has severely deteriorated in general over the last few seasons, there's not many upper tier units at all. They (being the college teams) just don't make them like they used to anymore.