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  1. That entire screed came off as certifiably insane. FBI? Proxies? Locksmith will not sell you anymore locks? That is classic paranoia.
  2. Congrats to Johnny Rockets

    I actually admire this Eagles squad, they fought hard through a lot of adversity. Their fans. . .well, some of them might be OK. . .maybe. . .
  3. Gettleman calls out Panthers draft strategy

    He's not calling out anybody, he's talking about what the talking heads were telling him to do when he was here. This is a non-issue.
  4. I love you motherfuggers

    You're alright, S4L. Your choice of fandom speaks of deeper, unresolved issues though ;)
  5. Agree? Disagree? Indifferent?

    We've been one of the top scoring teams at the end of halves, which combined with getting the ball first in the second half is a great opportunity. Whether the offense wastes it is besides the point, the point is the opportunities are there. I have been perfectly happy with our policy to defer.
  6. No one is going to mention that is an un-called illegal blindside block? What the hell is Silatolu supposed to do there? I mean, he had a shitty game, but that play isn't very emblematic of it.
  7. So how is the Panthers GM search going?

    There's no way a new GM will be hired before the ownership situation is sorted. New owners will want their own guy in place, it's that simple.
  8. Laugh all you want after this travesty of an effort but we're going to march into New Orleans and come out with the win. Resume your Huddling.
  9. Biggest problem on offense today...

    Cam played like ass but you are imagining separation, there has been almost none.
  10. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    And? That stills leaves the Charlotte MSA as double the size of Raleigh's. Hell, with all the talk of the Panthers moving away from Charlotte because of it being a "small market" how would Raleigh even compete?
  11. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    That would take it from around 450k to 775k. . .in 25 years. Charlotte right now is still 3.5 times larger than that future population point.
  12. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    Charlotte has a population almost 2 million more than Raleigh. They're not remotely comparable other than the fact they've both been growing.
  13. I hate the Saints but....

    That's extremely unprofessional. And hilarious.
  14. (Vince McMahon) If you can't beat them...

    He couldn't afford the Panthers, even as a minimum share owner. End of discussion.
  15. We're winning the Superbowl....

    I'm telling you, human beings are not monolithic. They look out for themselves first and foremost, and for many of them if JR treated them right they won't care how he treated someone else. Nothing racial to it, that's just how people are wired. It explains a lot about modern times as well. . .