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  1. Making a banner for training camp. "Remember Denver"

    Check their list of free agents, their cap situation, their QB situation, and the fact that there's almost no chance they replicate their historic defensive performance which allowed them to win many more close games than a typical team would.
  2. Unsubscribed from all of my sports-related feeds. Blocked a bunch of people on Facebook (granted I was really kinda looking for any reason to do so for some of them, lol.) Changed my radio and tv channels. Cleared my internet history. Thought about blocking the Huddle via my firewall but I can't seem to quit this place ;)
  3. Making a banner for training camp. "Remember Denver"

    Not really for me. Denver will be pretty much irrelevant next season. Their window slammed shut last night. The next few seasons need to be focused on finishing what we started, not lingering on enemies that will not be standing in our way come next season.
  4. Panthers homecoming video courtesy of Ed Dickson.

    This fanbase knows they have something special brewing.   Keep Pounding!
  5. The story of the game in GIF format

    That may have been the cleanest pocket he had all night.
  6.   Great read.
  7. Aqib Talib is a steaming pile of fecal matter. I hope he steps on a Lego every night for the rest of his days.
  8. Mike Remmers

    Remmers was a big reason we lost, but we asked more of him than he could give, and that's not his fault. He'll be a solid backup when DW takes his spot next season so no reason to crush the guy.
  9. Winning with grace

    Enjoy 6-10 next season, Denver.
  10. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    That core made it to the NFC title game just two years later, but the Fox-era playoff teams were always heavy on the veteran side of things. We went into every draft looking for pieces to replace guys who had fallen off. This Panthers squad has youth all over and cornerstone pieces other franchises would kill for.   I'm not saying we won't potentially regress badly, as this is the Not For Long league, after all, but within the framework of future potential we are in great shape if things pan out. That path to future success is much more than many other fanbases have right now.
  11. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    "We are now roughly halfway through this tenure's time here and have absolutely nothing to show for it. It's exhausting and this trope makes it even moreso "   Whose tenure are you referring to, then?
  12. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    I would be pissed if this team didn't understand they blew a prime opportunity. Now the question is whether they respond with a championship mindset or give up. If they give up, then they didn't deserve it in the first place. There's still some growing up left to do for this entire team, and that is a bright spot, but it's on them to fulfill that. I believe they can and will.
  13. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    Because those teams that run through coaches and GMs every few seasons win a lot of Super Bowls, huh?
  14. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    Because that QB isn't why we lost. If we hadn't blown our own feet off repeatedly this game wouldn't have been close, and that's before accounting for facing a once in a decade defense (which this Denver squad will eventually be remembered as.)
  15. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    People are upset but frankly I was more upset last season after the Seahawks game. Last year it was clear we needed more to contend with the bullies, this year we ran into a once in a generation type defense and frankly killed ourselves with mistakes. We won't be facing a defense like this again anytime soon and we have the capability to improve all around even more.