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  1. fieryprophet added a post in a topic This Corey Brown Hate-Fest Is Asinine   

    Let's just say I put faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more weight on the opinion of coaches and players on the team than I ever would in the opinions of anyone on the Huddle. You know, since their jobs actually depend on this person's performance and would be best inclined to know who gives them the best chance to win.
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  2. fieryprophet added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    This Corey Brown Hate-Fest Is Asinine
    I don't post much like I used to around here (thanks to obscene amounts of work) but reading the insane turnaround on the Huddle regarding Corey Brown has made my eyes hurt from rolling.
    Here are some simple facts:
    - His drops hurt his case, big-time. Such is life in pro football.
    - He's still a player and coach favorite.
    - He's going to get every opportunity to prove he can get past this issue with drops.
    - He's almost certainly going to get past them and be a key player now and in the future for us and any calls for his head are both premature and short-sighted.
    What gets continuously overlooked in the bitching about his drops is that he was open repeatedly and generally running excellent routes. That is far more of the battle than reeling the ball in, even Kelvin had his repeated issues with drops and yet we're all about to give up on the season without him. It is hilarious how so many chowderheads up here seem to imagine that removing one of the few receivers Cam has any familiarity with and trusts in key situations is somehow going to improve the team, particularly since there isn't any immediate upgrade available nor will one magically appear on the waiver wire since even the most talented player is going to need a lot of seasoning to acclimate to our offense and Cam's timing.
    Corey will be fine. We'll be better for it. Chill out.
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  3. fieryprophet added a post in a topic Hey Panther fans   

    Just wish we had the kind of depth your corps has. Randall Cobb would be a fine #1 on most teams.
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  4. fieryprophet added a post in a topic cam vs jake   

    Haha, long time. I haven't been video gaming anywhere near as much of late, got a lot more "real life" things to take care of these days :)
    And I will admit Destiny kinda burned me out when HoW dropped and I realized I would have to go through another leveling slog. . .
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  5. fieryprophet added a post in a topic cam vs jake   

    If I was a professional athlete I would never sign anything for anyone, period. Autographs are the dumbest thing ever and I have never asked for one despite meeting a number of celebrities.
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  6. fieryprophet added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    DJ Moore Signs 1 Year Deal w/ Panthers

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  7. fieryprophet added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Rivera Kicks Players Out Of OTAs
    . . .for working too much

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  8. fieryprophet added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Aaron Rodgers Discusses Cam Newton
    This video interview was done the week after the Carolina Panthers vs. Green Bay Packers. We already knew Rodgers was impressed after that game since he was quoted as such in the recaps, but he expounded on it a bit during a radio interview for ESPN Wisconsin later that week.

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  9. fieryprophet added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Pete Caroll: "Watch Out For Cam Newton & Panthers!"
    Sounds like one NFC rival coach is very impressed:


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  10. fieryprophet added a article in Carolina Panthers