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  1. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic todays practice tweets   

    Oh...and I am pretty sure he will also send you a Panther gift basket for being so concerned. You know he loves interacting with the fans.
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  2. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic todays practice tweets   


    I tell you what you need to do then. E-mail JR. Let him know that you feel, as a mere fan, you deserve to know the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. He is really good at answering fan mail. I am sure he will do everything in his power to answer your plea.
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  3. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic $20 mill in cap space next year AFTER Cam/Luke signed.   

    Concise and accurate. Defiantly the model Gman likes to follow. IF, and it is a small if, we lose a key/major player, then Gman may spend. But, if he continues to build as he has, there really should be no dire need to do so. Our roster is getting to the point where we really do have that next player.
    Continue to build and we won't need to spend on outside help. That is what we are, and that is how good teams do it. Folks just have to realize, we are being run by a Football Guy now. And that guy knows his stuff.
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  4. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Of the 30K Pats fans that will be in BofA tomorrow:   

    A). Too damm many.
    B). Too damm many.
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  5. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Moving away from the read-option   

    Ain't that the truth. Sadly, he does seem to get confused in the Red Zone. It's does get on my nerves as well. March down the field, hit the Red Zone, sputter and stall. Frustrating to be sure.
    Maybe we get lucky this year, and Cam will be in the no huddle calling his own plays. Sure, that's the ticket.
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  6. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Moving away from the read-option   

    Oh ye of little faith.
    I don't believe it to be a Coinky dinky that the quickest way to get Cam out of a funk is? What for it. That's right. It's to run the No Huddle. Everyone sees it. Everyone, hopefully, knows it. Now, let us not lose sight of the fact that Cam is fully capable of running his Offense through the huddle. But, those times when he needs a little giddy upper. Just pull out the ol' No Huddle and away we go.
    Cam still runs those Read Options. He also doesn't "Run" with the ball very often. By that I mean to tell ya. If the run is there, he gives it up. If the run ain't there, Cam looks to pass. Yuppers. It's twue. It's twue. Look for the quick hitter, or take a step back and go through your progressions. Oh, he Will look to run, but only if it's wide open, and only when we need a spark. But if you watch him, you just may notice, he doesn't "Run" as much as your memory told you.

    Pretty much what we do. Power run, with a sprinkling of the Read Option. Play action works well for us because we can do both. LBers have to wait that little bit, which is all you can ask for.
    My only real complaint about Shula is his, for lack of a better phrase, lack of use of the crossing route. Especially off play action. We seem to have enough speed in Ginn Jr. and Corey. Throw in Byrd, Boykin, or Todman. Hellz, even Stewy is quick enough to utilize it. Get your quick guys on the crossing routes, and watch Olsen have a career year. Nothing a LBer hates more than worrying about some snaky little WR sneaking through his hole. Get him worried over that, and he forgets about Greg for just a little too long.
    Oh well. Maybe dreams do come true.

    Absofuginglutely. Throw in the option to pass. That my friend could be a nightmare to prepare for.
    I love the way Cam runs the Read Option. Now. He has just gotten better at knowing when his lane is closed. He seems to be giving the ball up at lot more, instead of trying to make something out of nothing. Especially now that they pass out of it. Cam just seems so much more comfortable. Until he gets that urge. Sometimes he just feels he has to take over. Those are the times he keeps it too much. And those moments are best left for Cam. Cuz that's where he shines.
    Kinda got carried away. Oops. But yea, the Read Option is the Red Zone should be a staple.
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  7. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    No, and no. One, it should be "Realistic" if we game plan, and they don't, that we should whoop that azz. Two, if the opposing team ain't up to our level, and we whoop that azz, that ain't our fault.

    To add to your oh so solid point. I am of the mind that evaluation during Pre Season is the top priority. With an eye out to prepping for the real season. Which is why I advocate that the first two games should be exclusively for the back-ups. Then use the third game as a warm-up, with starters only playing three or four series. Then go full out in that last game with the starters going into the second half.
    This gives you two and a half games to get a good look at the kids. Which allows you to make a quick, but informed, decision on who you want to go with. You can then finish the Pre Season working with the guys you are going to go to war with, so you aren't wasting time and energy on guys who aren't going to be around anywho.
    Just a thought I have had floating around. Your post gave me push I needed to get it out there.

    If they don't take us seriously. They deserve to get their azz whooped.
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  8. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Lee Ward / Artis Payne Combo   

    Yeah, I am not saying move them to the top of the charts. Not by any stretch. But, we saw enough last night for guys like Cox and Wegher to move up the charts. You need to see if it was the competition that made them look good. Or can they still look good against better competition.
    Cox especially. He was the only  D-lineman that got good pressure, and he did it almost from his first snap. Now, I didn't see him do much against the run. But that could be I hadn't noticed him until he started getting pressure on the QB.
    I just like that guys that are playing in the later part of the game still have made an impression. To me that warrants getting more reps. Let's see if it WAS just one game. Or is it sustainable? It is hard enough to make this team as it is. But let's not overlook these kids out of hand.
    Two more Preseason games left for these kids. Let them play. Let's get some good tape. Then make an informed opinion.
    tl/dr version. Some of these kids are going to be hard to let go. And that hasn't been said around here for quite some time. Yea!!!
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  9. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Lee Ward / Artis Payne Combo   

    To me, what it showed was that CAP, Wegher, and especially Cox, did enough to warrant a look earlier in the game. They earned a chance to go against better competition. Then we can see if they can still do what they did. Or was it really the competition? Cox especially had four plays in a row that pretty much sealed the win. That warrants a bump in playing time.
    Or I could just be dreaming. Nah, I liked what I saw. Now let's see if they can repeat it.
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  10. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Caption Contest - Cam Newton   

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  11. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Extremely excited about the running back depth this year   

    I agree with Igo on this one. Back in the day Defenses were beefed up to stop teams running on them. So Offenses got quicker and threw on them. Now, most Ds are built to stop the pass. All lean and quick, with no meat on the bones. Now is the perfect time to unleash a beastly O-line and pound those smaller Ds. Force them into making adjustments to stop our running attack. Once that happens, the passing game could take off.
    With our WRs, if we force teams to respect the run, only good things can happen. Tire the D out, force them to adjust, and we can be effective without having to be unconventional. Shula ball can work with what we do against Ds that are not geared to stop it.
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  12. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    OK, I'll bite. Who's this?
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  13. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    Especially since they had video of him being an idiot almost two years ago. They had ample evidence this guy was as goofy as anyone can be. That said, yea, Loomis at his best. Again.
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  14. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    23MIL in guarantees less than a year ago. That is a huge chunk of change they have to eat.
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  15. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic More Russell Wilson contract "news"-Summary:It's great to be a Panther fan   

    "So then God says. If you cut a hole in your pocket, you can touch yourself and no one needs to know. I ain't taken my hands out of my pockets going on two years now. Man, God is the best."
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