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  1. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    WTF??? No gif? You getting lazy? Sheesh, there is a certain standard I expect up in here. Don't let me down son.
  2. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I got my first riding mower the other day. So yesterday was spent doing yard work. Man, it's amazing when you don't have to expend all that energy walking behind a mower, how much energy you have to actually finish the job. When I got done mowing and trimming, I almost got the clippers out. Luckily, I came to my senses first. I hate yard work. Oh, and man, I hope these two CBs can play, cuz we could use the help. I trust Gman's evaluation skills, so I am hopeful they can be in the rotation by the time the playoffs come around. Bene', and Boykin are quality starters. But boy it's hard to convince yourself we have much more than that back there. Hellz, we play a poo ton of zone, if these kids can pick it up. Why Not? We do have a fine bunch of coaches. If they have the talent. We can coach them up. I tell ya what.

    Rivera sure looked happy while shaking the Gman's hand. Butler is a beast of a man. Athletic, strong, great stamina, long arms with huge strong hands. This kid is going to help us.
  4. 5th year option importance?

    There is also the possibility that if you know you want to keep the player. You can always use the time the 5th year gives you to work out a long term deal. Ala Cam and Luke. And of course if you find you don't want the player, obviously, you won't use the 5th year option. All it really does is keep those good/great players from getting to their 2nd contract as early as other round guys. But yeah, lots of variables in play.
  5. Peanut wants to play one more year

    If it works for everyone involved. I got no problem with it. Like has been said. Let's get the guy a ring.
  6. ESPN vs. NFL Network

    I watch one until they go to commercial, then I switch to the other until they go to commercial. If they are both in commercial, I watch Big Bang. Oh, and of course I am pretty much glued to teh Huddle. Well, at least I will be if I get my chores done in time.
  7. The only time I ever did that, I spent the night in jail. How come when I do it, I get treated like a pedophile? But when Cam does it, he is just a big kid? Double standard in real life.
  8. Papa Johns Activates Panthers20

    Things I've only done once. Told the wife she might look better if she would lose a few pounds. Lip off at my dad. Lie to a judge. Teach my nephew how to jump off the porch roof into the pool. And eat a papa john pizza.

    I had totally forgot about that. Kinda like my childhood, I guess I blocked it out. I do however, miss neg rep. Nothing slows a bad troll like neg rep. Of course some people were neg reps whores as well. It was just a bad circle of crap. But then again, back in the day there was not twatter, and texting was something other folks did. Is it bad I kinda miss those kinder, gentler, days?
  10. SPOILING PICKS = BAN HAMMER $@^$%@*^&%

    You have to post first if you want that precious pie. To me, that is the biggest difference between now, and when I joined years ago. A whole lot of folks live for that pie. You ain't got that zing, if you ain't got that pie.
  11. Your final predictions (#30)

    I have a crush on that one guy. But if he ain't there, I really would like that other guy. If all else fails, just grab that kid from that school. But I ain't holding my breath.
  12. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    @LinvilleGorge You were just chomping at the bit waiting, for someone to quote you so you could go off on DWill. Admit it. You posted 3 times telling folks how silly this thread is. Why? Just to bad mouth him? Why does it bother folks when there is a thread they don't care about? Why must they enter said thread, and tell other folks how silly they are for even being in said thread? Is there some sort of need to feel superior? I am better than you cuz I think this thread is goofy? Always amazes me when folks do that.
  13. Now, now. There ARE all sorts of fans that can't get enough football. My nephew for example. He watches A LOT stuff like that. Yet he still calls me sporadically for me to explain things. Sure you can watch and listen to tapes and things. Does not mean you understand it. My brother in law is a junkie as well. But he is such a dip wad, nobody wants to ask him any questions. He makes you sound like a total idiot while he explains it to you. Which is why his own son, my nephew, calls me. I may not be the brightest, but I have a knack of cutting to the chase. I understand your apprehension. But there are two things that go into that 1st round thingy. 1st, you do get that 5th year option. That is a big deal if you get a very good player. You have that extra year to work out a deal you can both live with. You draft to get talent. And that 5th year option is just another way to help you retain that talent. Sure you can lose out on those guys. Some outprice themselves. But if you play the game properly, and treat them right, like Stah, you have a good chance of keeping them. 2nd, The higher you draft, the better chance you have of getting a star. And isn't that what is important? Sure you can get a star in the later rounds, but that isn't as easy as it seems. Theoretically, the higher you pick, the better your odds of picking a star.
  14. Sideswiped

    Gman has to think years ahead. Sure we could have gotten by with Josh on a 14mil 1 year deal. But with the amount of players with contracts coming due, that money will go a long way to keeping more of them. We may not need any more money THIS year. But in the next few years we have to signa plethora ofplayers to pretty big deals. KK--Stah--Trai--Norwell--KB--Shaq-- These guys are going to get good money. Some more than others, but they are all going to need toget paid. Then you have Fun Fun--Ealy--maybe Bene'--Coleman--Boykin--These guys could grow into the "Need to keep" category. By the time you get done dealing with all these guys. It is time to start all over again. Cuz in 4-5 years, we are going to have a whole new crop of guys who will be needing to get paid. Even with the 14mil we got from Josh. It is going to be really tough to even keep all these guys. So losing a guy here and there just may be a possibility.
  15. I was headed that way for a while there. Then BAM. Oh well maybe next time.