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  1. Michelob Ultra

    Aw shucks man. I am truly honored. However, I don't actually live in North Carolina. I ain't sure, but, that just might be a deal breaker. Although I might would be amendable to being some sort of Advisor if that could help. That said. I am pretty sure that South Carolina would fall apart were I to relocate. Not sure I could take that chance. Soooo, I guess I need to respectfully decline your very gracious offer.
  2. Michelob Ultra

    Here's a Martini recipe for ya. Put a drop of Vermouth in the glass. Put four ice-cubes in your tumbler. Add about 4 ounces of your favorite Gin, and 2 lemon peels to the ice. Swirl around for 3, or 4, seconds to chill, and pour into the glass. You will still taste the Gin, but the Vermouth, and Lemon, will add a good counter balance to the Gin. Smoooooth as silk. My own personal recipe for you Gin drinkers. Up to a certain point, he can. But...you can't be a proper man, and endorse another man drinking a Grass-Hopper, or a Lite/Light beer. At some point in time, you just must take a stand. Real men do not put additives to their Whiskey. Nor do they drink a beer made mostly with water. It's just a rule. These rules are hard and fast. If you don't know them???? If you feel the need to "Liven" up your alcohol, you neeeeeed to reassess you alcohol choses. Real Alcohol, like Real Beer, is meant to, pretty much, be enjoyed, right out of the bottle. Lastly, and most importantly, I do not mean to denigrate those who prefer the taste of all those "Artisan" Beers. The folks that produce those beverages do mean to do their best. But...imitation is the finest form of flattery. Because a true Pilsner is the only true beer. A real "fake" man would not make his drink green. He would go with the Whiskey Sour. That way he looks like he is still drinking a real Whiskey drink. It just comes in a funny looking glass. You can always dump the umbrella, and fruity garnish. IF your drink looks like it came from Victoria Secrets showing. You may need to reassess your drink choices. C'mon man...The only true beer is a Pilsner. EVERYTHING else has additives. Something to alter the taste. Man, I love this Multi-Quote function.
  3. Michelob Ultra

    I used to chug a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill at parties. After I threw up, I was good to go the rest of the night. Nowadays, if I am going to drink, I put my Bud's in a cooler and cover them with ice. Love my iced cold Bud's. Plus the wife likes the way it smells when I kiss her. Win-win for me. The German's make a great beer as well. But damm, you have to search to find it anymore. I no longer have the inclination to search for beer. At my age, I have more important things to do. Well, important may not be the most apropos word, but it will suffice. On a side note. The wife bought me a pair of Khakis' today. They come up over my navel. I now have 2 things in common with the Gman. Our age, and how we wear out pants.
  4. Bonnet and McGee gone

    Good Tackles are like good QBs. There just are not to go around. If you think that we can just stockpile them... Sure I would love to have 4 good/decent OTs, but I also am realistic enough to know that EVERY team would love to be in that position. And damm, it ain't happening anywhere else, but we should be the one team that can do it? C'mon men.
  5. Darren Sproles??

    Ah the shiny new toy fascination. Well, in this case it's more the used to be shiny old toy. If Sproles were 5 years younger, I might could get behind this idea. But at this point in time...It is just a silly idea. Not many teams are going to trade for a 33 year old scat back. Especially considering he probably is more or less a scoot back now.
  6. Comfortable with running backs?

    But...compared to zero, that is too many. Fans just expect the players to be perfect. Is that too much to ask? Personally, I thought Cap played well in his limited action. I am comfortable waiting to see if there is growth over off-season. If there is, we are the better for it. If there isn't, darn it to heck why not?
  7. "Mucas" is back!

    I get what you are saying, but there are two things you kinda gloss over. 1) We do run a bunch of 2 TE sets. The problem is, 1 of those TEs is Dickson. He isn't much of a blocker, and is worse as a pass catcher. So upgrading him would allow us to still run our 2 TE sets, but we'd have 2 TEs that could actually catch. But as you said, with our WR corp, looking good, we may just move toward more 3-4 WR sets. All I know is that if we can actually find a 2nd TE that can block as well as catch, Cam will have more weapons that ever. 2) We run the ball as much, if not more, than anyone else. So we do need that 2nd TE to block. Even though Dickson wasn't the best at it, he was still pretty much the best we could do. With Simonson having a full year of experience, as well as a full off season, maybe he can supplant Dickson. With all the TEs we have, it seems like the team is hoping to move in that direction as well. One way or another. We are a very good team, and we are still improving. Man that sounds good to say.
  8. "Mucas" is back!

    Now don't take this as holy writ, but, we are not really the type of team that is going to change much of what we do. We are going to do what we do, and it is up to you to stop us. We do mix up our sets, and run multiple plays from each set. So we are not really that easy to predict. We can run or pass from most of our sets. Which means we are rather diverse without having to go all tricky on you. The main reason we lost that SuperB owl, IMO, was the couple of plays Miller made over Remmers. No strip sack TD and the game could change. No strip sack fumble, and the game could change. Add in the Cotch non catch, and the game could have been different. Denver saying they knew what we were doing really doesn't mean much. Because, as I said, we pretty much do what we are going to do. And we were pretty darn effective doing so. Well, outside of the atl and SB games that is. I would also expect us to pretty much run the same Offense again this year. If you can stop it, and our MVP QB, more power to you. But we are betting you are going to fail, and we are going to succeed.
  9. He Tebowed it. Took a really good team, with a great D and still couldn't win it all. But hey, if you are going to hang your hat on it. Go for it. That Jets team with even a decent QB, could have been a contender. Oh what could have been.
  10. Panthers Release Boykin

    You have to be one pretentious SOB to say; "I didn't read it, but I have an opinion anyway". But you sir, fit the bill. Just think of the good you could do if you used your superior intellect for good instead of being an insufferable dweeb. My God man, you could solve world hunger. Well, actually, he WAS at Rookie Camp. He may have not been there in its entirety. But he did make an appearance, But hey, let's use a false statement to make our points now. Seems fair to me. I mean, it's not like he doesn't have access to the coaches and such. We all know he doesn't take the coaches impressions into account when making decisions. Anyone that has a clue knows that Gman would not make this decision without the blessing of Ron. The two of them are damm near joined at the hip. The only way this cut happens is if Ron can live with it. Us fans may never know what the real reason may be, but Gman did not make this cut unilaterally.
  11. Panthers Release Boykin

    If you truly believe that a Gman would draft a player without consulting Rivera, you are sorely mistaken. Gman and Rivera have offices right down the hall from each other. They talk damm near daily. They have the same philosophy on team building, and chemistry. There is no way in Hell that Gman drafts anyone that Rivera wouldn't want on his team. C;mon man.
  12. Cam Newton's Car

    I used to do tune ups in my parents garage. Back when an Allen wrench and a Phillips head was all you needed. Did it all by feel, and touch. Those were the days. I still have a 73 Monte Carlo cuz it is soooo easy to play with. My best friend had a 72 Charger 442. That thing had a passing gear at 110. It was still picking up speed at 140. Never gone that fast in my life. I had a Mustang GT at the time and thought I was bad. Nowadays you need an engineering degree to even change the damm oil. Sucks for us backyard mechanics.
  13. Panthers Rookie Camp Wrapup

    First off, I pied you because you had 9 pies and mine made a whole pie. Nothing like having a whole pie. Second, great answer. Garrett may indeed have a shot at making the active roster, but it is a long one. Bersin though, has probably no shot. He is great for what he gives you, but we need more than that. KB can be both a possession, and a deep threat. Funch has shown he can do more than we thought. Ginn Jr. can do what he does. Philly, if he could stay healthy, is quality depth. If Garrett is for real, he may be that last WR. With Byrd, and Hill, fighting to prove they belong. So...We have the first year of true competition at WR. There truly is talent fighting for roster spots. Something folks have been clamoring for for years. Too bad for Bersin. He truly could be a quality WR...He can do everything you want out of a WR. Except for that pesky lack of speed thingy. When you have 2 WRs he could be your 3rd. But when you have 4 or 5 fighting for a spot, he is basically outside looking in. Really hate losing a guy who knows the game so well. But sometimes, that is just how it goes. Really could be interesting to see if he could be a coach, cuz he truly does understand the WR position. It does surprise me how many WRs don't understand the position. Getting by on athletic ability alone can only get you so far. Guys like Bersin who acutally understand that position, get left in the wake. tl/dr version: We had the #1 Offense last year. No reason to think it won't be as lethal this year. Makes one giddy for the possibilities.
  14. The Carolina Panthers player of the day is....

    Hey, fans need to get into a rhythm too. If you don't practice complaining, how you gon get good at it?
  15. Technically, every team in the South plays the same schedule. We play each other twice. We play the NFC East, and the AFC West, which is 14 games. The other 2 games you play a team that was in the same position as you. We play 1st place teams. Atl plays 2nd place teams, NO plays 3rd, and Tampa plays the last place teams. Not much of a difference in total. But it is what it is.