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  1. Huddlers on YouTube

    Thanks for the info guys.
  2. Huddlers on YouTube

    Just wanted to see if any huddlers have there own YouTube channel.
  3. Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. Let's all get in.
  4. Deangelo Williams throwing shade at Gettleman...

    Does Williams ever stop taking shots at people or organizations?Know when to shut your mouth. Stay off the internet.
  5. Armanti Edwards....

    When I saw that Jeremy Igo started the thread I was worried he had some first hand info that we were bringing him back to camp.
  6. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    Does this mean Snoop Doggdoesn't care about HB2?
  7. Greensboro Coliseum estimates $100k net revenue loss after Springsteen cancels show over HB2 The hits keep on coming for North Carolina.

    Well there goes my bracket.
  9. Off topic: Join the Huddle NCAA Bracket Challenge!

    Thanks I needed a good laugh!
  10. What is this poo?

    What is this poo? Its called BS!
  11. Weddle To Make Decision This Weekend

    Weddle come on down and play for one of the best defenses in the NFL!
  12. Yeti Cups...get you one

    You can buy a lot of ice for $350.
  13. Selling a house

    A storage unit would be your best bet.
  14. God Damn theirs a lot of pent up Cam hate

    It amazes me how people let the GD fly!
  15. Who Is Your Super Bowl MVP Preidction?

    My vote is Ted Ginn! Td catch and punt return for Td