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  1. Already two bans....

  2. Already two bans....

    that's fine u won't hurt my feelings. Ban lol like I really care
  3. Already two bans....

    Thank u
  4. Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

    Well it looks like Nick's is visiting SF
  5. Alan Ball signs with Bears

    Nicks would have been a lot better than cotchery
  6. Alan Ball signs with Bears

    No it was only a year. Gettlemagic woo!!
  7. Alan Ball signs with Bears

    Gettleman- hey Greg we would love to have ya here is what we are offering. Greg- wow that's pretty close to what I was asking. Gettleman- great but I think u should go to the dolphins they need u more than us.
  8. Alan Ball signs with Bears

    No u mean Jennings will be signing with someone else too.
  9. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Really cotchery is garbage. I'm tired of people saying we can get by with him. He cost us two games last year. And in the game against seahawks in the playoffs he could not catch a wide open 3 yd catch that would have gave us a first down to keep the drive going. Please Jennings is a major upgrade compared to him. Plus Jennings since he had been with the vikings had ponder, Cassel and Bridgewater. Enough said!
  10. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    I have not heard that. But I'm tired of waiting lol
  11. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    So it looks like its down to panthers, dolphins, jags or packers. That's the ones I have heard of so far.
  12. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Jeremy igo u heard anymore on Greg jennings
  13. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Who listens to Person lmao!!!!
  14. Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

    Yeah the story keeps changing. U can't believe nothing anymore. lol