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  1. thank you for your contribution. you just may have earned your way into the thread title.
  2. What is your opinion of Trump's insensitivity to the soldier's widow?

    yeah trump's a dumbass. big deal. let's focus on what's really important here. r.i.p. to the brave troop who died defending our freedom in *squints* ...niger?
  3. the first round pick was entirely unwarranted and stops in philadelphia, new york and new england were undeserved. and don't forget how a team from an entirely different sport handed him a job just to profit off of his stupid fan base. i give him props for living with an obvious mental disability but lol come on now ain't no damn body colluding against him.
  4. i would never stop laughing if tëbow claimed collusion after being handed unearned job after unearned job
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    does anyone else just not give a poo about this conversation? lattimore may be good or w/e but the window is closed for the saints and brees will be on another team next year. take it back to saintsreport.com and enjoy the coming 5 years as the nfc's browns imo.
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    i wish the bucs had fans so i could poo talk one of them right now
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    falcons miss shanahan. really should be 2-3 or even 1-4 at this point.
  8. it's probably true. freeman is one of the few reporters who has spoken with kaepernick. most of the others are just regurgitating FO talking points to protect their precious access.
  9. get ready for some more extremely stupid takes from the type of people who think blaine gabbert is better than kaepernick because....
  10. Game etiquette

    i sit unless the people in front of me stand. i know sometimes people can have disabilities that aren't readily apparent and i try to respect that. i stand up when the people in front of me stand up because i'm not going to play seating cop. i've had people try to start poo with me over it but it pretty much just amounts to "you should stare at someone's back so i don't have to" so good luck trying to get the rest of the section on your side with that one. if the whole section standing up is a problem then use that stadium snitch-line they advertise imo