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  1. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    if deregulation of telecoms sparks a revolution when systemic racism, massive disparities in wealth and the horrors of the US healthcare industry didn't then i can't imagine i would find the politics of the so-called revolutionaries particularly palatable. im picturing a gamergate dictatorship here
  2. i know i gave you a hard time over your mario fanfiction but honestly you're going to have a much better time in college if you make video games your identity instead of being that college republican who ruins every history, biology and philosophy class (really every class but those three stick out to me from my own experiences)
  3. the rest of your teens and beyond are going to be extremely unsatisfying for you if you don't shed the 4chan nazi poo. there's still time.
  4. so did you ever escape the bean-bean kingdom or what?
  5. e-cat collaborators are worse than nazi collaborators imo
  6. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    i sincerely hope not
  7. kid rock is seriously a great comp for e-cat. maybe not in style since e-cat raps like the only rap albums he's ever listened to end-to-end are eminem albums. but they are equals as far as vultures go.
  8. there are plenty of ugly people on this website who don't get bullied for it. would you like to know why that is? it's because they're not giant pieces of poo. you want to monetize a culture that you have no respect for. you're not being made fun of simply because you're ugly as poo. you're being made fun of because you're ugly as poo on the inside.
  9. ah yes you were actually just trolling us all along! pretty much everyone resorts to this in the end. you're not the puppetmaster here, friend. perhaps the muppetmaster bc you look like a muppet
  10. can't wait to hear you rap about getting bullied by a person named GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER
  11. his timing is criminally bad. like he's definitely covering a song he's heard like twice before. still better than e-cat though
  12. *whispers* "happy christmas everybody" *wink*
  13. that cover was b-b-b-b-b-bad e: lol at about 4:30 there's a cut in the video right in the middle of his pentatonic bullshit and i wonder how many takes he had to do to make it look smooth