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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    hey i wasn't paying attention to the show in detroit did big sean really say all of that or is this just standard old man rage over (c)rap (get it? heh) being played instead of dad rock? 
  2. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    it's luke bryan so, to answer your question, yes it will definitely be pure poo intended for the lowest common denominator
  3. i used to make the same argument re: pay but the problem appears to be less the applicant pool and more the state's intended function of the police. sure the state gets what it pays for but it also pays for what it gets imo. why pay good money for a force to terrorize the poor and minorities when you can pay poo wages for a force to terrorize the poor and minorities just as well, if not better?
  4. yeah i mean if we removed all of the let's say "questionable" police homicides that occur in chicago well then would we even have any left? i think not   i would be interested in rate stats by state and hell city but good luck finding reliable data on police homicides lol. i mean how would we have categorized this one before the video came out? a good shoot/clean kill?
  5. What Really Pisses ISIS Off

    gonna have to side with isis on this one
  6. idk seemed like you were attempting to link police bloodlust with chicago politics, beyond the obvious links that are of course common in cities throughout the US. this could have happened anywhere, with the same brazen cover-up, and the same shameful pillow soft media coverage in the aftermath.
  7. any cop involved with this should face accessory to murder imo
  8. idk if "dang corrupt chicago demmycrats" is a winning argument here but hey w/e you do you
  9. so im assuming this happened very recently. can't imagine it would take very long for them to release the video and charge this fine pork product bad apple with murder. when did this happen, last night?
  10. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    oh look aj klein and colin jones, two scrappy gritty gym rats who actually fuging suck. come back soon peanut and never leave luke
  11. Syrian refugees

    psst hey pstall you're still whining about millennials in a thread about syrian refugees. lmao you can't come to terms with your own mortality and lash out at young people at every single opportunity hahaha even in threads pertaining to the victims of a violent civil war thousands of miles away hahahaha
  12. Syrian refugees

    christ clearly lacking the understanding of the bible. in ukraine bible, christ say no such thing
  13. Syrian refugees

    yeah he sure nailed it. everyone knows that college campuses drive policy. sort of like how everyone knows that national registries and otherwise unconstitutional laws limiting the free expression of religion are best practices for dealing with religious extremism. just don't actually try to prove those things of course, you might hurt yourselves. what's more believable? that posters like pstall and yourself keep "hitting the spot"? or that yall are just really, really dumb and therefore extremely easy targets in a post-effort post GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER world? 
  14. Syrian refugees

    you are such a bitter old man and i for one appreciate the fact that aging has brought you so much pain. go back to the yahoo news comments where your whinging about millennials is appreciated
  15. Mass shootings, explosions in Paris... Dozens killed

    im gonna be honest king, i thought your weird post about cam's dancing over in the main forum read like a suicide note. i am glad you didn't kill yourself but i'm sad that your posts live on