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  1. before arsen comes in here trying to say it's photoshopped i would like to inform everyone that i am wearing that exact shirt right now
  2. "white zionist" richard spencer praises israel

    there's not really a middle given the immense power disparity between israel and hamas. palestinians in gaza aren't caught in the middle between hamas and israel, they are just forced to live under brutal conditions and the constant threat of death for the crime of existing. talk of human shields is disingenuous given the population density of and restrictions placed on gaza. there's a difference between actually using innocent people as human shields and resisting in an area that is filled with people your opponent would like to see dead or removed anyway. israel doesn't attack hamas; israel attacks palestinians. israel doesn't punish hamas; israel collectively punishes palestinians. israel is a nuclear power with the full support of the US but chooses to use bombs and white phosphorus on civilians while treating the deaths of individual IDF as great tragedies. this is because one idf troop is worth more than all palestinians and the "threat" posed by hamas is not seen as legitimate. tiny losses are horrifying to israel because losses are wholly unexpected. this is about cleansing, not battle, after all.
  3. "white zionist" richard spencer praises israel

    https://www.haaretz.com/amp/us-news/.premium-1.818342 nazis admire what israel has done to palestinians
  4. "white zionist" richard spencer praises israel

  5. "white zionist" richard spencer praises israel

    whether you support hamas or not orgs like that are an inevitability in open air prisons imo. end the apartheid state and take away power from the revolutionary opposition. problem is, israel doesn't care to defeat hamas. the existence of hamas allows israel to excuse it's crimes to residents of foreign powers who are more concerned about scary muslims. israel's policies re: gaza only serve to further radicalize it's inhabitants, and that's by design. you can get away with a shitload internationally, but you must maintain some level of deniability. you can't load up all of the palestinians on trains and send them to gas chambers. you can however forcefully remove them from their property, herd them into an open air prison, deny them basic necessities, and collectively punish them when some resist, all under the guise of "self defense" nazis like spencer admire israel because they would like to adopt israel's palatable-to-the-west style of ethnic cleansing
  6. Something ugly happened in Niger

    oil and minerals. "war on terror" is the official line re: involvement in africa but western intervention in africa has always been about securing the continent's valuable resources both for individual profit and to deny the opportunity to further colonize the continent to other imperialist powers. instability is good because then the US can sell a more traditional war and replacement of government with a US-friendly puppet government but make no mistake: we have fueled war and general unrest throughout the continent for years. proxy war was one of the hallmarks of the obama presidency. liberal politicians love that poo.
  7. Trump's Red Line

    https://www.telesurtv.net/english/amp/english/news/State-Dep.-Admits-Opposition-in-Syria-Has-Chemical-Weapons-20171020-0006.html said from the very beginning that the chemical attack in idlib alleged to have been carried out by the syrian government didn't add up. now the US has finally admitted in a recent travel advisory that, yes, the ~moderate rebels~ do in fact possess chemical weapons. won't change anything of course but i never miss an opportunity to rub it in the face of a dipshit like davidson deac. https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings/syria-travel-warning.html
  8. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    hey @Mr. Scot it's cool that you had a black friend who played football with you. do you have your buddy nolan nawrocki's scouting report on him? im curious to hear how mr nawrocki thinks your friend's skull shape might have impeded his success on the field.
  9. The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).

    i wont agree or disagree here because i don't really care to debate this point. i will say that imo it's a good thing for politicians to "take off the hood", if you have any hope of fighting what they represent. it forces the issue. for example, i believe it's better that steve bannon found his way into the white house with an official title and everything rather than just being a shadowy character in a dimly lit room doing the exact same thing but in a way that isn't public. push it to the forefront and learn who you can trust and who your enemies are imo.
  10. The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).

    yeah trump is as american as apple pie and the people who pretend he's some alien entity separate from the traditional political process are setting this country up for something much worse once he's out of office. it's p scary tbh.
  11. The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).

    yeah white nationalism is definitely a thing that hasn't been reflected in american domestic and foreign policy since its inception that's funny because the republican base is fueled by spite. what, you think millions voted for shitheads like gwb and reagan because of tort reform or the estate tax or w/e? yes this is 100% correct. those things never mattered because trump voters are spiteful assholes who will reliably vote for whoever they think will make things harder for non-white, non-christian people. this isn't a new thing though. it doesn't represent any kind of shift in the political process whatsoever. do you think it was just a happy little coincidence that ronald reagan launched is campaign in 1980 just 7 miles from philadelphia, ms with a speech on "states rights"? the republican party is the party of overt white supremacy (the democratic party is the good cop to the republican bad cop and is by no means innocent here) ah yes the "wealthy, powerful white guy with an ivy league education, toxic political views, unfathomable connections and a history of exploitation and abuse" is quite the departure from prior presidents, isn't it? bush lied about iraq (among other things) and played a direct role in the death and suffering of millions. clinton lied about al-shifa (among other things). obama armed terrorists under the guise of "supporting moderate rebels" for "democracy (and also beheading innocent people)" lying has long been normal and accepted. it annoys me to see liberals throw fits about trump's lies while gwb has yet to face charges for war crimes. liberals don't really seem to give a poo about the consequences of lies. they seem to care about the perceived political value that pointing out a lie can have (there's no value. trump voters do not give a poo. not even the trump voters here in the tinderbox who pretend to be appalled by his behavior or would have you believe that they actually voted for someone else or left the ballot blank. they do not give a poo about lying because they never gave a poo about it. they want to win and they want others to suffer. nothing else and nothing new) yeah it was trump who did that. he invented distrusting the media. he didn't merely ride the "don't believe the msm lamestream media!!!" wave. sure thing. what's funny is every now and then someone posts a topic asking what media sources people check daily or w/e. pretty much everyone without exception has a list of either nothing but independent or otherwise "not mainstream" sources OR a collection of trash like the wall street journal, the economist, and the new york times to "get all sides of the story" BECAUSE no one fugin trusts the media for good and bad reasons. whether it's because you know the media lied to you about iraq and virtually every other intervention in the history of this shitty country or because you think the news is owned by the (((globalist NWO))) and plans to turn your kids into gay communists the common thread is that you do not trust the media. and you most certainly shouldn't. i think your post got cut off right at the point where you were going to talk about what's new or worse here. honestly the biggest difference with trump in my estimation is that we elected the wealthy predator rather than electing the "presidential" suit owned by the wealthy predator. we skipped the middle man. instead of giving the elite creep with absurd leverage a direct line to the white house, we just went ahead and put him in the oval office. the worst things of actual substance you can point to regarding his actual presidency are actually things that are right at home in washington and would be no different under president kasich or president cruz or president clinton.
  12. http://www.theroot.com/la-sheriff-furious-at-new-laws-allowing-for-release-of-1819395204
  13. http://fair.org/home/conspiracies-pushed-by-atlantics-editor-excluded-from-atlantics-denunciation-of-conspiracy-theories/
  14. The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).

    the protests in the lead up were massive yeah that's never happened before. and definitely not with gwb. he won the presidency in 2000 fairly and, most importantly, democratically.
  15. The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).

    if trump gets millions killed for illegal or avoidable reasons then he will enter the *discussion* with gwb. point is trump isn't, to this point, an exceptionally bad president relative to his predecessors. he's not an outlier, he's not some special case. he's a republican president. he's taking advice from the same creeps who have haunted washington for decades. if he were to be removed from office the only thing that would improve in the white house is the tone and ~respectability~ or, in other words, nothing that actually matters
  16. http://www.slate.com/articles/sports/sports_nut/2017/08/kaepernick_isn_t_getting_blackballed_nfl_execs_say_they_re_just_racist.html
  17. thank you for your contribution. you just may have earned your way into the thread title.