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  1. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    sounds like that weird fedora-clad lurker who signed up just to be mad at me tbh
  2. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    so who was the guy cam juked the life out of at the beginning of this run?
  3. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    and so it begins
  4. you're gonna mess around and get this thread moved to the tinderbox. what's funny though is if you hadn't pushed back and instead just let that post stand it wouldn't be in any danger of getting moved. what you're doing here is "political" but only what you're doing, or so it would seem.
  5. Good Game Panthers

    what, you dont like hearing opposing fans cry about the refs (who flagged them for 2 whole penalties all game!) after years of seeing the refs let defenses attempt literal murder on the field any chance they got against cam?
  6. Good Game Panthers

    i remember a couple opi's that went uncalled. and tbh that pass interference they called should have been offsetting penalties because they definitely interfered with each other.
  7. Good Game Panthers

    most of these dorks are tripping over themselves to support him. this fan base has taken on the personality of its coach
  8. Good Game Panthers

    your mediocre receiver made a mediocre play. it happens. both teams walked away from that game with turnovers where you could say they "underperformed" or "beat themselves" on the play. suck it up. hmm yeah should have been picked. we really beat ourselves on that play.
  9. Good Game Panthers

    oh and don't forget you thought to bring up the tipped interception that benefited carolina but neglected to mention the ball that mccaffrey tipped. take the L
  10. Good Game Panthers

    here are some stats: you got hit with 2 penalties all fugin game and you're itt crying about them. you turned the ball over 3 times, once deep in your own territory, and the scoreboard reflects that. you got doubled up on the ground and needed the help of our stupid coaching staff to keep the score close at all.
  11. Good Game Panthers

    whiny AND pedantic? wow so great to have you posting here today
  12. Good Game Panthers

    that was 100% the correct call and you're mad as hell about it lol
  13. Good Game Panthers

    we have injuries too. our best receiving threat was playing on one foot all day. charity case colin jones played meaningful defensive snaps because shaq thompson was out. this thread has been about explaining away your loss from the very first post. take the L and move on.
  14. Good Game Panthers

    maybe zimmer should focus on coaching up his guys instead of losing his fuging mind at the refs when they go to replay and overturn a TD that was clearly dropped. vikings should focus more on technique imo but not being good enough to win doesn't mean your errors were "self induced." people make errors all the time when under immense stress. carolina put the vikings under pressure and that was that. take the L
  15. Good Game Panthers

    yeah you just blame the mean old refs and act like you can't just get beat by a better team. no poo. we've heard over the years that playing against carolina's D takes a physical toll on players because they hit hard and swarm to the ball. we saw a few drops from vikings receivers today where they were clearly expecting contact. that's not "underperforming"; that's getting beat mentally.
  16. Good Game Panthers

    you weren't good enough. send a thank you card to mike shula and ron rivera for preventing that game from becoming a laugher. take the L.
  17. Good Game Panthers

    seems like every week carolina wins there's some opposing fan giving backhanded compliments here. this thread wasn't about congratulating anyone. it was about blaming the refs and otherwise detracting from carolina's win. take the L and move on please.
  18. Good Game Panthers

    facts, my friend
  19. Good Game Panthers

    disappointment is fine but we know what you were doing with that post. your team ate poo today and it's not because of some uncalled penalty. the better team won (this in spite of our dumb head coach)
  20. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    and when he can't save them it's just "well we didn't execute" we've heard a lot about how a leader is supposed to act with regards to cam over the years but strangely little is made of the character of ron rivera.
  21. Good Game Panthers

    cry some more
  22. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    that's 100% rivera and will never change as long as he is the head coach
  23. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    it fuging owns for one of our corners to get one of those lucky picks.