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  1. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    can you give an example of how a white comedian would "joke this way"? because if a white comedian "joked this way" i think the backlash wouldn't be because of the joke but because of the underlying point.
  2. So what other sites/apps do (((actively))) you use?

    you left off fanfiction.net
  3. Political Compass Quiz

    these questions don't really allow for nuance and i think they tend to push you into choosing the "libertarian" response. for example, i don't think sex work should exist as a means of survival. i believe the particular question im thinking of asked if pornography should be legal. i think pornography should be legal so long as the actors aren't doing it because they're being exploited, trading sex and their psychological and physical well-being for money (a thing that happens often under capitalism). im pretty sure if i had said no, it shouldn't be legal, it would have moved my little dot more toward the right and more toward authoritarian tendency, and i dont think that's really representative of my position
  4. Political Compass Quiz

    i see you're slightly lower on the authoritarian scale than i am. welcome to the gulag, traitor.
  5. Bulled NFL lineman forces high school to close

    you were complaining about bullies in the tinderbox under the guise of some concern for the victims of bullies again, right wingers are bullies. it's pretty much the foundation of your politics. from apologizing for police brutality to spreading transphobic nonsense, it's kind of your thing. im not gonna stop cyber bullying you stirs. im gonna give you an internet swirly. gonna stuff your stupid ass into an internet locker.
  6. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Mysterious-Slaying-of-Detective-the-Talk-of-Baltimore-460720063.html so this cop was scheduled to testify against a bunch of other cops facing literal gang charges after it was discovered that they've been planting drugs and shaking down baltimore area citizens. he gets shot with his own gun the day before he was set to testify and now the police department is floating rumors of suicide despite the fact that police commissioner has already said that suiter was shot by a "suspicious man in a vacant lot" (suiter's partner was present at the time) i feel really bad for whoever these cops end up framing lol what better way to let your fellow cops know you definitely aren't snitching than to put it in the news? anyway there's a $215,000 reward that no one has claimed (because the people who know something also know they'd end up just like sean suiter)
  7. Bulled NFL lineman forces high school to close

    lol stirs quit whining about being cyber bullied. there is nothing wrong with bullying a bully. right wingers are bullies and they deserve it.
  8. https://www.propublica.org/article/atomwaffen-division-inside-white-hate-group sorry to do the "post a link without quotes from the article" thing but this thing is fuging long. read it if you want to read about nazis planning attacks in america i guess
  9. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

  10. Did a little rap song about the life of a QB ...

    elliot rodger had an idea and acted on it
  11. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    im assuming impeachment and removal but after that, what? president mike pence? president paul ryan? that doesn't seem any better. i get the idea of having something big to hang around the necks of republicans for future elections but i dont think it would actually stick to the party. hell lots of republicans are part of the #resistance to varying degrees. others have in some way insulated themselves from trump and you can see it here on this forum. right wingers who agree with nearly everything he has done policy-wise still post as if he might be impeached some day. anyway what do you want out of this and in what way do you think things improve if trump gets forced out of office?
  12. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    looking forward to "suicide by teacher" finally being introduced into the lexicon. well that and the inevitable rash of teachers attempting to intervene in a normal school fight with a gun. this policy would only increase the number of avoidable deaths in schools and i'd wager that the victims would closely resemble the victims of police brutality.
  13. Did a little rap song about the life of a QB ...

    a shooter on the roof and 2 in the halls columbine was for sheep you should google ron paul
  14. Did a little rap song about the life of a QB ...

    my names ecat and im here to say newtown was an op and they're turning the frogs gay
  15. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    i know. glad we got that cleared up. now please stop filling up my notifications with your stupid posts.
  16. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    i buy the speculation that plea agreements with the feds is bad news for people at the top. now im not someone you should listen to on the specifics of the russia stuff as i pointed out that i stay out of these discussions for the most part but it just seems like there's a shitload of smoke going on idk maybe the #resistance is wearing me down
  17. That was fast...

    i talked to a gun guy and likely trump voter who says bump stocks are worthless and trump's tricking liberals by making them think they're winning something with this. this sounds like bullshit but im guessing this is the line his supporters are going to go with?
  18. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    less cops and root out all the macho culture bullshit imo. goodbye the punisher, goodbye thin blue line rhetoric, goodbye shitty tattoos, etc
  19. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    i guess we'll find out because i definitely don't think he serves the entire 4 year term. i think pence would be a "friendlier face" than trump. not in reality of course but just by perception of the average voter.
  20. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    maybe eric garner shouldn't have been choked to death for selling loosies* *he was choked to death because he's black but you know what i mean