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  1. Tickets go onsale on Saturday at 10:00 AM

    I got the password too, and it's only uppers and 49er game only tickets for about 8 sections and 10 tickets total for the game. Other games 100's more tickets available.
  2. Kyle Love story retracted

    Smh yet he still thinks we cut Philly Brown. He is a clown.
  3. Kyle Love story retracted

    That blog is trash same idiot posted besides letting Cotchery go we cut Corey Brown too . Click bait to line his pockets.
  4. The black Cam jersey with the SB patch is the same as the game jersey except with a hard plastic SB patch with a hologram. It was however listed at 120 bucks. The special event ones that I have seen for far less is what I am guessing you got. I also ordered a white Olsen of those that has yet to ship.
  5. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    My love for the Panthers ... Hmmm... So my derrière being all over TV and the Internet doesn't show how much I love them? Lmao! Keep Pounding! Go Bené! Guess there's no sweet talking you out of the field passes tomorrow either ;) Now if I could get logged back in to my account.
  6. Final Panthers Cuts

    It was me that tweeted it out. Alverez and I know Dean's mom she just let us know he called and made the 53.
  7. Training Camp Day 3 Tweets (Sunday August 2)

    Will someone go tell Newton the difference between his left and right hand. How do you get what side CJ has played on for years wrong week after week.
  8. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    Here Here Pie just for this . Same goes for finding a decent slice that is in same league as NY.
  9. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    I will be tailgate crashing in the Matrix D lot which is the suite and handicap lot on South side of stadium . My family has the same people they tailgate with for the last 20 years . If you see crazy lady in a Kraken jersey stop by and say hi.
  10. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    Will miss it this trip home ( have to be in Syracuse instead) but will be at the game Sunday .