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  1. Is Rivera cutthroat enough to make the tough decisions?

    Please don't say things like "not too complicated to understand," which is an attempt to insult another's intelligence. Besides, what you say about the development of rookies doesn't contradict anything I said. In fact, I was not arguing that Rivera should play rookies sooner, only trying to rebut the argument that Rivera's willingness to play rookies at the end of last season is compelling evidence that he does not give unnecessary preference to veterans. It isn't, since the lack of quality players last year explains why so many rookies were playing at that point.  In actuality, discussions of rookie development have little to do with why a coach would give crucial snaps to guys like CJ and Allen over Ealy (not a rookie) or Harper crucial snaps over Boston (not a rookie).  Ealy looked to be unguardable Sunday night. Had he started, he could have strip-sacked Manning on the opening drive and changed everything. Who knows? That's why you start and play your best players.
  2. Is Rivera cutthroat enough to make the tough decisions?

    I remember this whole debate last offseason, and I never found the rookie-playing argument persuasive. Yes, we played rookies down the stretch last year but that was only AFTER the consistently bad play of guys forced the coach's hand. Some of our starters were so bad, they got cut midseason (Decoud, Cason if I remember correctly). And I love Coach Rivera, but you don't really get credit for starting 1st round picks like Newton, Kuechly, and Benjamin. Put me down as a fan who thinks Rivera is still too slow in putting veterans on the bench. The playing time this year of Harper over Boston and ANYONE over Kony Ealy is ample evidence for me.
  3. video of Cam responding to criticism

    I have to say I'm disappointed to hear Cam say he didn't dive for the fumble for fear of his leg. I thought for sure he did not dive initially at the ball because he instinctively knew it would pop out (which it did). 
  4. Both Brown and Ginn got separation a number of times during the game, which does not cohere with the national storyline that the Denver defensive backs were "suffocating" throughout the game. 
  5. Getting Annoyed

    Ha. Yeah, I saw that guy. I cracked up one moment when someone on set said something about the Broncos losing and he acted all mad. You know, mad, because he's such a serious Broncos fan. 
  6. Superb Owl Push

    I'd like to be clear on this. Do you have to pay your own expenses to make it to the games?
  7. Interesting Fact about one Ref for SB50

    It was probably to avoid the deflategate conversation. If Brady had won as everyone expected, there would have been that whole "In your face Goodell; look how motivated Brady is now" thing going on.
  8. Cool Jon Beason article

    One of the top three all-time worst plays for me as Panthers fan: watching freaking Jeff King "sprint" for a long touchdown while one of my favorite player's blows out a tire. 
  9. Credit to the Secondary

    Yeah, that was a really intriguing coaching decision, and I loved it. It was working so well, I was a bit surprised they didn't just plug Klein into Davis's role and stick with it.
  10. Injury updates

    i suspect he'd be able to play if it's just a broken bone.
  11. The Thomas Davis Onside Kick Recovery

    Tolbert is the worst blocking fullback we've ever had, so I wasn't shocked when he whiffed in a key moment. He sure can run for some tough yards and he seems like a great guy, but him making the probowl as a fullback is a joke. 
  12. 12 Flags Banned From Bank Of America Stadium

    So can I still wear my David Gettis jersey?
  13. All you really need to know about Seahawks fans ....

    To be fair, it looks like he's quoting someone. Perhaps from a previous season?
  14. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Those stats do show the biggest thing Cam needs to improve on next year in my opinion: he runs backwards before getting sacked and loses huge yardage. 
  15. DeAngelo Williams hurt

    That's sad. The guy proved every single one of his haters on the huddle wrong.  4.6 YPC and 11 TD's going into today's game. One of my all time favorites.  (And no, I'm not suggesting we should have kept paying him huge sums of money to play for us.)