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  1. Daryl Williams, #60

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and I give them all 4 Michelin stars, out of 12.
  2. Slot CMC

    Apparently we are #1 in the NFL on converting third downs. Gee - I wonder if CMC has anything to do with that?
  3. Samuel out for the season!

    Bersin goes from eating nachos on his couch to a major player in our Offense.
  4. I missed something - what happened to this amazing Cowboys offensive line everyone slobbers over? fuging Byron Bell is starting. A cast off of the Panthers, twice removed?
  5. General Gameday thread...

    I didn't know embedding a tweet was that easy. Game just ended, Jags win.
  6. General Gameday thread...

    Anyone else still laughing at Joe Person calling the Jags/LAC game with 2 minutes left on the game clock? C'mon man. Now in OT.
  7. Cam doubters sign in here

    Fiz I still remember the time we spent at the Derb. I moved out of ATL to SF a while ago and still miss your terrible opinions.
  8. Panthers Week 1 PFF Grades - Offense

    Ed Dickson 2nd best eh? Noted and hopefully a trend.
  9. Final Panthers Cuts

    I remember Fozzy de cleating Chandler Jones on a block in the Patriots game. There are worse things than him being on the team over Wegher. It's a great problem to have - not worth too much worry. The offensive line should get more for the credit for our backs blowing up in preseason.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/nflstreams/comments/3jjo6h/game_thread_carolina_panthers_vs_pittsburgh/
  11. Even the Pittsburgh broadcast is talking about Bryant getting lit the fug up by Mayo
  12. We don't have a single guy besides Olsen who can catch the ball reliably in the endzone. fug
  13. Buh bye Stephen Hill

  14. lol @ 1:12 - the chick that kept wanting to brawl gets a bottle of liquor poured on her. e: maybe right after she gets hit with said bottle, actually
  15. Panthers Sign Tight End

    ​ He also punched someone in a game and got ejected. Making his mark as our 3rd TE.
  16. A look at our backfield.

    Wow, we seem to be in excellent shape at RB this year, even with the 1+ games that Stew is going to miss with some rando injury.
  17. Meanwhile, RB Brandon Wegher...

    Well, I'm thinking there is more past "he struck is head on a kitchen counter" like, had to go to the ER to get his head patched up.
  18. Trai loves that twitter handle though, he retweets it like 2-3 times a day. SMOKESCREEN
  19. This is seriously a re-hash of last year's criticism. Only with us having a great 2014 draft and the other teams in our division not getting any better (or like NOLA, significantly worse). Tampa will likely be much improved if they draft JW, but he'll still be a rookie and rookie's rarely lead teams to the playoff promised land.