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  1. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Awesome. People everywhere are writing him off. Healthy and back with a coach he was successful under. Michael, read these comments and prove everyone wrong.
  2. I liked what we did yesterday.  Execution let us down.  Newton had one bad pass to Olsen that could have been a big gain.  Olsen dropped another that could have been a big gain.  Then of course the fumble by Williams and punt where the ball hit Thomas and they recovered.   All in all, I believe our offense will open up, play faster, etc...but yesterday we had the perfect game plan.  Our defense is legit folks, and if DeAngelo doesnt fumble that ball, that Seahawks D was done for and we probably win that game and its different story today.   I just hope the team keeps the confidence.  This could be a special year.  Just gotta learn how to make the plays when it matters.