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  1. NavyPF4L added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    Wait.. I'm just going along and reading and a lot of good points have been brought up by both sides in this debate however and please don't feel I'm picking on you because I don't mean to honestly but.... Why are you guys trying to derail a point of discussion on the topic at hand on by where it comes from rather then actually discussing the point itself.. That seems like a rather weak way of going about it  and only needed if you have no real rebuttal.
    Also... Why are we jumping to the furthest end of the spectrum by saying because someone brought this up it's only because "white people are trying to say its not their fault slavery happened".. That's a bit Ludacris..  Maybe they are saying not everyone is innocent in our history. There's plenty of shame for everyone involved. Then again maybe I'm wrong and that's not the case at all and they are honestly trying to push the blame to everyone else and not themselves. Who knows. Fun debate though.
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