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  1. And this is why I take this board very unseriously. Too many people that just flow with the common misconception without knowing anything to begin with. A true case study for the blind leading the blind
  2. You're absolutely ridiculous... Seriously wait until the truth comes out before making judgement on something you have zero clue about. From the types of post you've been spewing since word came out you've already gotten your pitch fork out and walking around town screaming out asking for someone to come out and deny the man is all but the devil. I definitely have not agreed on certain things the man has done with the franchise especially as of late however.. I will not post judgement until the actual story of what is going has come to light. Bro you may need to take a look in the mirror and take a good hard look at what you see. Learn to be a bit more humble and a little less abrasive because you obviously have started to think you're automatically right when that is the very first sign of someone that is most likely not correct at all. You're smarter than that.. Don't be a cancer be a cure.
  3. Wow Cam... we can't be playing with mental miscues this game.
  4. You honestly think the evolution we were looking for was mainly running CMC up the gut? Coming from a team with the only legit receiving threat out of the backfield being Tolbert for the longest time? C'mon think about it. Samuel and CMC both running backs that tear it up catching the ball out of the backfield as well as lined up outside.
  5. ... I think you're taking what they are saying about Cam out of context here a bit.. They are saying Cam has missed CMC on wide open passes which you honestly can't argue which leaves a lot on the table for the kid. Heck he's had to make probably the most circus catches this season than any other player we have for the one's he has gotten. That's definitely on Cam man. Nobody is arguing that Cam isn't a great player and gets his but this argument you're putting up is out in right field while everyone else is sitting in left. I think that over time Cam and CMC will get better together and learn how to feed into one another's strengths. Cam was never really great at the short tosses to the backs but I think this will change that. Honestly though I think Samuel would be a huge factor for us had he not been injured so much this season.. You can tell that kid has a spark to him.. Just need him to stay on the field.
  6. Thank you Jesus we now have a huddle who ACTUALLY watches the game instead of posting drunk out takes?
  7. It's more so Brees 》 Cam if anything else... What do you really think Brees would have done had he of had our defense these last few years
  8. Another school shooting, this time in Oregon

    Holy pooh.. Are you fuging serious dude.
  9. Panthers PFF Grades - Offense

    Dude stew is getting positive yards most of the times he touches the ball and is also regularly turning a shitty blocked play into big gains. Go ask the Texans how easy it was to stop Stewart last week.
  10. Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    Not really. Bradford pretty much pulled that out of his ass
  11. Steelers vs Pats Game Thread

    As far as fantasy goes. I need gronk to ball out. I hate the patriots though so I'm really conflicted about this. Meh thank god football is finally back for real!!!!!
  12. Luke gives everyone the d! On the real though this would be the perfect first addition to the man cave in the house my wife and I are building! Saaaaaaammy puhleasssse pick me! Now to do this twitter pooh @navypf4l
  13. Final Panthers Cuts

    Don't forget Funchess bro