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  1. When and Why to make Noise

    Yes, this. Please don't just "start making noise when the offense comes to the line".  Noise during the radio transmission of the play call and during the huddle can cause the coordinator and QB to have to have to repeat the play call multiple times, leaving far less time at the line to read the defense and/or audible the play.  Most of the actual scheme and protection changes at the line are going to be done with hand signals regardless when playing on the road.
  2. Julius Peppers is a Bitch

    To reinforce how much of a bitch Judus Peppers is...the kid cam gave the ball too was sitting near us...his dad (who was a huge panthers fan) passed away a few weeks ago and his grandpa took him too the game.  It was a really awesome moment.
  3. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    I'll second those who said Picasso's and Midtown Sundries.  Technically not Charlotte, but Killington's in Huntersville and East Coast Wings in Mooresville are both very good for anyone that's up north of the city.