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  1. Just got back an hour ago from spending 3 nights there. Spending another 5 nights in May. Take 4 trips a year there. Far from trash
  2. Brenton Bersin should get first dibs on ownership since he's closer to Jerry than his own sons.
  3. Love crouching tiger.
  4. Voth wreaking havoc this morning
  5. Yes it was. I watched it on my tablet in bed under the covers. I didn't know what to expect when I saw it on my Amazon Prime. But wow, the emotions in that movie. Made me hold my daughter tighter.
  6. Looks like Interstellar is taking the cake so far?
  7. 2 days until the trailer comes out. Looks like it will be a good one.
  8. We share 2 top 5s and you have 2 movies referencing a pianis
  9. Since 2000.... 1) The Fountain 2) Interstellar 3) Logan 4) Casino Royale 5) The Departed
  10. The DNA of the franchise is built on the run game.
  11. I would surmise from this spreadsheet that the % for WR and TE will invert 2 years from now.