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  1. I want to hate on Shepard so bad but my daughter got his TD ball from Cam last year, his only TD at that. Maybe ill try and sell it back to him since its probably his last TD.
  2. h0llywood

    Possible Huge Addition

    Im all for keepin Cam upright even if it was signing him.
  3. h0llywood

    I’ll be in Charlotte Tomorrow Afternoon

    @OnlyPantherFaninMaine is one of the decent good real people on this board. Someone take the man out and take good care of him.
  4. I see an NFL player running routes in slow motion?
  5. I get that part but my intuition is telling me there is more to this than the money. It is about keeping it within and making sure Tepper is the one who owns it as you stated. Financially, once escrow closes, the money will all be transferred. All 2.5 billion. Doesnt matter if it's 1 billion from Navarro and the other 1.5 from 20 minority investors. In the end it will all be collected. It doesn't make sense to me for the NFL to accept 200-300 million less than what is offered unless they flat out just want Tepper. And as for Navarros finances, i do not believe for one bit that he doesnt have the finances or that any of the proposed minority shareholders could perform financially.
  6. This doesn't make sense. La Confora states that Tepper isn't likely to bid above the 2.1-2.2 billion range. If previous bids already reached 2.5 billion+, there is no possible way for him to win. Something isn't adding up.
  7. h0llywood

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    I would've preferred to see the roster set with CJ/Mcaffrey/CAP and give Elijah Hood a shot.
  8. Dj has 4 inches and 35 lbs on Austin. Thats like saying DJ is the next Calvin Johnson. You're looking at gadget plays which is the result of the play call by the offense and not the player. If you want to compare the two, please show me highlight reels of Austin breaking tackles routinely.
  9. h0llywood

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Good signing as he fits the bill for the bulldozer role. Does that mean the end of Fozzy?
  10. h0llywood

    Flacco and Roethlisberger

    Im with you. I agree he's is and always was an asshole. At this stage in his career, he knows that this is his team. I do agree with his notion that you need to make sure you're mentally ready before taking someone under your wing. That is what i don't have a problem with. Problem is its coming from Bens mouth.
  11. h0llywood

    Flacco and Roethlisberger

    I honestly don't have anything against what Ben said as it is the inconvenient truth. He has to take care of himself and make sure he's ready.
  12. h0llywood

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    Comp = similar height, weight, strength, speed. Not just the 1 thing like you're using in your examples. Fact is, his numbers show they are similar athletic players. Slightly similar rookie seasons in total yards. Get it?
  13. h0llywood

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    "I love his patience. He's not Le'Veon Bell, but his patience is like that. ... He's a four-down player. I love LeSean McCoy, and this guy's every bit as athletic." -- Mike Mayock
  14. h0llywood

    CMC = Curtis Martin

  15. h0llywood

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    Look at the numbers again.