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  1. He's locked into the receiver in this one photo with no context. He can't read the field.
  2. I think we all are optimistic that he will lose the weight come TC and will be better than last year conditioning wise. Fact is, he is our best WR and most of the poking fun at his weight is just that. I love KB and will continue to make fun of him when he's 280 lbs or 180 lbs though.
  3. It probably has nothing to do with him, but I'm going to blame those numbers anyway on Tre Boston.
  4. It would be great if they made Steve fill in Danny Morrison's position even just at an honorary level.
  5. You know Rick Flair is losing it when he calls out another space cadet Lavar Ball. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2711363-ric-flair-says-lavar-ball-is-undefeated-only-because-he-hasnt-run-into-me
  6. This joke is in a league of its own.
  7. This is what CTE looks like. There's no other explanation for his stupidity.
  8. This is some funny poo
  9. What i do know about him after meeting him at numerous Angel City Riot events, he has written for numerous sites. He also has a Ph.D so he's not an average Joe.
  10. You dont live in Minnesota anymore?
  11. Political reasons aside, Ron Rivera would never play a player who kneels/kneeled for the anthem. If Cam gets benched for a tie, Ron would cut Kaep if he ever tried that. Cut with a knife.
  12. Android for me. I ditched Apple 4 years ago and never went back. With Android, you have options. With apple, your options are Apple.
  13. Listening to him sounds like i'm hearing front office personnel speak on his behalf. He is very composed and mature for 20 years old. WOW.
  14. Can any cap gurus describe how this can work financially?