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  1. Over for the fact that the Panthers put up 20 on the 49ers with only 287 total yards.
  2. 512.5 yards per game? If the team can get 300 they can put up 30 pts on them. I can't imagine 500 yards.
  3. WP - Power Ranking

    A lot of complaining on here for it being only week 3. Be happy the team is 2-0. Period. Prove the haters wrong, finish at the top. That's all that matters. If you need some reminding, here, revisit the Week 3 power rankings from 2015. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000536440/article/nfl-power-rankings-week-3-cardinals-climb-eagles-plummet And yes, Carolina was the lowest ranked undefeated team then.
  4. On the other hand, Vegas, just like how you all have perfectly painted the NFL and Nascar, is sadly going in that direction as well...which in turn makes it a perfect marriage. Vegas is no longer thriving off their gambling but not are relying on capitalizing on the newer generations and their appetite for expensive day/night clubs and DJ's who are making 1,000,000 per show. Parking is no longer free (for most hotels), and mandatory resort fees are $35 - $50 per night.
  5. With MGM Resorts International, Boyd Gaming, Caesars Entertainment, Station Casinos, Blackstone Real Estate Partners VII, Westgate, Wynn Resorts, LTD., and Las Vegas Sands, buying up most of the PSL's to give away to their whales and other clients, I don't see the stadium going empty. Watch closely how the Las Vegas Knights do this season and that will give you an indicator on a smaller scale how well sports will thrive in Vegas. TMobile Arena, which in partnership with MGM Resorts and AEG, will not be without interested or demand. In the future, I also see an NBA team in Vegas as the city in general and overall betting becomes less stringent (outside of the MLB).
  6. @PhillyB - I just realized I invited you to the Buffalo Bills game.. Ignore that invite as you are coming for the Saints game.
  7. You won't have a choice this Sunday! You will be in the picture!
  8. Ok great. We'll hook up, just send me a message on facebook. Who are you using to edit the movie? I was a commissioner for an adult flag football league a while back and I would say 90% of the teams/players were from post production companies. If things don't work out with your editor, let me know and I can guide you to the right people.
  9. Tickets, hotel, car rental, Air fare, food, shopping...for 4 days put be back 4k. And Santa Clara is a 6 hour drive from me. It's not like i'm traveling to London. So your point is very valid.
  10. Doesn't have full context of situation. LA, has and always, played in a stadium not meant for football. The colisium can host as much as 100k people but have enough bathrooms for 100 people. When this stadium was first built, i dont think they made it with the size of the average person today. The seats there are small where your stomach spills into the neighbors seats and your knees touch the person's head in front. In short, the stadium sucks. In santa clara, it was around 95 degrees with no shade. My daughter almost had heat exhaustion i had to remove her from the seats before the game.
  11. Hey @PhillyB. Let me know exactly when you're in town, when you're free and i would love to give you a tour of not only our pub, but also the city. In my past life i was a tour guide lol. When random guys can come together in cities like LA, it shows that our fanbase bigger than we all [email protected] has done a great job connecting and corraling this Panther family all under one house.
  12. Joe Webb

    They can know the plays all they want, they still have the stop the players. Good luck with containing CMC/Stew.
  13. Show Me the Evolution

    Lots of screens, dump offs, check downs....J Stews touchdown was a short screen. Except more of the shorter passes to everyone, not just CMC
  14. Navarro Bowman should be drug tested

    Sorry Bowman, you can't be the best if you can't stay on the field. Luke missing a few games is not the same as Bowman missing 2 of the last 3 seasons