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  1. I think I remember reading in a Newton article that Carolina has never drafted a kicker. Ever.
  2. Thank god football is back even if its just the draft. Praying for Fournette at #8 or some weird fluky incident ala Tunsil that Myles Garret falls to #8 because of a leaked video
  3. $1,300 is the going rate for designer shoes. Not sure how that equates to throwing away his money especially when it is pennies to what he will be making.
  4. Next time you're in town i'll take you to an Angel's game.
  5. My wife and two daughters. As bad and physically painful as that game was, I still can't believe we had the entire row to ourselves for that game. Probably will never be able to top those seats. Are you coming out for this game?
  6. Super excited! I had to share this with the huddle but I don't want to start a new thread i'll post in here. Just bought 4 tickets, Row 1 on the Panthers side for the season opener! Why does everything have to be so damn expensive? Can't wait to see the team up close and in person!
  7. For a player projected in the 1st, Jabrill Peppers has too many negative plays under his belt. He reminds me of Brandon Browner. Hard hitter but will get burnt.
  8. I would rather draft a player with character issues than a player with an injury history. Counseling and having life slap you around can help most boys become men but no amount of surgeries can fix a time bomb in your knees.
  9. Dear lord please let Brian Hoyer or Matt Barkley start the game.
  10. I'm pretty sure he's still a felon as the acquittals had nothing to do with the Odin Lloyd murder. How can someone be sentenced to life without parole without being a felon?
  11. Prior to using an actual tax preparer, I was doing my own through Turbo Tax and prior to that Tax Slayer. Turbo Tax seems to be the most seamless and most user friendly.
  12. I would like the Vikings game to be around either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Would be a great road trip.
  13. Im conflicted because while he's a turdbag who deserved to be punished, i feel for the daughter and family. This is the end result of being a psychopath and narcissist. Everyone around you, including you will suffer.
  14. As strong as Luke is, Peppers looks like he's just warming up. God what a monster.