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  1. People float around "cam is mediocre at best" comment as often as "he didnt jump on the fumble" when making an argument or comment on social media.
  2. Cam joins the 4000 club

    On a run based team, on pace to finish in top 5 all time in PASSING YARDS. Will finish 1st all time in rushing yards Will finish his career near 7-8k rushing yards....that in of itself is a good career for a running back. Will finish his career with more rushing TDs than 99% of all active running backs. Is he a lock now? No. But he is on pace to have a very special place in the HOF. There is not another player of his caliber to sniff the NFL. As an organization, lets all pray for another 7-10+ years from Cam.
  3. fffffffrrrrttttttt.....

    I've been deep lurking because my therapist told me not be as emotionally responsive. I now tend to type out long paragraphs, re-read it and then delete it. Just as good as sending submit reply but without the back and forth stress.
  4. fffffffrrrrttttttt.....

    I giggled more than I should have
  5. Post a pic, any pic.

    You motherfugger lmao
  6. It's Tampa Bay week. Once Monday rolls around, back to the unemployment line for him.
  7. Dodgers 2017

    Tonight's the night we got back to the WS!
  8. Wilks on Luke's condition

    I had 4-5 concussions in high school and remember each one vividly. 15 years later, I got my last concussion last Friday getting knocked out in a hockey game. My brain and body hasn't been the same this past week. With that said, as much as I want him to play, I do pray Luke takes it easy and heals.
  9. As long as he says sorry first and he acknowledges that he is temporary, then yes sign him today.
  10. -3 for home advantage so right now its a wash
  11. World Series

    Praying for this
  12. WR Depth Chart

    Man, totally forgot he didn't make the team. Would have figured McDermott would have made him a lock on the team. But Jordan Matthews did just have surgery so he may come up with them if they ask.
  13. It currently has 4 players: Benjamin - Funchess Shepard - Samuel Who gets called up? Austin Duke Mose Frasier Jamaal Jones Or is the answer in Free agency? Not sure if anyone out there is worth grabbing that isn't slow or broken (Victor Cruz)
  14. Panthers sign S Jairus Byrd

    If this keeps Colin on special teams then this signing is worth it already,