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  1. I would like to agree with you but Florio is an attorney. However, this just be a case of him trying to make a story out of nothing.
  2. 2009? I would rather forget the 5 interception performance in the playoffs only to follow up with 4 interceptions in that season opener.
  3. Anyone over 300 lbs. And not a starter. Hog mollies going extinct
  4. Here are some names thrown into the mix to replace Gman http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/07/17/whats-next-for-the-panthers/
  5. Welp..there are only 2 staff on the team that might have a shot at GM.Other than that, I hope there are GM's with some sort of history laying around unemployed somewhere. Matt Allen is in his fourth season as a pro scout in 2016 for the Carolina Panthers. In his role, Allen assists in the evaluation of professional free agents and contributes to the advance scouting reports on upcoming opponents. Before becoming a pro scout, Allen spent three seasons (2010-12) as the team’s combine scout. As Combine Scout, Allen covered all colleges in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia as the team’s representative for National Football Scouting. He also was responsible for assisting college scouts of current prospects for the annual NFL Draft. Allen began his career with the Panthers in 2000 helping the equipment manager with all facets of operation. Upon college graduation, he continued his work in the equipment department and began a transition into college scouting by accepting the assistant position. Allen graduated from Elon University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Leisure and Sports Management. In 2004, he graduated from Myers Park High School in Charlotte, N.C. Allen, his wife Martha and their son, Harris, live in Charlotte. Mark Koncz is an integral part of the Carolina Panthers Football Operations Department serving as the Director of Pro Scouting which annually provides a steady stream of veteran talent to the team’s roster. The abilities of Koncz and his staff to discover available talent has paid dividends in helping the Panthers win back-to-back-toback NFC South Championships for the first time in the history of the Division. Mark and his department are constantly evaluating NFL, Canadian and Arena Football players in preparation of a need both during the season and in the offseason. When an injury creates a need during the season, it is their responsibility to be ready with a list of recommended players to fill that need. Koncz and his staff will also recommend veteran players to sign as Unrestricted Free Agents and Reserve Futures when the roster size increases to 90 players at the end of the season. The Pro Scouting Department helps the coaches during the season by providing in depth scouting reports for the Panthers’ upcoming opponents. It is their responsibility to give a weekly briefing of the opponent’s roster along with that team’s strengths and weaknesses. Koncz began his career as an intern in the ticketing office back in 1994 and quickly moved to Football Operations in 1995. In October of 1995, he was promoted to the Manager of Football Operations overseeing the team’s travel, budgets and day-to-day activates of the team. He was moved to the Pro Scouting Department in 1998 and was named the Director of Pro Scouting in 2000. Koncz is a 1990 graduate of the University of Kansas, where he was a three-year letterman and a three-year starter for the Jayhawks serving as team captain his senior year. He earned a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration in May of 1994 and joined the Panthers in August of 1994. Koncz attended Barrington High School in Illinois and now makes Fort Mill, S.C. his home. He has a daughter, Milena and son, Nolan.
  6. With all the weight you lost, there isn't much to hug.
  7. Jerry must've held this in for a while and he must've done something to say fug it, i'm firing you right now. Only things I can come up with 1) Disrespect towards JR 2) Displeasure with hard line stance 3) He tried to cut Bersin
  8. To be young. And i was in Charlotte when you were in elementary school.
  9. Who said we were Rams fans? Its idiotic to think living in Los Angeles equates to being a Rams fan. I can guarantee @Kevin Greene and I each have been Panthers fans longer than you.
  10. Same song and dance every year the city of LA and football is in the same sentence. 99% of people making assumptions.
  11. I give Brandt a break because of his age.
  12. Looking good! Im also there with you. I was at 215 to start the year and im almost at 180 right now. While we're on two different regiments, keep it up!
  13. No Black helmets Sir Purr is a hipster Dwight Howard thinks he's the real superman Cheap, High Quality Panthers jerseys always screw up the hue of the color blue
  14. 10 years from now this will be the Brady v. Manning argument except Luck won't have any rings.