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  1. Next CBA ends in 2020 so players have 2 years to cash in.
  2. I doubt he gives up being the best NFL TE to have a cameo in a straight to dvd movie.
  3. The Jerry Richardson statue

    I think it stays until a new stadium gets built.
  4. Three things I come away/ponder from this is 1) Cam definitely does have a team friendly contract 2) Odell wants to be the highest paid NFL player....Is he going to get past $27 million/year? 3) Leveon Bell wants RB1+WR2 money...what's his number
  5. After 7 career starts. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000915489/article/niners-sign-jimmy-garoppolo-to-record-fiveyear-contract
  6. Don't care for Hurney as a GM but this seems really preposterous. Think of what would have had to happen in order for "Martin" or his "proxies" to have done what she claims. The person(s) would have to had intimate knowledge of the property and have known exactly what book she was reading, where the book was placed, and the contents of the book. If it were random book, the "proxies" then would have had to sit there in the room/bookshelf and go through the entire book going through looking for those key words.
  7. Fan Optimism and Enthusiasm

    Going into this season I am more optimistic.... not even all the internal changes (ownership, GM, OC, DC) and the every other year curse makes me pessimistic about next season. As long as we have a healthy Cam and healthy Luke, the team will always be in the running.

    poo. I thought that was George Michael. Kinda disappointed.
  9. Not sure what's going on here.
  10. Troy surprised

    Salty ass Troy Aikman saying Cam isn't a passing QB when in 7 seasons he is only 7 TD passes away from passing Troy in career passing TD. Cam also has a better career QB Passer Rating. Must be nice to have Emmitt and Irvin.
  11. Well if you read what I was commenting on, you would know the comment was based on the omission of the Los Angeles stadium being built.
  12. LA is about to open the most expensive stadium in history in 2020. Don't be surprised when they start hosting multiple super bowls in the 2020's and if the city gets the NFL Draft permanently.