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  1. Anquan Boldin (Age 30-32) 3 Seasons - 45 Games 327 Targets - 186 Receptions - 2,645 Yards - 14 TDS Steve Smith (Age 35-37) 3 Seasons - 37 Games 308 Targets 195 Receptions - 2,534 Yards - 14 TDS At an older age, Steve caught more passes with less targets, caught the same amount of touchdowns and virtually same yards yet Steve was washed up? Sit down Irvin.
  2. He is the man of the people
  3. h0llywood

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    You get rid of Funchess and Torrey Smith becomes the tallest WR at 6'0". Not that it matters as I don't Funchess is getting trading with his current contract.
  4. Slight reach as that was indeed a nice throw and nice toe drag. But KB is still a bitch..
  5. The moment another grown man refuses to dab, shake hands, etc., you a dead man in his eyes. You're dead to all of us KB.
  6. h0llywood

    How low is the bar for Mahon?

    The bar is so low a Sione Fua sighting would be better.
  7. h0llywood

    Fred Ross

    Obviously, the haircut is simply irresistible
  8. How are the WRs looking? Bug Howard, Rasheed Bailey? Do they look like serviceable camp bodies?
  9. Welp... With Silatolu hurt, I wouldn't be against bringing in Incognito. Would immediately be an upgrade at LG with Amini out for who knows how long. Even if he did come back, would still be an upgrade, even if as a short term rental.
  10. h0llywood


    BOFUHDZNUTZ Add me on Xbox.
  11. He said Kelvin Benjamin was a 285 lbs lineman running a comeback route and the buffet was a bad fit lmfao. Hate to harp on the fat jokes, but damn Shannon was going hard.
  12. h0llywood

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    In that video, Benjamin is always on the ground on his back or on his knees. If there ever was a time to burn my first jersey, this is it.
  13. h0llywood

    Concept uniform, good, bad, or ugly?

    Looks like a medival joust helmet/motorcycle helmet.
  14. h0llywood

    NFL Top 100

    Despite what media may say, this is a ranking based off peers. Cam is on this list as he is universally heralded as the physical unicorn in this league by his peers. There's no way he is isn't in this
  15. Could be interchangeable but all 4 WR listed above have faster 40 times than Wright. Even if you plug in Wright, his 4.4 is still fast.