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  1. I predict him going top 25
  2. Yes i want to punch myself in the face knowing NE can get away with murder for a backup QB
  3. Cleveland is willing to trade 1st overall and an extra pick for Garappalo. Doubt bears 3rd overall is enough.
  4. My rationaleis Rivers has publicly stated he hates Los Angeles. Not a good PR move given the team is looking for a new identity. It will be a Goff v Trubisky battle in LA.
  5. LA Chargers move up to draft Mitch Trubisky.... bye bye Rivers
  6. Jeff Saturday is a natural commentator. It was good to hear his take.
  7. As much as i like stills, he wants an 8 figure contract. Already not a Gman player. If we want to replace our fast player (Ginn) with hands of stone with another fast player with hands of stone, might as well bring in Cordarelle Patterson who will be much cheaper. Patterson and Cruz contracts together would probably be significantly less than what Stills wants.
  8. Lee has the strongest leg I've ever seen. Should keep him around.
  9. Would make sense. Frees about 1.9 million
  10. Didn't know the fire sale was the day after President's day. I wonder who is next on the chopping block. My next guess would be Stewart.
  11. Gonna miss you tugboat! Thanks for the memories!
  12. Im so tired, i just quoted myself.