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  1. Not even sure where you're going with this
  2. At first i thought it was Clausen, then i thought it was Mayo. Glad for him. He works his ass off to be on this team and am sure works his ass off to keep her happy
  3. Waiting for a user name like BigTitsMagee to pop up. Just been disappointed so far.
  4. What class? Are you taking Bus, Phi, Econ, Women's Study? Death means orgasm in Shakespeare.
  5. No i can drink black coffee just fine. I wanted to get caffeine out my system completely and see if i can function without it.
  6. So an update on my boot camp. I lost 2 lbs in 4 days so far which is nice. I've been putting in a lot of work, following the strict diet and working out really hard at the camp but I do not know how my wife lost 3 lbs when she does everything half ass. I successfully weened myself off caffeine. I haven't had coffee since Sunday morning and I feel great. I was going to puke on Monday and slowly, reduced my coffee intake from small, to half decaf, to 3/4 decaf, to nothing today. I feel great knowing I got it out since I depended on coffee for the last 7 years. I have not had sugar in my body since Sunday either and I feel great knowing that I have cleaned up my diet. Eating every 2 1/2 hours, 6 oz of protein for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 3 oz for my snacks inbetween. I hope to get under 210 by Monday.
  7. The only thing left is the Raiders to Las Vegas
  8. I'm conflicted about this. 20+ years without a team and then, bam, there's two teams in my backyard. I couldn't give away my season tickets to the Rams games, it was that bad no one wanted to go. The Stub Hub arena in Carson where the Chargers want to play, will be sold out every game....because capacity is 27,000 for MLS. I would surmise that would be closer to 32,000-35,000 for NFL game conversion. Outside from the O Colisium (which isn't an NFL stadium), there is not a single NFL stadium that has a capacity less than 60,000 seats. The only good thing to all this is that there is a better chance every year I can watch the Panthers come to LA.
  9. Draft Williams, you have to unload Benjamin or Funchess.
  10. Terrelle Pryor Justin Hunter Cordarelle Patterson Size and Speed and won't break the bank.
  11. Awesome. I was thinking about doing a running diary given it is only 6 weeks long. Today I felt like crap all day. Headaches (I think a combination from extreme workout, lack of sleep and caffeine withdrawals). You were about the same weight as me so glad to see others on the journey too. What are you doing for the weight loss?
  12. You should name him Bullseye since you found him at the back of the Target.
  13. Went to 5 a.m. session to begin my 6 week camp. It sucked more than i thought it would. Its one thing going to boot camp at 18 years old, it's another being 31 years old, over the hill and overweight. I weighed in yesterday at 213.9 lbs and hope to get down to 188 by February 23.
  14. No because he's a runner, a cry baby, poor sport, bad loser, not old enough and dresses bad. - Every hater