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  1. There's nothing in Los Angeles that he will accomplish that he already hasn't. The only positives about playing in Los Angeles is 1) it's SoCal 2) The Rams defense is as dynamic as the Broncos defense.  Everyone, including him, knows that he doesn't have it anymore. I see him retiring.
  2. ESPN writer Super Bowl picks are in *Surprise*

    I just want to wake up Monday morning feeling like a million bucks. 
  3. Peyton's College "Issue"

    If you've never teabagged another person in your life, you aren't living right.
  4. One SB50 Ticket Needed

    Good luck bro... I personally wouldn't trust some joe schmo off the street    
  5. Got My Rejection Letter Today

    LOL That's why more than likely I won't be going! If my wife let me go by myself, which is a 1% chance of happening, I might be able to do it financially but this is one expensive weekend.
  6. Got My Rejection Letter Today

    4k is a deal. Go on any of the big ticket exchange sites and add in their "connection" fee and taxes, you're looking at 5k minimum. I was really considering going but between my wife and myself, this will be a 15k weekend.
  7. Best 1,2 pick in Panthers history?

    I do agree that Star and Short are the best successive draft picks. The best overall draft year has to go to 2012. Drafting Kuechly and Norman in the same year that's rare to draft two all pros on one team in the same draft.
  8. Best 1,2 pick in Panthers history?

    Yes but didn't Kalil go 3rd? I believe we drafted Dwayne Jarrett before Kalil.
  9. Roaring Riot Los Angeles

      Overall we had a great turn out! We reached max capacity (over 100) and everyone was having a blast! Drinks were flowing and everyone had a great time!  A few Huddlers were in the house: @bakeryfresh @15 @OnlyPantherFaninMaine @morgan55 @LA_Panther @JohnnyDollar
  10. The unveiling of the Holy Grail....

    Awesome brother! Have fun man!
  11. More Important: Remmers vs Miller or Oher vs Ware

    I'm more concerned about Miller/Remmers. Miller is the best defensive player on that team and he is really going to challenge Remmers with his speed and strength. Hopefully Miller is relegated to a confused player who doesn't know who has the ball on the read option.
  12. Did anyone else cringe a little

    Girls were making out at the Bar so we i'll leave it at that!
  13. Did anyone else cringe a little

    It's hard to notice those small details when you're at a bar full of other fans yelling, screaming and hugging each other out.
  14. I placed this bet 1 week before Kelvin went down. Can't believe this was back in August.