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  1. panfanman added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Panthers: 5% chance of winning SB
    Yahoo Finance (why this was posted in the Business Insider I do not know) has the Panthers listed as having a 5% change of winning the Super Bowl.  Note the Falcons were given a 4% change.
    What's interesting is they go on to say the Falcon have a 50% chance to win the NFCS over the other 3 teams.  Guess they like the Panthers in the post season over the Falcons.  I can live without the NFCS title if it means hoisting the Lombardi over our heads in the end.
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  2. panfanman added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    They're O is shredding us.
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  3. panfanman added a post in a topic Josh Norman is SI's Unsung Hero of the Week   

    The top 12 right now are making 9k or more.  I don't see us paying any more than 8k because of the money we have tied up in Cam and Luke.  Right now 18 DB are getting paid 8k or more.  Better get it done now or I don't think it happens next off season.
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  4. panfanman added a post in a topic Josh Norman is SI's Unsung Hero of the Week   

    Don't balk at the fact the critic called him possibly the most valuable member of our defense.  For all those shouting "what about Luke?".  Remember he said "valuable" not "best".  Right now we are getting the most bank for the buck out of him over any other player on our defense.
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  5. panfanman added a post in a topic Josh Norman is SI's Unsung Hero of the Week   

    If we signed now it maybe to much.  If he keeps playing the way he is playing and we waited it wouldn't be enough.
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  6. panfanman added a post in a topic Panthers - Jaguars Gameday Thread   

    Hope everyone took the under on this game.
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  7. panfanman added a post in a topic USA Today: Cameron Artis Payne will be OROTY   

    If CAP does get OROTY plus the other rbs we have, the nice thing to consider is we don't have to think RB in the top half of the draft next year.
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  8. panfanman added a post in a topic Panther Football VS Wild Kinky   

    I know, right?  How could I have ever thought of giving up my football for this?  I must be crazy.
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  9. panfanman added a topic in Smack Central   

    Panther Football VS Wild Kinky
    OK.  So I'm putting this out there.  No holds barred blunt straight to the point.  With in the last six months the wife voiced interest in. . ."the lifestyle ".  For those of you that do not know what that is no need to read any further.  Disregard the rest of this post.  You probably won't understand.
    So here's my dilemma and question.  My time is limited.  Work long hours (60 to 75 hours a week).  No time for fun.  No time for fixing things around the house.  For 24 years of marriage she's been a major prude and " kicking boots" was "not a priority" for her.  So my one and only passion in life has been the Carolina Panthers.
    Fast forward to this month.  She's got her freak on.  We're out there AND LOVING IT!!!!  OMG The fun I have had.  Unfortunately, I missed last weeks preseason game.  Tomorrow is already scratched also.  Come on, she's a solid 8, pushing a 9 and I'm not talking about my wife.  She wants to do things to my wife that my wife has never done.  She wants me to do things to her that I've never done.  Fellas, I'm just your average guy that doesn't have things like this fall in their lap.  As it is right now we have 3 couples and 2 ladies waiting in line for us to clear a date for them (somehow my wife has become popular and I'm just reaping the benefits) Yes, I think I have won a lottery.  But give up my Panthers?  I can see the writing on the wall.  Sunday football will more than likely be sacrificed for this "lifestyle".  What would you do?
    If you are say under the age of 24ish no need to respond.  You have not had enough life experience to be able to form an opinion on the plight of the long neglected married man.  If you are a hot stud that women fawn over just from the slightest hiccup don't bother either.  You get yours no problem.
    My best bet is to find another couple with the passion for the Panthers as much as I have.  Is it not so much to ask to have the game playing on my sixty inch while other "activities" are taking place?  Oh, and halftime.  I can get a lot accomplished during halftime.  If your wife and you are in the "lifestyle" feel free to contact us.  No need to sacrifice the Panthers for Passion.
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  10. panfanman added a post in a topic Guys, Corey Can Be Our #1!   

    All it's going to take is one of our guys to step up and the rest to do as well as they did last year and we will be fine.  Funchass coming in and doing no less than one might expect as a 2nd round rookie and I'll be happy.  If he does better than that it is just a bonus.
    No need for doom and gloom yet.  I'll wait till the 2nd Monday after the bye week to start panicking.
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