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  1. Remind me.  How soon after SB wins have the winning teams had their parades?
  2. Winter storm... advantage or disadvantage?

    I hope the organization has the fore thought to take special note of the player's families needs in this storm.  If the players are worried about loved ones it could be a huge distraction.  Advantage Cards.  Their families are not having to deal with this.
  3. I ain't believing this.  It was a catch. POOH!!!!  
  4. and now we do need to run the clock to give our d a breather  
  5. Watch for the on side kick  
  6. Gettleman is such a gangster. lol  
  7. Love the expression on Wilson's face while he was on the ground.  
  8. 2016 Opponents Set

    Looks like a tough schedule.  Expect a bunch of primetime and 4pm games.
  9. 40?  IDK.  I honestly don't know if his body will hold up that long considering his style of play.  I of course hope I'm wrong but you have to be realistic.  The best example of a starting QB taking the punishment like that into his 40's is Brett Farve and he didn't run like Newton.  We and Cam can only wish to he can last that long.
  10. Superman Theme Music

    Yes.  That's the 1st I've noticed it.  
  11. New Panther w/ bat gear

    This is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.  Somebody please create a graphic of a PANTHER holding a bat to put on a T-shirt or hoodie.  I want one now!
  12. Guess the fine against OBJ and Norman

    Personally I think they should save the suspension to the new season when it might actually mean something.
  13. Speed!  This is why if we don't go after a position of need in the 1st round of the 2016 draft we need to pull the trigger on Corey Coleman out of Baylor.  Our evidental replacement for Ted. Can you imagine 4 wide with Ginn, Benjamin, Funchess and Coleman in 2016?
  14. New Fans are everywhere!

    Gotta wonder what celebritys will have their children donning Cam jerseys and lining the front row of the end zone vying for a Superbowl TD prize.
  15. Thought Id check the Atlanta Craigslist...

    We once got a crew together to go down and we all parked at the ChambleTucker MARTA station and rode the train.  Hung PANTHERS banners and signs in the train car and had us a mini tailgate party.  We rode the complete circuit twice before getting off downtown.  Yes it was not well received.  But back then we mostly got laughed at because Atlanta owned us in their house for several consecutive years.