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  1. Yeah, I'm a fan. He has good lateral quickness. We have Mayo listed as MLB2, Carter at SLB2, Ben Jacobs WLB2 but Jacobs is our ST lock. I can see Carter being the one who fills in for TD. I really think we should cut Jacobs to keep Norris and Smith though. Shaq Kuechly-Mayo-Norris TD Carter-Smith (Interchangeable at weakside and strongside) 7 LBs is probably the most you'd want to go though. Smith is either to the PS or we cut Jacobs.
  2. saX man


    Jags have always managed fine. Pittsburgh is still pretty hot during the early Fall. I don't buy the heat thing.
  3. saX man


    Yep. Simplify and modernize.
  4. I will state this now, and only now: We should desilverize our uniforms. Panthers are all black. Carolina brings the blue. White is aight. Silver is out. Desilverizing will be golden...gaulden. Bye.
  5. saX man

    White pants

    We should eliminate the silver on a redesign. Helmet-Jersey-Pant combos: Home: Black-Blue-White Away: Black-White-Blue Special: All-Blacks Heavy black accents on the white portions. Most concept images suck but here's the color idea in a nutshell:
  6. What does our anticipated wildcards/depth at DE accumulate this year? I say over. Haynes gets 5+, Hall 4+, Obada a few as well.
  7. saX man

    Obada to the 53

    Thanks for the context. If anything, Hall was more effective than Odaba, just didn't show on paper.
  8. saX man

    Matt Khalil...

    Took a gander...the reactions are justifiable the first few pages. A lot of pessimism and skepticism. People knew he wasn't that great in Minny. I guess the thread takes a turn for the positive eventually?
  9. This fan base has experienced Todd Steussie, Byron Bell, and Nate Chandler and is clamoring for a new LT given Kalil’s Performance. Matt got absolutely worked and we need insurance at the very least. He’s at Byron Bell status..not quite Chandler yet
  10. ITs time for the Kalil Bros to begin their podcast career full time
  11. I Keep wanting to think this is the most primed we’ve been for a SB run but then I see #75....
  12. Igo's daydreaming of something mighty
  13. His name is LANCE and he's a person
  14. Don't forget the Brooklyn Blur continuing to flash. And we had a Corn sighting tonight. Albeit, not starters....yet