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  1. After all that crap, we’re somehow still in this. Need a TO, TD and quick.
  2. Moore is bad today but coaching is inexcusable right now. Not going for it at midfield lost us all the momentum and on the first damn drive! Our offense is moving the ball! The d is making some stops.
  3. Run every play now pass every play okie dokie
  4. saX man

    Atlantis - Richat Structure? (Summarized)

    Thank you for getting the intent and not being a neck bearded weirdo about it. Thought this was random fun surface level pondering. Apparently not around these parts hehe. Back to the Furrys
  5. saX man

    Atlantis - Richat Structure? (Summarized)

    I beg to differ but you’re going pretty fierce here so to each their own.
  6. THE RICHAT STRUCTURE In Africa, not too far from the west coast, previously a lush region ~10,000 BC Size and surrounding terrain matches Plato's description, like insanely close (Overall, this thing is roughly 30 miles in diameter!) Only discovered once we began space travel This is where Herodetus identified "Atlantes" now, the Atlas mountains in his maps. The sands of northern Africa are known to be sea-based Aerials straight up show a deluge swept through the land Meltwater Pulse 1B directly coincides with Plato's account and the presumed location in the video. This has been argued to have been a massive catastrophic event with major water level changes. A fragmented comet hit the North American ice-sheets causing craziness globally. Flood myths throughout the world are echoes of this event White, black, and red stone all on site, mysterious work found around but it's so remote, there's virtually zero archaeologists here Fresh spring water at the base subterrain, nowhere else in the area Dogon tribe nearby has curious knowledge of astronomy and deluges. Worship Sirius, the flood bringer of pre-dynastic Egypt. The only thing is that there is not a greater island holding this elevated plain. Although Meltwater Pulse A and B f*cked sh*t up and we've got a prehistoric blackout on our hands. For consideration: Let's get weird. Let's get nuts. No Aliens papa giorgios.
  7. For further context: Deon Bucannon: a true SS stuck at the wildcard OLB type role. He's one of my faves in the league Shane Ray: Has shown promise, a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 Speed Rush. He's a bit larger than Mario though so could serve us in a solid rotation w/Pep. Buccanon-Reid = Hell Yes Both guys are apparently being actively shopped.
  8. This thang... Best camera on the market (by a long shot) Google Assistant > Siri (or) Bixby 5.5 size (Basically the X, the goldilocks zone of phone IMO) 799.00 compared to the XS at 1000+ Downsides: Your texts are green on your friend's phones!..but you can change color on your end ;) + no headphone jack (but comes w/adaptors and compatible headphones) Now real tech nerds or savings peeps may gravitate towards the Pocophone or OnePlus, but given the incentives, stock Android, and the greater google product launch, I think this will give the iphone a run for it's money. Didn't want to pay for the XS, didn't want the XR since I have a 6...S9 is nice but not stock Android and it still has the Bixby button. This thing is pretty much on the money. If you want a deal now, the Pixel 2XL is 650.00 through Google. And if you know the right sites, you can find new/mint unboxed around 400.00. Any fans? And yes, we can talk about the notch on the 3XL. I giggle.
  9. Correction: We're going to have to start getting pressure with the front-4.
  10. I prefer his college nickname--Brooklyn Blur.
  11. Rams, Chiefs and Saints look like the top dogs this year but both are beatable. We need to get some better defense going and we should be able to make a legit run this year. I don't think the Chiefs or Saints will sustain and we get both Olsen and TD back next week. Bears are a flash in the pan, Skins will be the Skins. Really the Rams and Saints are the obstacles. AFC sucks.
  12. Smith is actually a great 4-5th option on a roster at this stage in his career. Throw him out there when Cam is solo in shotgun and have him run a deep route. That's how Philly used him last season and it was fine for them. Funchess, Moore, Samuel, Wright should be the main dudes.
  13. I get the intent here but that thread title lol; you can edit it if you want but it's been seen. SEEN yo.