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  1. I Have an Announcement

    Please tell me blue cheese. blue cheese, bacon, fresh jalapeños is mint. Sauce unnecessary
  2. I Have an Announcement

    It's easy mmkay
  3. I Have an Announcement

    Saxith through--thall should know that type of announcement is not necessary you hilderberry scoundrel.
  4. Let's all just simmer down. Simmmmmmmmer down. We've got this cat to deal with: So let's feel out the lay of the land against the cheesers: -Jamaal Williams has turned it on recently but I believe we should be able to contain him -Cobb isn't as explosive as he once was. Contained. -We need to be smart, force turnovers and tear their defense to shreds -Important matchup: pressure without the blitz. This is a vulnerable OL (even with Bakhtiari) and we need to take advantage. We;ve beaten Rodgers before, we will do it again. Great Odin's raven, I'm heading to the lodge. Saxy out
  5. How would you feel if...

    The super bow that should've have been in the 96' season will happen. Panthers-Jags...though it's Newton v Bortles rather than. Collins v Brunell lol
  6. Trump & Moore: A Lot In Common

    This country has a long way to go. I guarantee that the prehistoric high tech Atlanteans were not this idiotic.
  7. Being offended is evident in your reaction to those laughing about a COMMERCIAL. I see no one offended but quips and jokes until your post. Turn this to the wolves as you please.
  8. Trump & Moore: A Lot In Common

    Overall, he's very disciplined once he markets from a particular sphere (/s). Honestly--not trying to be a dick: You realllllllly don't at all feel that you're being played that a guy who spent the first 60 years of his life on one end is now truly and emphatically on the other?...and that previous notions in his life are counterbalanced by current stances? Seriously, he was a qualified senior at the time he became a conservative. I don't get this wash-it-all meh attitude about who the guy actually is. Yes, he found a "voice" to market and a very fragile party in DC to infiltrate. Systematic syphoning of lucrative opportunities through market projection is a solid strategy if you can follow through. Problem is, he's an ace on the forefront but a hand-of specialist on the back-end. He's even admitted this throughout his career. This is the type of business acumen that gets slaughtered when K street and donors are making pushes. "Sir, I have a thing that will be big soon, huge. Trust me." Nevermind, I never said anything, rah! rah!! (Meanwhile, they do make out, on both ends)
  9. Things that trump says

    Lol. He has lost the remaining marbles he had left.
  10. There are some receivers still on the young side that would be much better Funchess compliments. If we are to have this discussion, then someone like Jaron Brown, John Brown, Davante Adams, Tyrell Williams, Jarvis Landry, Donte Moncrief, Albert Wilson (underrated IMO). Personally, I think Jaron Brown is an ideal target. 27, 6'2, fast, a Carolina boy, and has shown the ability to be a #2 when John Brown has been injured (which is quite a lot)
  11. If a ball is on target, it's on target. If it's off target, it's off target. Stahp.
  12. Need a RB

    This will likely be a target this coming offseason.
  13. Worley and Coleman did not have great games.