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    You posted a triplicate...claw is in timeout everyone. Clothes off.

    Learn how to post a non-duplicate numbnucklefigs Peppers-Buckner-Jenkins-Rucker
  3. I don't know why we're not targeting EJ Gaines. He was in McD's system, and is getting brought in by Wilks in AZ. Seems like he should be targeted by us. The unsavory ideas: Tramon Williams - Played great last season, is 35 y/o but we just need a solid starter for 2018 even if it's a stop gap. Darqueze Dennard - Has been pretty meh but in a contract year last year was really solid for Cincinatti. Definitely better than Seymour/Worley. The why nots: Davon House & Corey Graham - Both guys could start here
  4. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Joking aside, I'm all for Matt Moore. He's shown he can be better than Anderson has been in MIA.
  5. @jumpman910 Fair enough but he's our CB1 and not moving so that's a piece in place. Between Captain and Corn, you've got our NB (plus flakes...cereal joke). It's that other guy on the outside we need. Breeland was exciting for a few days but it is what it is (Foxy). We can find another guy.
  6. What I'm trying to say is really at the end of the OP: We're pretty much the same team as last season minus Norwell and Dickson Star-->Poe (Carry), Torrey Smith will produce more than Shepard. No other impact losses. So, that makes our next moves and draft super critical even more so than in years' past. Hurney has a lot on his plate upcoming and he better fuggin' produce. Fier!!
  7. Remove Bradberry and Munnerlyn...then it's awful.
  8. Quick Takes: -We got this Poe dude. Our DL looks studly for next season. Check. -Our secondary has Bradberry, Elder, Munnerlyn, Seymour. I don't find that particularly awful. Two proven commodities, a new guy we saw last season outplay Worley and Elder is basically like a new draft pick going into the year. Really no need to freak out right now. -Safety is a concern but our team doesn't value them. I can see a mid-to-late rounder spent on one or maybe two. Adams is back -OL: Kalil-Moton-Kalil-Turner-Williams; yes, Moton is capable at both G and T...and we've got Larsen & Van Roten! at the least as depth. Can see a draft pick somewhere on the line, not mission critical -Weapons: Pretty straightforward and still the most important; we would like a 3-down style back and hopefully another WR. It would be nice to have a TE2. 3 picks -- So what am I saying? Screw the BPA philosophy (for the most part). Let's target: OL, WR, RB, TE, S, CB That's 6 spots. This draft we've got a 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 7 7 spots to grab basically 6 parts. You can't strike gold with them all, but this is very manageable and without Breeland, we actually have around $9-11 mil in cap (range due to Peppers' mysterious numbers). Plenty of mediocre guys in the marketplace and can now grab the best fitting FA with a bit of cap to spare. The only issue is that we're pretty much the same team as last season until the draft which is why I sense the uneasiness around these parts. Salud.
  9. Telling y'all, don't overlook this guy.
  10. I like swinging and this guy can go out and put himself in a few positions. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article171164317.html I think people need to take out their VCRs and DVRs to check out GVR. I believe he looked reallll good when thrown in the pile. Just look at this gent: Van Roten is fresh as Kilmer. -Michael Keaton
  11. What a cute title human
  12. Gentleswags, Should we partake? Want any Brownies?