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  1. Hi-yo! I will tone down the sax for this thread and just keep it a little saxy...(I am being somewhat serious; serious...as serious as Russelfo from the dawn furry excursion in Temecula the other weekend): With new ownership, does Bojangles stay? I mean, if we're talking tearing down JR's statue, could we be seeing Cook Outs or BBQ replacing the Bo-zones? I do have some great past-times of getting the strip boxes with a tall cool brew at BoFa..but we could see a big thing happen here. I associate getting Bojangles at that stadium almostttt more than that awesome eastern style BBQ at Hornets games @the coliseum back in the day. So.. Does it stay or go? Ciao, I'll take comments off the air.
  2. saX man

    COBRA KAI!!!!!

    Seems like Karate Kid mixed with Red Oaks. I'm down.
  3. saX man

    18’-19’ Hornets

    If you want to figure out what next season will be like, ask Grizzlies and Magic fans. (Hint boy: the reason isn't because they're simply two of the worst teams right now)
  4. Sauns and Saunas, There are some major points not being emphasized enough with the CJ Anderson signing. This is not a Hurnery 2.0 hype thread, this is a, "This is a strong signing" thread Oakydokie.. With the RB market these days, you deal with the annual early burnout syndrome, early fading, and not finding the right combo platters. Wendy's spicy chicken and chickfila fries please, animal style. We just signed a 27 y/o who just had his first 1,000 yard season. Maybe not his flashiest, but, he eclipsed 1k and is in his prime (prime by today's standards). haute dog, or cat shall I say 1 year prove it deal, he wants it Probably one of the better attitudes of a higher end FA signing we've had in quite some time Don't forget Denver matched an offer sheet for him from Miami to keep him. That early career overpay got them no takers in the trade market when and it made sense to let those dollars lose. He just seems like a really good fit here folks. We're getting a guy we KNOW is impactful. We're not hedging our bets on the next hype train and he's a strong fit on multiple levels. We've got a good full sized runner, ready to go. Stewart was better at this point in his career but Anderson splitting with McCaffrey is seriously good. We are elevated. And now, a movie scene Goodbye Mr Burton.
  5. saX man

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Vid deserves it's own thread. I'm really excited, so excited. No Jessie Spanos types up in this hizherrr
  6. @Mr. Scot Scot, you know this will create a whole Bill Corbett situation, don't Kevin Murphy our Mike Nelsons. At least not at roller matches at Laguna.
  7. saX man

    Yes, this is it

    Shall shall not flince in the spirit of the sax. I have to bow out for some time now; this is too heavy of a presence. Kalakaaiiiiiiiii! Oiy!
  8. saX man

    Yes, this is it

    Why don't y'all just chill out and listen...rawwwrrr
  9. saX man

    Yes, this is it

    Go spin Cletus
  10. this is on point
  11. saX man

    Good escorts in SC?

    There's some great furry party meetups around Traveler's Rest. PM for details
  12. Pennnnnnnnny all day everyday day until the cows come home and then some milking
  13. saX man

    Dear Hurney...

    Lance Taylor and the Turners know best. I'd love to see our war room this year.