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  1.   Screw creedbombing Carolineans.  I love you Panthers.   
  2. If the Panthers were dinosaurs...

    This guy lol. 
  3. If the Panthers were dinosaurs...

    You're not a dinosaur...
  4. Players and Coaches Calling each other out.

    Did you guys know it takes an elephant 13 years to grow full size?    
  5. ...who would be which Dinosaur?   -That fish thing from Jurassic World=Short   -Stygimoloch = Fozzy
  6. My official pick

    There was a 25,000 reply reddit post that defines so many of these chum cho choke on their own dick types here.  Get a grip LA.
  7. My official pick

    go get em'! How does Seal's cum taste?
  8. Saturday. Division game thread.

    The ref said "penalties against both teams" both were on AZ. 
  9. Saturday. Division game thread.

     Nice Riverboating Arians:
  10. Kroenke points to Cam as a model for the L.A. Rams

    Fair enough P55.  I guess we'll agree to disagree.  I remember it was a consensus Dareus, Green, Cam, Miller, and Peterson were the for sure top picks.  Just no one knew quite what order.   A select few hyped Gabbert.  yuck.  A lot of people seemed to want Dareus or Green but it wasn't about Cam being a 2nd rounder or late.  Just don't recall or can't seem to find anything of that nature.    
  11. Underrated or Overrated?

  12. Kroenke points to Cam as a model for the L.A. Rams

    Then at least get the term correct while looking crazy defensive and saying how he keeps proving your point for some reason.  
  13. Seattle winning is a blessing for the Panthers

    So now you'll act like you didn't clutter the board with Seattle threads.  Yay! Go Panrthers!
  14. David Bowie has died

  15. The mod forum right now is hilarious